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California Organic

Experiments conducted in 2008 by the rover's "Phoenix", showed that the Martian soil samples, which were investigated in 1976, aids "Viking" which could contain hydrocarbon compounds – the chemical constituents of living organisms. "This fact in itself does not say that there is life on Mars. But it suggests the way in which we have … Continue reading »

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Its acceleration is useless because the majority of human beings live in societies focused on the control and our release of constraints is slow. Neither work for 80 hours a week in our mission to life brings us closer to our dream. Nobody can represent a role 24 hours a day, is needed to stop … Continue reading »

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Achieving a Dream

Generally the books of how perform or achieve our dreams include methods to make them reality and the satisfaction of their achievement. Anyone who has experienced a dream knows that one thing is theory and another practice. First of all we must dream it, since usually they are simple wishes, and indeed has no idea … Continue reading »

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