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Several Danish

By the 18 th century was formed Danish modern literary language, based which was put zealand dialect. In Danish nouns can be singular and plural articles are definite and indefinite as a separate word, and can occur in of the word. Adjectives do not have a declination, but may be consistent in the number and … Continue reading »

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Ordering Site Translation

Who may need translation service to your site? Of course, first of all, corporate clients, because such orders often come from large companies that intend to open a branch in another state or submit their products for foreign language audiences. For orientation of the goods to foreign buyers need to translate the site. It is … Continue reading »

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California Organic

Experiments conducted in 2008 by the rover's "Phoenix", showed that the Martian soil samples, which were investigated in 1976, aids "Viking" which could contain hydrocarbon compounds – the chemical constituents of living organisms. "This fact in itself does not say that there is life on Mars. But it suggests the way in which we have … Continue reading »

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Useful Audiobooks

Today we'll talk about another great way to improve their foreign language. This is an audiobook. Audio books – a wonderful tool for language learning. He is both effective and entertaining. The good news is that There is a huge selection of books for a hearing in a foreign language. For example, you can choose … Continue reading »

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