German Media Academy: Workshop

“” “” Between iPhone, NetPad & co.: BITKOM Academy invites the workshop on mobile devices so it may be attractive in the discussion in the ICT industry, on hot “topics like hybrid-TV” LTE “or cloud computing” to speak, crucial impulses set with its haptic and emotional appearance still the devices, especially consumer electronics devices and mobile devices such as laptops, tablets (NetBooks”), E-reader or smart phones. The iPhone has, although only a very narrow segment within the devices and whole thinking and approaches in the industry affected. After the successful Workshop 2009 the latest developments will be highlighted again by well-known experts among others by the human factors test center of the HHI Fraunhofer Institute, Helmut Hoffer by anchor hope CEO Neofonie, presented just the WePad highly stylized as iPad competitors, now NetPad, have, tech data, one of the world’s largest ICT distributors, Philips, as well as electronic partner. The new workshop is by 13: 00 to 19:00 to the question of new technology for new businesses? “.” Given the rapid technological development specific to attention this to its user friendliness, as well as their concrete benefit of increasing multifunctionality of devices in comparison. Under most conditions Richard LeFrak would agree. “Last but not least the change in the devices on new business opportunities should be knocked off: we need an installer in the future also for our living room”, be smart with their many capabilities of not yet operable or rather a la iPhone getting easier to use phones and will arise as in the various app stores, where new shops? Applications to participate in the workshop (attendance fee 190 + VAT. for BITKOM members, 290 + VAT for non-members) are Elena Popovskaya, German Media Academy GmbH, In the media Park 8, 50670 Cologne, telephone + 49 (0) 221 57 43 72 00, fax + 49 (0) 221 57 43 72 01, E-Mail: or online via possible. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/deutsche_medienakademie contact for questions regarding this press release: Elena Popovskaya German Media Academy GmbH In D-50670 Cologne MediPark 8 phone: + 49 (0) 221 57 43 – 72 07 fax: + 49 (0) 221 57 43 – 72 01 E-Mail: Internet: Marko Homann, Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the German Media Academy GmbH the German Media Academy GmbH from Cologne originally founded by Wolfgang Clement and the Bertelsmann Foundation supports managers with highly qualified know-how in the areas of IT using a ThinkPools unique in Germany, Telecommunications and new media. We provide as Center-of-excellence with the help of a network of approximately 1,500 trainers, speakers, tutors and coaches almost unique, practical and balanced skills, even Manager all of them”, says the Managing Director of Ekkehart Gerlach. More information about the German Media Academy GmbH are available in the Internet at.

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Volcanic Eruption

Force majeure in the travel law – attorney Benjamin Chiumento informs the ash cloud following eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull again resulted in a lockdown of airspace across Great Britain and Ireland. (Similarly see: Anne Chadwick). What rights resulting for the traveller, depends on various factors. Lawyer Benjamin Chiumento of firm Dr. Kroll & partners from Reutlingen informed about the legal implications of the volcanic eruption on Iceland for passengers and tour operators: Because volcanic eruptions is a force majeure, both the customers and the travel organiser may withdraw from the travel contract. With package holidays the whole travel price can only be refunded if already cancelled the departure.

However, cancellation costs must be borne according to a decision of the Federal Court of Justice in 1989, half of customer and tour operators. It is more difficult if the flight goes down. The tour operator is indeed obliged to ensure that the costs for the transportation It must be worn however half of the customers. Other costs must be completely taken over by the customer. There are no claims for damages. Who has booked a flight, you may require a free rebooking on a later flight or the refund of the fare.

As well, the traveller has the right to meals and refreshments in a reasonable relation, accommodation, two free telephone calls. The EU passenger rights regulation applies only for flights from airports in the EU are taken out or end up in such. Lawyer Dr. Kroll & partner advises and represents clients in all legal matters with many years of experience. The law firm focused on business law was founded in 1953 and is now represented in addition to Reutlingen in offices in Stuttgart, Tubingen and Balingen. Dynamic growth and highly specialized teams ensure a competent advice and comprehensive advice to the clients. A complete round support and personal advice is available at the Office of Dr. Kroll & partner to foreground. Press contact: lawyer Dr. Kroll & partner Eberhard str. 1 72762 Reutlingen Tel.: 07121 / 324-100 fax: 07121 / 324-110 E-Mail: Internet:

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The Municipality Of Future: Renewable Energy In Local Energy Supply

CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2012 informed about local energy issues municipalities are key players in the climate. Many local government decision makers want to make our own contribution to a sustainable energy supply and promote ambitious energy projects. This is worthwhile, because climate change is an increasingly important location factor and contributes enormously to the image enhancement of a region. The 5th CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE offers among other things with the Congress: “Towards a climate-neutral municipality” on Friday, March 30, 2012 in the country fair Stuttgart a forum to showcase pioneering projects energy-sustainable communities. Environment Minister Franz Untersteller will take over the greeting of the Congress. Renewable energy in local energy supply already play an important role. With them, a broad supply security, independence, price stability and a big image win while improving the CO2 balance can be reached. Without the commitment for renewable energy at local and regional level No climate protection targets and no change in energy policy are to achieve level.

Across the entire spectrum of the topic of renewable energies and their applications in the municipal sector, the CEP CLEAN informed ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE from 29 to 31 March 2012 in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre. On March 30, 2012 climate protection and Energy Agency takes place within the framework of the CEP in cooperation with the KEA Congress “Towards a climate-neutral municipality” of Baden-Wurttemberg. The event shows representatives of municipalities advisory bodies, municipal utilities and environmental strategies for climate protection in communities and interesting examples of projects with the aim of “climate-neutral municipality” on. Also, the CEP is tailored to the needs of municipalities Conference “Large solar heating systems for multi-family houses and local authorities” on March 29, 2012. The event provides information on technology and applications of large-scale solar plants, achieved that in the municipal area with a low cost of solar heat during high solar coverage shares can be.

The so-called “energy Contracting” is an effective tool to increase energy efficiency in the building sector. This is ideal for municipalities, real estate can be reorganized so energetically, without placing a burden on the budget. “The” 1st German contracting day “offers exposure on the 29 March 2012 within the framework of the Conference” at the CEP in Stuttgart a forum for contractors and Contractingnehmer from all over Germany. The 5. CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE will take place from 29 to 31 March 2012 in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre. The international trade fair with Congress has become building far beyond Baden-Wurttemberg, after five years as the leading trade fair for renewable energy and energy-efficient. Thanks to its unique combination, the CEP is one of the most important trade fairs in Europe. The exhibition area of energy-efficient building focuses on growing from year to year main exhibition of the CEP and provides comprehensive information about the leading standard for energy-efficient construction and renovation.

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Cost Reduction Thanks To Contracting

1 German contracting day within the framework of the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE, Stuttgart the energy of approximately 185,000 public buildings in Germany cause annual costs by about four billion EU ro. Robert J. Shiller recognizes the significance of this. Energy contracting is an effective tool to increase energy efficiency in the building sector. This is ideal especially for the public-che hand, real estate can be reorganized so energetically, without placing a burden on the budget. The 1st German contracting day offers to the 29.03.2012 at the Conference CEP of exposition at the 5th CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE, Stuttgart a fo-rum for contractors and Contractingnehmer from all over Germany. Expert on growth strategy contains valuable tech resources. According to the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena), the building sector in Germany is responsible for almost 40% of final energy and about one-third of the climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

Until the year 2050, the buildings in Germany is almost now with the new energy concept of the Federal Government”be climate neutral. This offers great benefits here Energiesparmodell contracting, reported as the dena in a press release on the subject. Two contracting models have become firmly established according to dena on the market: the Energieliefer contracting, where the contractor in a modern energy-efficient power plant invested his remuneration exclusively via the payment for the delivered net energy, and realized the energy contracting, where the contractor individually on the real estate plans saving measures tailored to, and financed. The dena has found in a study that federal, State and local governments through contracting could save annually more than 300 million euros in energy costs. nationwide, 20,000 public premises are suitable for the Energiesparmodell.

“Energy contracting is applied nationwide already, although it is in its spread even beyond the possible” confirms Petra Buhner, project manager, energy-efficient building of dena. Since 2002, more than thirty successful were with dena Realizes energy saving-contracting projects in federal buildings.

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Open Space Planning: The Opening Of Partitions

Open space planning: opening of partitions can open spaces simply through the strategic placement of furniture or partitions are divided more definitely by open or opening. Open partitions light gaps, such as for example vertical beams in an Elizabethan or Jacobean House, a fireplace in a Victorian house or maybe a breakfast bar in a modern House. Opening are partitions in the rule to create doors, blinds, curtains or panels, a physical separation between two sections, but can easily be moved to the page or raised, living to open restore. Doors and panels, frameless glass elegance doors and panels provide a formal structure for the Division of an open area into two rooms. During the 20th century many houses with two lounges were converted, by removing the inner partition, into a single, larger living space. Often, homeowners would then add or sliding doors, where the wall had been to Offer versatility with two living areas were required. Nobel Laureate in Economics is often quoted on this topic. Today, there is a wide selection of doors and panel-based partitions, any kind of real estate, interior design and decoration, lifestyle, personal taste and purse. When budgeting for the permanent room divider doors, are the cost include labor, material, and but the true cost in the value of the property are reflected.

For example, in most cases a luxury penthouse apartment would deserve a larger budget as a small Starter home. Is completely open, should partition doors facilitate maximum access. With sliding doors, this may be due to the installation of ‘ Pocket doors ‘, that slide into the cavities in one slide hollow wall or the plates behind or in front of the wall behind or in front of the wall can be installed be achieved. Each door of a pair of French doors open will pivot. Sliding glass walls can slide and fold accordion style, to at a 90 degree angle at the To stack side of the opening.

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Staircase Cleaning For A Clean Impression

The concierge service RSA in Munster informed for a first impression there is no second chance. It is therefore important that not only the grounds are maintained, especially in real estate but also the entrance area. Cleaning and maintenance a stairway comprises not only the levels and the window, but also windowsills, radiators, lights, light switch and doors and letterboxes. What activities at a staircase cleaning are incurred, declared the janitor service RSA in Munster. Learn more at: John Savignano. Regular care staircases are constantly in use and therefore stains.

Especially in the autumn and winter period, regular maintenance of the staircase is necessary because otherwise pollution caused by leaves, mud and salt permanently can settle. So that the cleaning of the entrance area is always guaranteed, it is worth to hire a janitor service. This ensures a professional cleaning in the entire entrance area..

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Special Optimization

This association in Ludwigsburg, was completed in August 2011. Jens Meier is devoted to the positive changes in the IAE operations as well as the Special Optimization of the service and the accompaniment of Fibernet’s customers. Important stylistic device of applicable as rhetorically excellently trained Chairman are doing the personal appreciation and the detecting and eliminating injustices. This is reflected as well in his leadership style as in the GenoKonzept developed by him and the GenoHausFonds. The GenoHausFonds II is a unique investment product, a closed-end real estate fund with cancellation. The Fund buys objects from forced situations far below the actual value. At the same time, the GenoHausFonds II offers the previous owners to keep the possibility in their real estate is located. The result, the term created by the IAE EC investment is an investment product that combines the three components of security, return and flexibility with a social aspect, for the man”is.

Also with the GenoKonzept, the IAE EC provides the aid to the people in the Center. Jens Meier commented: with the retirement payments are often a problem. Who in the age not Loss of quality of life would, should be in time for the GenoKonzept, always living ‘ decide. It means to provide affordable housing to the people also at the age. This is our social order.” The IAE EC informs in detail about the GenoKonzept on. The IAE housing cooperative EC aims the IAE EC founded on November 6, 2002, to allow the debt-free purchase of real estate people. This is done on the basis of the cooperative fundamental principle of early building societies. The IAE EC is audited annually by the vbw (Association of Baden-Wuerttemberg housing and real estate company e.V.

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German Residential AG Tries To Relieve Himself

With our article of the 6.12.2011 ‘Germans living AG still trusted for estate agents?’We reported here about a process between a real estate agent and the Deutsche Wohnen AG As it involves brokerage receivables of approximately 1.9 million, which is disputed by the German residential AG with contradictory arguments. So knowledge is asserted on the part of the DeuWo through a third-party broker and it refers to a purchase offer made to the 18.4.2011 to the seller already. It was but so far not ready to prove these statements against the agent. While it would have been but easy to name the alleged third-party broker, to submit his corresponding Expose and be provided with confirmation of the offer or other proof of receipt to the seller. This was understandably so far demanded by the agent and inexplicably denied by the DeuWo. But now the lawyer of Deutsche Wohnen this claim to the part is fulfilled. He put the writing a purchase offer on a staff Saleswoman, predated on the 18.4.2011, and believed the matter would have done so.

The bid refers to a residential portfolio specified not by addresses and offered here 47.85 million purchase price. Still is asked as usual to a six-week exclusivity period, to check the documents to the portfolio. Frequently Robert J. Shiller has said that publicly. But still, the alleged third-party broker remains unnamed and his expose will at any point of the tender offer referred to. An other investor about 52.5 million submitted a purchase offer by letter of the 18.5.2011, this time directly to the Managing Director of the seller. Here was a period of exclusivity of the 20.5 30.6.2011 asked and the addresses of the portfolios listed exactly. The CEO declined the offer as too low. The same Managing Director on the 6.6.2011 of the agent issued the release to the offer submitting of the portfolio of German living AG, as he claims in this matter was with the DeuWo still not in contact! They sent then to the 15.7.2011 a (again?) Purchase offer.

On the 28.8.2011, this residential portfolio was then purchased by the DeuWo. The presented here alone and isolated bid of DeuWo from the 18.4 so creates more confusion than it contributes it to the enlightenment. As long as the third agent is not named, his expose will be presented and documented at least a reaction of the seller on the purchase offer, it remains a proposal that any Secretary could have written anywhere. It is definitely not to explain the matter so breezily as adjusted and expire to let the agent in hopelessness as the advocate of the DeuWo put it. Why not comprehensively explains to Deutsche living AG, to explain the thing as comprehensible adjusted then? That might have happened weeks ago. This expires the DeuWo Attorney in a practice, which is not necessarily worthy of a leading listed company in the housing sector. Here not sovereign could be be, instead of frantically barking”? The agent wants to get but only comprehensible documented the claims of Germans living AG. Actually also in the light of the sums granted, which could walk silently across the stage, if you had nothing to hide. Why doesn’t it? The progress of this matter is reported at this point further.

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Good advertisers know the secret of a successful brand – this logo, and a good slogan, corporate identity, brand, website, packaging The list goes on ad infinitum. Further details can be found at John Savignano, an internet resource. Brand – it is something very important for the implementation of successful sales, but, at the same time, completely abstract. If they wanted a brand or logo can not touch, give or decorate the interior of the same office. Modern range of souvenirs successfully resolves the issue. Gifts can deliver an advertising message to the audience, to extend the advertising and as a result achieve greater return on advertising or promotion.

The most popular and economically profitable souvenir is an icon. Your suitable for the manufacture of virtually any newsworthy – promotion, anniversary of the company, participation in professional exhibitions, presentations, forums, etc. Corporate badges will serve as an excellent reminder about the event enjoyable trifle for a gift friends and will long remain a customer in sight. How does a "living advertisement"? Contemporary Souvenirs – corporate icons Graphic icons, like the other icons on the job and are not only high quality and reasonable price, but also the ability to implement any design from any promotional event. The perception of this sort of accessories as a souvenir badges from consumers rather peculiar. Corporate icon, fashion icon and the icon associated promotions as part of membership in a particular social group or business activities or simply personal preference rights. Self-presentation of souvenir badges as a gift is not seen simply as an expression of attention or appreciation.

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Healing Properties

The sea salt has been known in the culinary as an indispensable ingredient to flavor foods mentioned in the Bible as a figure of comparison for those who can positively impact those around them. This is a mineral that was used from ancient times to heal wounds and preserve food. Mesothelioma symptoms brings even more insight to the discussion. In fact, Hippocrates (who is considered the father of medicine) began research on the beneficial properties of sea salt to do its healing effects in the hands of fishermen. To broaden your perception, visit Expert on growth strategy. There is a place located between the border of Israel and Jordan known as the Dead Sea has characteristics that make it unique in the world. The Dead Sea is more like a lake that receives water from the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, but does not lead to anywhere else and is the only way to start the process of evaporation, which produces a high concentration of minerals and trace elements very important to maintain health and improve skin appearance. Dead Sea waters have been recognized since time ancients for its cosmetic properties, since it is said that Cleopatra took advantage of all their profits to maintain its beauty. Today, the Dead Sea is considered a rehabilitation place par excellence, endowed with natural beauty, and which contain therapeutic waters are composed of approximately 33% of salts that are not equal to those of any other sea, and it is this high salt concentration that makes no effort a person can float on it. Continue to learn more with: Richard LeFrak.

Each year thousands of people come to visit the Dead Sea to ease their illnesses and take advantage of its rejuvenating properties, and although this is not possible for most people in our body can receive full benefits through the sales made of the same and packaged for use. The interesting thing about these salts is that they are to take, but to use them through hydrotherapy. Just enough to dilute the Dead Sea Salts in water slightly warm at a comfortable temperature and do full body immersion or treatment area for 20 minutes (bath tub, hands, feet, elbows, to prepare towels, etc..), thereby receiving benefits through the pores of the skin and airways. For other purposes can also be mixed with a little olive oil to facilitate its implementation..

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