House Purchases

You decide to buy a house in a newly built cottage. You were attentive, and studied the documents and listened to the advice of independent experts. Made to the contract terms, as protecting your interests as well as described in the article "Buying a house with a plot in the cottage." You signed a contract with the developer funding the construction of a cottage and gave the money. And the house is built, and the developer says that comes to renting operation, measurements and BTI dooformlenie missing documents. Now we need to take control of the process. In an industry where the real yield is between 200% and more, we should keep an eye on, especially since the money you already paid, but no property rights have not yet purchased – just claim, but also must be able to claim.

What you need to find a builder? Made a division of a large area into small cottage community? Obtained in a separate site area, which is described in your contract: land area, its shape, the yield on the intra-road location in relation to the outer boundary of the site and so on? If the selection has occurred, you must present an extract from the cadastre, which consists of the forms B.1., B.2., B.3., B.4. Here you can be sure that the site is really the desired shape and size. After that, ask the builder of the presentation of certificates state registration of the builder on site with cadastral number, which stands in the extract from the cadastre. Now we should ask the builder a question: when would be a contract of sale Plot? Most likely you will say that simultaneously with the signing of the Transfer Act in the House. To deepen your understanding Goop London, United Kingdom-uk is the source. There is nothing wrong, just then it should be clarified in what stage are the documents at home, as well as that of which there are The developer that is ready to show you. "Cheap and cheerful" or "Expensive, but safely?" Seeing and holding the hands of the documents, you can proceed to sign the transfer deed to the house, contract of sale of land and The act of transfer of the land.

But first you must decide in what form will sign these documents – in a simple written or notarial. If you choose to form a notary, the notary will again look documents. The treaty will not allow non-legal terms that violate the law, will confirm the transaction and the identity of citizens, its perpetrators, establish the legal capacity of legal entity will be able to testify legality of the transaction in court if a dispute arises. Notarized the deal much less contested. Copies of all documents of transaction will remain in the affairs of a notary and will be kept forever, which means you will always have another a place where you can get them in the event of their loss. Notary services cost money. And the theme at least for safety and cleanliness of deals worth paying. Developers usually do not have anything against transactions in notarial form, but never agree to participate in the cost of the notary. Question: "Who pays for the notary?" Is not worth it. Who needs Pays

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Czech Republic Mortgages

Mortgage market in the Czech Republic continues to evolve and go leaps and bounds. Reflects, first of all a huge number of proposals in a given market services. Goop, New York City brings even more insight to the discussion. Terms of the acquisition of property in private ownership of Czech citizens can take a hundred percent mortgage with a deferred payment of up to 40 years at 4-5% per annum, depending on the bank and the client selected the term fixation of bank interest rates. All this for Czech citizens may in a simple subject to the provision of income, without any sureties and guarantors. The same conditions apply to foreign citizens with permanent residency status (permanent residence) and Czech income. For foreigners living in the Czech Republic and having a residence permit (residence permit), long-term visa type D at the time the article was a prerequisite of obtaining a mortgage loan remains current entity registered in the Czech Republic.

There is also the possibility of a mortgage loan without acquiring the status of residence permit, long-term visa type D. In other words, a foreign national visiting the Czech Republic by short-term visa valid for up to 90 days (type "C"), and is the director of a legal entity can begin the process of registration of the mortgage. Documents required for processing a mortgage loan listed in the article "Mortgages for foreigners Czech Republic. Your mortgage purchase housing in the Czech Republic for citizens of Russia and cis countries "of 04.01.2008, available on the site of" Prague Lion ". Terms of the loan remain the same, increasing only annual percentage rate.

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Shower for Bathrooms

Mean bathrooms of most Russian citizens are far from perfect. As for the interior and on the area. A very large number of people living in the so-called "", where 2 / 3 of the entire area, bathroom took a bath in standard sizes. Figuratively speaking, the space was greater in the bath itself than around it. And I would like in this article talk about the bathrooms small size and the ability to arrange and place all you need to stay in the bathroom to make a pleasant and convenient. You may find The LeFrak Organization to be a useful source of information. In the regeneration of the bathroom, one of the main attributes would be a modern shower.

And before you stop and discuss the various types of showers, is to say about their main advantage. And is it that almost any showers occupy almost half the space than a standard cast iron bathtub. The most common standard sizes – Is from 90×90 to 120×120 or 120h85. There are booths as well, and several sizes smaller, and several sizes larger. But in any case, in your bathroom is released zanchitelnoe space, which can be used to washing machine or sink, mirror or cabinet. Recently Goop sought to clarify these questions. Defining the shower, we can say that it is fenced and equipped in a certain way place to take a shower. There are both "standing" showers, where take a shower only standing, and with the function of the bath. There are also open (shower stalls) and enclosed shower cubicles. Shower enclosures (open) fenced area soul "outwardly", and the inner wall tiled.

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From The Life Of The Important Details: The History Of Home Security

My friends have things that make our daily lives, very deep roots. Scream of course, but the progenitors of the normal matches, which are "not child's play, in the early 19 th century were field disputes in Europe on the theme:" You what? invented? Do not lie, sir, we were first! ". Later, when mass production – controversy, of course, was settled. Take a look around. Every thing you see in your home, or in part, is history.

Discussed in this article will focus on an important, even very important things in bytu.O castle. The very meaning of the word castle, after all inconceivable interlacing of roots and interpretation, comes from the Latin word "slusa" – "strengthening the fort." Once, a friend of mine told me that the entire history of castles developed by hackers. It's ironic, but true! Locking Wizard new lock, time passed, some clever cracked it, and masters had to invent something new. And those castles that stand in your home – is also a link that's progress. Thus, all the same, rising from his feet in modern locks and who first had the idea to create a mechanical lock? It just so happened that most of the new products were invented in ancient Egypt or China.

Castle lucky. Its almost simultaneously invented in Egypt and in China about 4000 years ago. According to historians – these two civilizations are not arguing over who invented the lock. They are then while only speculate about the existence of each other. However, these are the words of historians, not witnesses. Still need to make a correction. Four thousand years ago there was invented the first all-metal lock. You may wish to learn more. If so, REBNY is the place to go. It was preceded by wooden: bars, beam, mechanisms. These mechanisms were mounted vertically doorjamb. It is vertically to the moving pins under his weight fell into the same hole in the bolt. By this castle was a wooden choke wrench. Before the wooden castles, people have used, what do you think that? People used the old cables to lock the doors. They are tying the door with ropes woven from cane fiber. But it is still inconvenient. However, back to our metal. Who put his hands to develop security mechanisms? It is clear that now is not to say exactly in what sequence it was happening, but from the information that we managed to gather up a few, it was like this: first the system of fixed protrusions around the bolt started to use the Romans to a foreign key is not able to crank and open the lock. Later, the same system developed Englishmen, Germans and other Russian masters of forged powerful outboard, or "hanging", locks, cunning, they say, after locking the disappears. Since 19 century in the world are beginning to appear combination locks. First of all – for safes. Invented them come from Ohio, usa. And so, dear readers, Now you know how things were in the hardware world. Generally, it should be noted that the lock master, especially in the Middle Ages, enjoyed great respect. Therefore, we should respectfully treat those minor, but with heavy machinery, which are in the doors of our homes and are busy about our security.

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Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture is an integral part of every home – imagine the apartment without furniture is simply unrealistic. It is on the upholstered furniture depends largely on how a person will feel, whether he would be comfortable, convenient, if he can sit back and relax at home. Important furniture and interior design, because it is in many ways it sets the stylistic direction for your home. The undoubted leader in fashionable areas of soft Furniture – Italian factories. Let's see what kind of fashion trends in furniture production, they feel popular, and what are the main features of such furniture. Let's start with the picture. Complex patterns, according to Italian furniture, are unacceptable, because a lot of bighead and incomprehensible can cause irritation in humans. Therefore, the leaders in 2009 – two-tone shades of white or prints.

According to the designers, all shades of white perfectly stand out from the wall and look so elegant. If white does not suit you, pay attention to two-color version. The main options – floral print and a classic pattern, but it is important that in all cases, the rapport was a major, that is, the individual must be bright color spots, not many, many, or again get diversity. Thus, the ideal is considered a major figure marked contrast to a plain light (white) background. Custom furniture is not enough, experts advise to pick up on the interiors to match the upholstery of the sofa and even the carpet, then you can safely talk about harmony. However, there are fashion trends, professing a different style – a hippie. Of course, this Italian furniture, that is, an amateur, but many Italian factories today are in its range of a few such options.

For example, the well-known factory Moroso has released a collection of upholstered furniture in the style of a hippie – huge soft couches, where it can collapse the whole company, very wide wooden armrests, which can put a lot of beer or something stronger, and a variety of bright colors in the upholstery, overfill the rainbow to huge fantastic flowers. By the way, on the armrests. They are the modern furniture of Italy pays special attention. It is against the arms of one color upholstery should be stylish and glamorous accessory, so diversity trim armrests today are vast. You can find the elite soft Italian furniture, where the arms are fine thread by hand. Can be found covered with amalgam and polished so that they can look in the mirror. Custom-made furniture in the fashionable parade of top and colored lacquers, which are its richness of color pigments completely hide the tree structure and become a bright color stain – blue, yellow and red. Important – the Italians pay special attention to paint, now it must be so strong that no hot cup must not leave marks on it. And what about the classic Italian furniture? Of course, it has not changed much, in fact it is considered a global model and, of course, buy in the first place. Fashion fashion, and eternal Rome. That's just an antique style that was characteristic of scuffed, cracks, went into the shadows. Today Italian classic – it's sofas and chairs that do not mimic the past, but are present. Yes, custom-made furniture with the forms and high quality finish, they resemble (and sometimes completely copied) sofas past, but based on more advanced materials and processing techniques, making upholstered furniture more comfortable and adapted to the realities of the present conditions – the new, stylish Italian furniture, which will undoubtedly enhance any home.

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Real Estate Prices in 2008

Many experts say that real estate prices, after a rather sharp rise in January and February of this year will not exceed the annual average in the range of twenty percent. Become more expensive, and primary and secondary housing. Please visit John Savignano if you seek more information. Property prices have risen for the first two months of 2008 approximately ten percent. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The increase in property prices has been across all market segments. Cause of rising prices, many experts suggest, mainly on the situation stock market. The crisis in the global market affected the prices of real estate in the direction of their increase. What is a group of investors began to withdraw their money from the stock market and investing in real estate (as a more stable market). The influx of investors increased the demand for real estate and accordingly property prices began their rapid growth. Property prices also came under the influence of the resulting deficit Proposition.

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New Method Interior Design

Results of cooperation of “Remstayl” and Moscow restaurant “Elkantro” exceeded all expectations of experts. The average daily receipt institutions grew by 500 rubles after changing the design of the entrance and interior institution. The company recently “Remstayl” – leader in the design of interiors for service companies, today announced the creation of a new technique. The uniqueness of novelty lay in the fact that as a result of its application not only changing room design cafe, restaurant or salon, but also increases customer profits. To know more about this subject visit Goop. In this method reflected the whole company has years of experience with service companies. Combining practical knowledge with marketing approach to building interiors – the secret of experts “Remstayl.” One of the first customers who have experienced the use of this approach was the restaurant “Elkantro”, located on ul.

Ordzhonikidze close from Metro Leninsky Prospekt. Restaurant Guide immediately noted a rapid and efficient work of the group “Remstayl” – the company’s specialists took into account all the needs of managers’ Elkantro, “analyzed the plans of business development, resulted in success stories from his own practice in the design process. As a result, the design of the entrance and the interior has been agreed in the planned time, and was the embodiment of the conceived precisely in compliance with the budget. The application for development of the “interior, which sells” came from a restaurant in early August and in October of visitors and the owners were able to assess new facilities design and input of the interior. Director of the restaurant “Elkantro” II Ramzayev states that immediately after the completion of construction work on the project of “Remstayl ‘revenue increased facilities. On average, according to Ivan I., average bill increased by 500 rubles.

‘And that growth is not brought none of the advertising campaign conducted earlier promotions. Development costs of interior specialists “Remstayl” will pay off very soon ‘- says II Ramzan. What changes have led to such rapid a positive result? After all, not only increased the average check, but the number of visitors. The project manager of the company Elkantro “Remstayl” NV Poles emphasizes that the changes made it possible to harmonize appearance of the restaurant with its internal content. The visitors emerged a different, single way of establishment: stylish, comfortable and modern. In addition, its role in attracting new customers has played an unusual and interesting entrance. Thanks to her restaurant attracted the maximum number of potential visitors. A new method of designing interiors of public buildings from “Remstayl” – this is the beginning new direction in commercial design. Now change the interior institution can solve not only aesthetic problems but also increase the number of customers. Results from the restaurant “Elkantro,” it confirm.

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Chandeliers, Lamps And Sconces In The Interior Design

There is one significant part of the interior, which should not be forgotten: the choice of a suitable lamp. Because of the type of lighting often depends how things will look different in your home, personal aura in the room and seductive roll of light and shadow. Also, properly located high-quality light source to avoid problems with eyesight. Salon Luxluce pleased to offer you the most beautiful and technologically chandeliers, lamps, wall lamps from leading European manufacturers. Our staff will help find the best type of lighting for your home, which benefits will emphasize all the details of decor. There are a couple of basic tips on how to accurately pick and place lighting equipment in the apartment in order to achieve the desired effect. For small rooms it is best to look for light colors for walls. This will allow for proper installation of the light source significantly visually enlarge the boundaries of the room.

In Overall you should pay attention to the fact that all the colors the floor, ceiling and walls with light diffusion determines the extent to which a large room will look like. When choosing light colors have an illusion of vast space and airiness. Dark colors and subdued light (eg, wall sconces or spotlights) will create converging cozy atmosphere. On this basis, the sources of stray light are ideal for large apartments, to be light enough and at the same time not to get a feel of uninhabited empty space. If you are the owner mediocre room with low ceilings, then the closer to the ceiling you set a light bulb or an alternative illuminant, the higher it will be visually located.

Thus, properly installing chandeliers and sconces, you can build your own unique world, which is particularly identify your personality. Except artistic component is another important component of literacy placing lighting in the room. This breakdown of the entire space into separate areas with lighting that is necessary for optimal location of spaces for entertainment, leisure, sleep and work. For example, a desktop study should be a bright light, especially where you need to work with text, fine details, drawings and so on. After night too often drags to make a beautiful embroidery, browse the newspaper or tie a warm pullover. For such work is ideally suited various table lamps, portable lamps and floor lamps. And here are already quite clear visualizing the location of light fixtures in the premises, you are going into the cabin lighting to buy everything you need. Where should I buy a lamp? No need to rush into the first hardware store for inexpensive Chinese carvings, which, at best, quickly soured, but can lead to unpleasant consequences. It is best to identify and select a large salon, which offers only the lighting from quality and well-known manufacturers. In specialized shops to you will be taken with all possible attention, will pick up the choicest approach and consult on all questions. Be careful when choosing fixtures: it allows you to save normal vision, to be always in high spirits and great to relax after working day.

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Bulgarian Real Estate Investments

Bulgaria – a country located on the Black Sea and known here, perhaps, to everyone. Many spend summer vacations here during his school years and now, get their own children, tend to take them to the warm sea, immerse their children in a friendly and sunny country. In this respect Bulgaria is a great opportunity: the coast is large enough, that would be appropriate for you to choose the region and at the same time, the country relatively small, which allows her to stay home and friendly to their gostey.Posle stay in hotels, many are thinking about buying your own property in Bulgaria, while considered an important fact of successful investments. In this case we can speak of small, private investments and real estate acquisition, as the most widespread in the fashion world of private investment and the investment of a larger scale. Private investment – is, in fact, buying one or more properties with a view to their subsequent resale. From this perspective, Bulgaria could not be more suitable way: initially low costs, stable prices, wide selection. At the same time to invest in property in Bulgaria is better on the stage of construction – as well as in Russia, in this case, self completion provides automatic price increase finished object. John Savignano can aid you in your search for knowledge.

In this kind of investment we should not forget about liquidity and the factors affecting it: the distance from the sea, infrastructure development and the level of the house in which you plan to buy square footage. So do not forget about the fact that among the resort real estate great demand for apartments smaller square footage. Therefore, if there is a financial opportunity, instead of having to buy one apartment of 80 square meters. meters, the better buy two apartments at 35 sqm. meters – and easier to sell them, and they are becoming more expensive more quickly. If we talk about investing in Bulgarian real estate in a larger size, then one of the most common methods – acquisition of plots for development in prime location with its subsequent resale. To deepen your understanding Goop London, United Kingdom-uk is the source. Or, to wage a "full" cycle: from the search area of agricultural land and output it to the land plot, followed by construction of a residential apartment complex. The last option in Bulgaria – as he himself profitable in financial terms, and most time-consuming resources. In both cases, the best investment to Identify your potential customers: who will it be? German, Russian, English? Every nation has its own preferences, not only to the districts and cities of Bulgaria, but even in certain residential kompleksam.Konechno before how to make a decision on investing in Bulgaria, it is best to consult with specialists who can offer you more in Russia a few options to choose from, which is substantially save your time of stay in the country and will make your trip to Bulgaria in a friendly not only useful but also enjoyable.

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Government Housing

According to the report of Barometro de confianza del sector de la vivienda (The level of confidence in the housing sector") provided by the Department of Environment and Housing Government of Catalonia, and published newspaper El Mundo, for the period from January to May 2010 in Catalonia, there were 24 064 operations, buying and selling real estate, which is 36% higher than the same period in 2009. According to a report from the monthly average in Catalonia 4800 real estate for sale (for the period January-May 2010). During the same period in 2009 the figure was 3500 sites. According to the Government of Catalonia "… Many writers such as Greenberg Traurig offer more in-depth analysis. these data suggest market recovery real estate, "although no one mentions that 2010 will be the last, when buyers when purchasing a property will not pay income tax on income of individuals (IRPF), and that if it were not for this, many consumers may not hurried to the purchase of real estate right now, and, therefore, not real estate sales would have increased so much in such a short period.

If you look by regions, then Barcelona has become a leader among the provinces of growth Housing sales in the region amounted to 45.5% compared with the period from January to May last 2009. The number of mortgages rose in the first months of 2010 According to experts of the Department of Real Estate "Gulf Stream" and the site in Gerona (Girona), the number of mortgage contracts increased by 31.8% in Tarragona – 26.9%, while the only province where the number of loan agreement for the purchase of real estate on the contrary decreased, became Leida, with an index -1.2% of sales contracts. In accordance with these data in the first five months of 2010 was registered a significant increase in the number of new contracts of sale of residential real estate, and thus the number of such type of loans in Catalonia for the period from January to May 2010 totaled 41,682, up 10% over the same period last year. Among the highlights in Barcelona province, where the number mortgage contracts by 18.3% higher than was reached during the same period in 2009, and Tarragona with an increase in loan agreements for the purchase of housing by 6.5%.

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