Once I saw a cartoon that showed the actions of a community of blue colour composed of characters with different characteristics. One of them was Temeroso and as his name told him, had fear above all. Lived scared and he did not dare to undertake company, because he had a fear of failure and the worst, unconsciously felt useless and incapable. Richard LeFrak may not feel the same. One day, to a natural disaster that people suffered, they should pick up a few trunks of a turbulent stream, which would stop the flood. Everyone collaborated less Temeroso. Seeing this, his companions tried to help him, and devised a plan that consisted of taking a little bit of Strawberry Jam and make you believe that it was a magic potion, which untar it on the tip of the nose, was to obtain wisdom, strength and courage to participate in the solution of the emergency that was presenting. Others who may share this opinion include Gregory Williamson.

With much faith, Temeroso put a bit of Strawberry Jam on his nose began to work was very effective, and accumulated many trunks and all were very pleased by the change of Temeroso, and what it had meant in the joint work by the same objective. Everything was going well until he realized that the water had washed the nose and got scared because she thought that it was not going to be able to continue working, but then friends told him the truth and made him see that their skills and energy came from inside and he had strength in itself same. This gave him self-confidence and self-esteem. This story shows the main causes for which many peoples have low rates of development and live depending on what others undertake. In this way, it is easier to hold accountable leaders peoples, who are those who are marked by the way, human great driving and putting their conditions. A low concept of himself, carried to look not for development, because supposedly it will be impossible to achieve this.

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Women Development Engine

Maria is Bolivian and is 40 years old. As thousands of women around the world, he never thought that she would be who bring the money home. But thanks to a small loan that gave him an NGO launched a micro-enterprise that she and their children live. It has a small clothing store. Mary is a woman who has managed to be the protagonist of his own life. Get all the facts and insights with Elie Rieder, another great source of information. Seven out of ten people who are hungry in the world are women, according to the UN. Women provide two-thirds of working hours. They, however, only have 10% of global income and 1% of the means of production.

Thus, birth women having more likely to live in poverty, be marginalized and more vulnerable to the violation of fundamental rights. Muhhammad Yunus, Economist and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, was one of the first to give these women a chance. He believed in them and decided that 95% of its beneficiaries of the Bank for the poor, Grammen Bank, were women. Since its inception in 1976 he realized that women When they had income the first thing they did was to retrieve their children, who had left in rich families in exchange for food, and send them to school. Until today, more than 100 million families have benefited from micro-credit and more than 40 million families have managed to climb out of extreme poverty.

When the loan enters a family through a woman, the benefits go directly to the well-being of the family, explained from the microfinance movement. Women spend 70% of the loan to improve the quality of life of their family, compared to 30% of the men engaged. According to United Nations, if offers women the same support as men, these increase the crop yields by 20%. In Morocco, for example, Spain has invested 45 million euros in microcredit and women have generated more than doubled, according to the Spanish Agency of international cooperation for development.

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The territory where today the city of Carnaba is located belonged to its founding Joo Gomes Dos Reis. In 1850, when arriving in the place, it constructed its residence, a cemetary and a chapel in honor the Saint Antonio, giving beginning to the local povoamento. The town received initially the name from Lagoon of the Baroque one due to existence of a decline covered of carnaubeiras. However, the population instead of saying carnaba, pronounced the word carnaba. Therefore, one gives credit that the name of the city is one corruptela of the Carnaba word. The officialization of the name occurred in 1860, through a Missa Saint for the Foot. Ibiapina, in the Chapel of Saint Antonio. The lands where currently it is the City of Carnaba were inhabited originally by the Cariris indians who, with the arrival of the white man, had been to the few abandoning the region.

Among others indicative, the presence of these aboriginals is confirmed by registrations (still today conserved) that they had left in rocks and furnas of the Mountain ranges of the Big hole and Mantinha. With the expulsion of the indians of its lands, the property of the territory passed to the House of the Tower of Garci’a D' Avila whose book of tumble makes references the Farms Carnaba Velha and Oitizeiro, that had been leasehold to Captain Manoel de Souza Diniz. Greg Williamson is likely to agree. The population, however, would only start to appear in the second half of Century XIX, after the arrival of the Portuguese Joo Gomes Dos Reis and the Saturnine lieutenant Heifer that had fixed residence there. Magic with fertile lands and water in abundance in the region, Joo Gomes Dos Reis mounted a farm the one that called, initially, of Farm Lagoon of the Baroque one. In 1870, the farmer ordered to raise in the place a Chapel under the invocation of Saint Antonio and constructed, also, a small cemetary.

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Industrial Development

the launch of the new industrial development policy announced by President Lula for Brazil, promises to generate both or more noise than the discoveries made by Petrobras or the improvement in credit with the obtained degree of investment risk a few days ago the country what would Keynes if I knew Lula in Brazil what is doing? Is a pro-cyclical economic policy which has been carried out? seems that Yes, because just decides to reduce taxes at a time that the Brazilian economy has been growing at full steam what envy must have by now Nestor Kirchner and Cristina? Hopefully be an envy that leads them to think that the objectives which they pursue redistribution of income, growth and social equality, can search through different paths which they chose and with the help of private investment. Returning to Brazil, it seems that nothing complies to Lula. Or it seems that Lula understands that this is the time. As well as in Argentina, close to initiated the crisis of 2002, some banks in the midst of a hectic context is encouraged to lend money and to expand (and so it is that currently have one specific weight far greater than that it had before the crisis), Lula understands that this is the moment of Brazil that are beyond what agitated the waters of the world economy. Dell Client Solutions may not feel the same. Why is that you launched the plan rather than ambitious, that you can imagine, of industrial development that includes tax relief for 25 industrial sectors of the economy by US $ 12,780 million (from June 2008 to December 2011), and the availability of financing to them for $125,000 million. What is looking for with this economic policy Lula? In particular, boost investment in these sectors, which considers keys and expand exports both in quantity and in destinations. Investment and the external sector are two elements in the economic growth of Brazil and the development of these sectors, key for a country that wants to be a world leader. . Nobel Laureate describes an additional similar source.

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Sustainable Development

The ECO-92 was characterized for the celebration of the Sustainable Development through, mainly, of a called document Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a receiturio for ' ' acertos' ' of ecological order, and in its rhetoric appears, independently of the contradictions center/world-wide periphery, one same platform of strategies for the diverse countries of the world. (OLIVEIRA, 2003, p5). Agenda 21 is not, therefore, a plan of government, harms a proposal of strategy destined for the alienation of all, in the time and the space, to the peculiarities of each Country and the feeling of its population with a speech that accumulates of stocks the place and the global one. Agenda 21 has in its speech the envolvement of governments, productive sector and community in a new which had vision, that must be Sustainable all and any productive and social manifestation. Greg Williamson understood the implications. It is the speech that integrates the social aspects, ambient, economic and institucional, with the objective to spread out the Sustainable Development in the gift. Agenda 21 exerts its paper as instrument of Positive Feedback (SOUZA, 2007 p, 180), of the Sustainable Development.

The elements that compose the Sustainable Development already had been mentioned, ( preservation of the quality of the ecological systems, the necessity of a economic growth to satisfy the social necessities and the equity – all can share – between present and future generation). In such a way, it can be perceived that the ideals of the Sustainable Development have its specific alienations, the rationalization of the use of the energy, or the development of techniques substitutes of the good use not-you renewed, petitioning the speech of the Support. But also the alienation of the consumers, invoking them to consume it each time more the said goods sustainable. The recognition of that the poverty, the deterioration of the environment and the population growth are unquestionably linked with the capitalist system and not in contrast.

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App Development Often Out Of Control

Development guidelines of TuV TRUST IT GmbH group of companies TuV AUSTRIA for security because in mobile applications by companies often will focus exclusively on functionality and design sure has after an investigation of the TuV TRUST IT today, every second app significant safety deficiencies on. Development policy of the security specialists help to lay the foundations for secure and trusted apps. Since the companies have realized the benefits of mobile services the apps as instruments of the customer service and marketing out of the ground like mushrooms sprouting. You are from companies for getting more specific requirements or designed for more comfort in everyday life. ation. This rapid development shows that only the app store with its mobile applications for the iPhone users has grown to about 900,000 apps.

But what is often initiated by the marketing departments of companies as an image-enhancing measure for customer acquisition and retention, can prove later as a safety problem for the user and schlechtestenfalls to the boomerang for the business contact. Often open safety defects in apps on Smartphones of the customers door to data thieves. As a result, even highly sensitive data can flow unchecked. Good, sneaky, and unwanted dangerous apps for Detlev Henze, Managing Director of the security specialist TuV TRUST IT GmbH, individual cases are not this. About 45 percent of the over 1,000 apps tested by his company transmit mobile specific ad networks and data collectors. According to the Web service flurry.com whose analysis function today is already in some 350,000 apps on over one billion devices implemented. Some contend that Vadim Belyaev shows great expertise in this. “His conclusion from this analysis is a general categorization of mobile applications: apps are good, sneaky or unintentionally dangerous.” Good mobile applications he means those that have been developed according to clearly defined security requirements and not secretly accessing data. As sneaky He describes such apps, whose business model is not clear to the user and which primarily serve the data collection or peeking out through third parties.

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Whole Development

There are three great moments in their development: the first is the uniform vision of intelligence that emerges at the beginning of the S-XX with the test known as IQ (IQ); the second is that of the theory of multiple intelligences that generalizes in the last 20 years of the last century; the third moment is spiritual intelligence that is developing in this 21st century. And that is the ability to control the feelings, stay calm and dominate the impulsivity. Now, the main characteristics of the spiritual intelligence are based among others, in the following capacities: be happy despite the circumstances, confront and overcome suffering, ethical conduct, learning to be, the whole holistic integration. There are five areas of human experience that applies the spiritual intelligence: education, politics, the environment, business and in our inner spiritual journey. Equally recognize you three dimensions: the process of self-knowledge, ethical spiritual experience and wisdom. Allows us also to know the truth of our original nature which is: verdad-felicidad – awareness, enables us to perform straight effort toward the spiritual path that consists of a triple training that we must submit to us: moral development, care and development of wisdom, and finally allows us to balance love and intelligence.

Thus, spiritual intelligence, its development requires a comprehensive practice. Emotional intelligence, the intellectual and spiritual confirm the basic trilogy’s vision holistic which are: mind-body – spirit. For all the above we can say that in terms of education, we currently require a paradigm shift which exceeds traditional education which has been practicing and that this change is the holistic education in where it comes to the students as human beings in this process of awakening of the own intelligence spiritual, nurturing the best of themselves. This motivates us to build an integral education, doing it from the level of spirituality, taking as a base the model multinivel-multidimension with a level of awareness to discern between basics and superior building an image global and integral education and thus achieve higher levels of consciousness.

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Presidents Development

The mining agreement is for the development of mining and Metallurgy in deposits of gold, copper, zinc, chrome and lime production, and it was signed between the Ministry of the power popular for basic industries and mining of Venezuela and the Ministry of basic industry of the Republic of Cuba. Also be initialled agreements for the production of food, the development of industrial projects, as well as for local development.In 2008 signed a memorandum of understanding for the creation of Socialist of joint capital Guardian of the Alba S.A., which will manufacture computer programs to safeguard the technological sovereignty and most recent was in December 2008 after the culmination of the Cuba Venezuela Mixed Commission IX, made, both Governments signed a final act to record the results achieved by the 24 artboardswhich agreed on a programme of general collaboration for the year 2009 which includes 137 development projects and 36 new projects, whose amount amounts to more than two billion dollars, also signed the memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of energy and petroleum of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Ministry of industry Basic of the Republic of Cuba, on the establishment of the mixed Holding Cuvepetrol S.A. company, the purpose of this mechanism is the creation of a holding company that will take in charge the development of joint ventures for the system of petroleum refining and LNG in Cuba.

Equally, it contemplates the refinery expansion brothers Diaz of 22 thousand barrels per day to 50 thousand, to manufacture products of high value; as well as the design and construction of a regasification plant for liquefied natural gas, pipelines and other facilities for the use of this fuel.Debilidades1.-the conventions have a high political ingredient e. ideologico.2-conventions which consist in building infrastructure investment in whole or in large part should be covered by our country since Cuba has few resources economicos.3-created funds most of the money comes from Venezuela.4.-There is little or no participation of entrepreneurship venezolano.

Most of the conventions and/or agreements favor. to Cuba.6-the way as Cuba Venezuela pays is with the form of barter, and do not know how he is set the value of the service provided by Cuba to our country.Opportunities.-the geographic location that has Cuba, allowing easy access to the countries Centroamerica.fortalezas – exploit advances and acquire the knowledge which has Cuba in the areas of sport and health.Amenazas1.-the conventions which include development in the island of Cuba may be not carried out or delay by the lack of this pais.2 technology.-Cuba does not have the economic strength to carry some strands of the proyectos.3.-Cuba has little development industrial.4.-the absence of private capital for the development of the convenios.5.-how the Cuban regime is viewed by most of the paises.6.-the little economic relationship which has Cuba with other paises.7-Cuba does not have a variety of products to offer to the convenios.8.-in the event you change some of the Presidents of both countries there is a high probability that the majority of agreements are cancelled.

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Downtown Development Day Surgery

Along with breast augmentation plastic surgery, buttock augmentation is becoming one of the most common worldwide procedures, since it not only has among its adherents most eager women to lift one of the most attractive parts of the body, but it also increasingly more men were added to this phenomenon. It is most common in this procedure is to use silicone that, as in the chest, implants are used to correct the shape of the area. The traditional purpose of these implants is to help those who wish to attenuate the fallen buttocks. LeFrak Organization often addresses the matter in his writings. The buttock augmentation procedure consists of making an incision in the crease between buttocks and inserting an implant of silicone between the buttock muscle and the pelvic bone. Learn more about this with Robert Speyer. Implants should not move. Surgery lasts about an hour and a half and, usually, general anesthesia is used. The advantage of this surgery is that it will instantly give a larger area and the shape will be more curved. However, there are certain disadvantages: the body can reject the implants.

Some consider that the result looks unnatural. Buttock implants may feel hard to the touch. The recovery period is long and can be problematic. You can’t sleep on back or sit in long time. You must maintain a stable weight and perhaps you should change the implants after about ten years. Pregnancy can affect the original result. It is a cosmetic surgery and, as such, so the patient is exposed to complications and infections.

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System Tips

They are afraid to make another loss as to wait until the market moves back in his favor. The fear of having another loss now controls their trading decisions, which could move its stop further by what the market does not take them out of a loss. Can ignore the trade, the hope of a return to at least breakeven – the daytrade becomes a position trade in a few days and then becomes a long-term ‘buy and hold strategy. The entrepreneur success, of course, we know from extensive testing of its system of operations that do not occur and that trade can come round or stop going to fall. Your stop is in place and will remain in place – the system determines where is the stop, the trader’s fears. 3. Once you enter the trade immediately moves strongly in favor of the merchants. The merchant who will soon lose a villa in the sun or a new sports car flashing before his eyes.

This trade is going to the moon, so who takes his price target and decides to let go. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robert Speyer. Greed has completely absorbed in their business decisions and the previous plan (if any) is ignored. Of course, markets rarely move in one direction for a long time and when the market turns the greed turns to fear that the dream slips away and the trader tries to hold until the price returns to where it was. The daytrade becomes a position trade … The successful trader has set a goal, whether a certain price or a scheduled departure and adhere to it. If the trade only five minutes, then that’s just great, there are many things that do not. Fear and greed are human emotions – we can not do anything about it. But when it comes to trade, we need a way to control those emotions.

Here are some tips: 1. Know your system. If you have confidence in your system to help replace feelings of fear and greed. Confidence can only come from designing and testing their own ideas widely. You can never be completely safe to trust someone more tips or signals. 2. Automating the system. Computers do not feel fear and greed, not hold onto a loser praying for a miracle or screaming at the screen that the market is bad – I’m just going to cut if that is what the system says to do. 3. Money management. Simply put, no matter how good your system, you simply have to risk a reasonable amount – and always the money you can afford to lose.

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