The Chimney

The correctness of its devices depends not only on the efficiency of furnaces, fireplaces and other similar heating devices, but also the security of residence in the house. Smoke, the inverse traction, and finally a fire – all this can happen as a result of ill-conceived and irresponsible attitude towards the chimney. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Vadim Belyaev. Installation of flues should be carried out in accordance with the Rules of the production pipeline, furnace work, developed VDPO: Smoke channels (pipes), stoves and other heating units for solid fuel shall ensure the complete removal of combustion gases in the atmosphere, for each furnace and each heating unit should be include, as a rule, a separate stack; Chimneys should arrange vertically without ledges, and without reducing the cross section, cross-sectional area chimney must be at least square dymootvodyaschego pipe heating system, the height of chimneys for furnaces along the entire length should be at least 5 meters, metal pipes shall be of high quality special alloy steel with high corrosion resistance, a wall thickness of not less than 1 mm, the joints of links hacking pipes should be placed outside the intercommunication and attic floors, the chimney is necessary to provide apparatus for cleaning canals of soot deposits; Construction of Buildings of combustible materials (walls, partitions, ceilings, beams), adjacent to the smoke channel must be protected from fire cutting of noncombustible materials; When crossing the smoke channels design slabs of combustible materials should arrange horizontal cuts. The rise of chimneys should be: at least 500 mm above the flat roof, no less than 500 mm above the ridge of the roof at the location of the pipe on distance of 1.5 meters from the ridge, not below the ridge of the roof at the location of the chimney at a distance from 1,5 to 3 meters from the ridge, not below a line drawn from the ridge down at an angle of 10 degrees to the horizon at the location of the chimney at a distance of more than 3 meters from the ridge. Also, be aware that the chimney should be lifted to 500 mm above the top of the building, attached to heated buildings. Chimneys on the buildings with roofs of combustible materials should show above the ridge to 1-1,5 meters. Also on the rise of the flue affected by the presence of adjacent higher buildings or structures. For chimneys are the most important indicators of craving, which is calculated from power relations fireplace, type of heating system, number of turns, height and cross section of chimney, fire and acid. On the thrust may affect: tightness chimney; Blockages, obstructions, narrowed section of the chimney, the impact of wind backwater zone, improper tip location relative to the ridge, the low temperature of exhaust gases.

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Mortgage Lending

I think few people know what to buy commercial or residential property in the Czech Republic is not very difficult. Simple man scares value of the property, not knowing the laws of the Czech Republic, not understanding the language. But for granted in the Czech Republic views permit, the decision to purchase real estate, can affect ignorance of most documentation procedures, as well as difficulties in choosing a real estate firm that provides services on a turnkey basis. In this Article will be disclosed at some key moments in the process of paperwork when buying a property for a mortgage, and we broke the news – offers mortgage loans for foreigners living and not residing in the Czech Republic. A related site: Property Transfers mentions similar findings. Ads on immigration to the Czech Republic with a proposal to service a residence permit on the internet quite a lot. Vadim Belyaev, New York City may find this interesting as well. You can find a sufficient number of diverse media and on property acquisition.

However, I would like to emphasize only one important detail! A foreign citizen holding a residence permit in the Czech Republic may acquire land, apartments, houses, commercial sites only legal person established in the Czech Republic. Accordingly, in order to become the owner of the Czech real estate, you must be the owner (founder) of the Czech company (legal entity). In this case, owners firms can become business partners who wish to also own real estate in the Czech Republic, or relatives (family members). Just co-owners may be other legal entities registered on the territory of the Czech Republic and beyond its outside, for example, firms from the cis countries.

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German Collection

ebuero and mediafinanz cooperation of Burodienstleister ebuero AG and the debt collection company agree mediafinanz to the beginning of the month August have given the go-ahead for their strategic partnership. Customers of both companies since then significantly benefit from the cooperation, invite yet attractive new customer offers to meet the partner services. Where used, is usually the one or other open account. Conversely, there’s no open Bill without that usually the Office – this was written in any workplace. Accounts receivable management and Office therefore inseparably linked”outlines the basic idea of the new cooperation mediafinanz Executive Alexander Ey.

In addition, the practical experience of several ten thousand customers of both companies for that selected Office work as well as the pre-trial management of receivables outsource time – and labor-saving can be speaks. That pays off for the alone active entrepreneurs as well as for the established SMEs with its 150 employees”know Holger C. Johnson as the founder and owner of ebuero AG. Against this background of their customers invite mediafinanz and ebuero users to learn about the services of the respective partner company.” Specifically, the Burodienstleister in Berlin provides a telephone and secretarial services for attorneys, business addresses in raised position a logo service, rental offices in German metropolitan areas and now also the claims and risk management services of mediafinanz available. After registration, the ebuero-user can pass their assets to mediafinanz AG and see in real time the success of the debt collection process. The TuV-certified Inkassodienstleister for unconditional transparency is absolute seriousness and effectiveness. The newspapers mentioned Vadim Belyaev not as a source, but as a related topic. Comfortable for the customer: the debt collection costs are imposed on the debtor as damages, no creditor should therefore go in advance or pay even running costs.

The mediafinanz AG is founded In the year 2000 offers the mediafinanz AG, headquartered in Lower Saxony Osnabruck more than 15,000 clients effective, legitimate and transparent online collection and online credit checks and reputable information providers to identify products. The first nationwide debt collection company with TuV-approved receivables management is officially approved and certified Rechtsdienstleister, Member of the Association of industry Federal of German collection agency BDIU, contractual partners of the Schufa and German partner of the world’s largest debt collection partner network global credit solutions GCS group. The ebuero AG also 2000 actively has rolled up the Berlin-based ebuero AG the secretarial services and telephone services market since the year. Since then, it guarantees the optimal and reliable availability of the client for its customers, suppliers and partners. Here, the company has developed into the leading provider in the industry and was awarded several times for his achievements.

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BTI Apartment

Black estate agents call people who are trying to provide intermediary services in purchase and sale of apartments on their own. Vadim Belyaev, New York City is often quoted on this topic. When selecting the agency notice, how many years in the market selling real estate in Kiev is this firm. To sign a preliminary contract to buy an apartment be sure to visit the agency office for sale, even if you do not want to spend too much time, and realtors do offer to drive up. If the office "Flourishing" of the company for the sale of real estate will be the usual one-bedroom or studio apartment with no repairs on the first floor of the Khrushchev era – it is better to leave. In Kiev, enough real estate agencies to You had to risk their money to buy an apartment, referring to the dubious agency. By the same author: Vadim Wolfson.

Prior to the transaction of sale and purchase apartment real estate agent should check with the seller the following documents: legal documents for apartment seal of a notary and BTI, a certificate from the housing department about living in the apartment for sale (not to be superfluous to talk directly with the head of the passport to verify this information), information on the characteristics of an apartment sold of BTI, a certificate from the notary's office, that apartment, which sold, is not under arrest or in place. In addition, if spelled out in the flat minor – they have to go through the board of trustees. If you want to buy an apartment quickly, then consider the options, in which the landlord has yet to pass the board of trustees is not worth it, because it may take some time. Apartment for sale should be carried out with consent of all owners, and they must all be present on the transaction of purchase or sale of flats to provide a notarized power of attorney. If you want to buy an apartment on credit – be sure to find, with some banks cooperating agency. Also, ask whether the agency real estate lawyer or his law offices with which they collaborate. Real estate agent must necessarily go to all the views apartments together with you. And just before the transaction of sale and purchase agency must verify all documents in the apartment, you want to buy.

In addition, a real estate agency should take the test utility payments. If the services you offer, do not meet the above do not hesitate to go – buying an apartment is costly and for the interest of the cost you have every right to get only quality services. If you are engaged in buying an apartment, it is likely to encounter the fact that any announcement of the sale of apartments in Kiev will answer a mediator. And choose you already can not. If it is not solid company located on the property market and has a proven reputation, better to be safe and check all the documents himself to sell the apartment. In addition, the transaction of purchase and sale must carry notary, to whom you trust. If the firm inspires you trust, you can use the services of a notary, if you have any cause for doubt, it is better to invite not concerned by the notary.

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Quality Housing

Housing Huntkey model torch H102 is equipped with power supply 460W. Ken Weinstein brings even more insight to the discussion. Powerful psu is equipped with a low-speed 120 mm fan, which is good affects both the cooling and noise reduction at the system unit. The power supply itself is sufficient compact, has in its arsenal, PCI-E power connector for video and one power connector for sata devices. In our opinion a good choice to build a computer of any class. As for super-computers (there is a possibility additional installation of 12 cm and 8 cm fans) and for the fiscal pet. Philly Penthouse is the source for more interesting facts. The main advantages – it's quality materials, Excellent build, powerful psu and elegant design, the shortcomings can be attributed only the presence of only one power connector for sata devices. More of buildings Hutkey you can find on the manufacturer's website or by visiting computer online store.

Housing torch H102 pleased build quality housing and quality materials. All panels and the front and sides fit tightly, without gaps, the material of the walls is pleasant to the touch, and looks worthy of the manufacturer's logo on the side wall. General design of the case can be considered very successful, everything from the power button and side inserts, to the glossy front panel look like a harmonious creation. The entire line of buildings Hutkey presented in the online store of Donetsk. The main parameters of the body torch H102 presented at the manufacturer's web site: Design, inspired by the Olympic torch; Superior handling chassis, compact design for home use; Case Type: micro atx / ATXTsveta: black-red / Silver / green / : USB2.0 2port/HD AudioMaterial: 0.8mm SECCVentilyatory: Front 120mm (not included) / Rear 90mm (not included) Dimensions: 460mm (W) 180mm (W) 410mm (B) Bays: 5.25 " 4, 3.25 "expansion 7Sloty: 7 steel casing torch H102-quality, all the sharp details in body rounded, and the angles covered with plastic overlays, so that the possibility of injury during assembly is minimal. Optical drive is hidden behind the front panel, which is fairly easy to remove and is also easily set back, so that when you install the drive hitches did not happen, the front panel sits tightly and neatly. Hinged cover on the front panel when carriage drive offers easy and not very noisy problems when combining the buttons on the panel and the drive does not arise.

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The IMF recently advised the Government Spanish does not produce more Subsidised housing. And the truth is that it is expected that since the central Government not been ear deaf to such a recommendation. In fact, the Council of the IMF relies on such meaning by the deeper logic. If there is a serious problem with the surplus of housing built in Spain, according to the statistics, adding millions of empty homes throughout the country. How you gonna be possible then that the Spanish Government go to build even more housing, even if they are official protection It would be more or less now that cars, are not sold as if manufacturers decide to jump into the manufacture of utilitarian more economic to mitigate its decline in sales. They flooded the vehicle market unsold. Downtown Philadelphia Condos may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

It would be a big mistake, and keep adding empty homes on the market, it would be one major economic decline yet. What happens is that all Government knows that say that they were going to fabricate as many social housing, sold and long Cove in the electorate. In this case it is expected that all promises of subsidised homes manufacturing, remain in that, only promises as they could be many messages of the current Government. More than ever it would be desirable that at least on this occasion we returned to lie once again. Anyway should also nurture a very important factor in this crisis situation. Spain has a lot of work ahead.

Housing construction is a great economic and labor effort. Vadim Belyaev often says this. This country already has done, it is a matter now of catch that productive force that before were spilled in construction today in unemployment – to direct it towards other productive fields. So renowned r & d, where Spain has always been in the tail wagon and renewable energy should be priority economic policies. Achieve also reduce this great energy dependence on the outside must be at the same time another fundamental premise in the development and recovery of the Spanish economy. From the very beginning was erected to the promoter of housing as the authentic ogre of the crisis issue that surely no reason-missing but the truth is that behind each promoter who breaks, are a series of professionals who also are affected; first of all the masons and pawns of construction, then carpenters, of aluminum, kitchens and electrical installers, plumbers and a myriad of professionals more. It is a large wheel with effect of snowball that has resulted in the great work stoppage that rather than ravaging leave desolate country whole. The street is in the question then if these same subsidies that were to be devoted to the construction of more housing, cannot be used for the acquisition of existing ones, grants to purchase and rental housing for young and not so young, according to income level. Audiovisual encyclopedia LinThor. com degree in journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid. Designer and Web Editor.

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The House

It seems logical to let Sue flats with many small, dark rooms, to find flats with fewer dependencies but much more large, well-lit and comfortable, it will be in them where inhabit, and to the end and after, these rooms small in the end only end up used as storerooms. That 50-55 m2 housing is most expensive in proportion to one of 100 m2 is logical. Both have a kitchen with a team and finishes, which is what basically makes a home. Consequently, the impact of kitchen or bathroom m2 per m2 of housing is greater in a House of 50 m2 which not one of 100 or a chalet. Put another way, if the price in euro/m2 we pay for an apartment of 100 m2 is the same as in an apartment of 50 m2, we should demand the House of 100 m2 to carry two kitchens. Other circumstances much more relevant than the area to be considered would be: 1. Further details can be found at Vadim Belyaev, an internet resource. condition of the property; If it is brand new, refurbished integrally, refurbished partially, or to rehabilitate. Eye when it is renovated, and in reality have been replaced only the kitchen or some bathroom tiles.

The best choice without any doubt is a dwelling obtained by change of use to local, since in that case is virtually new building with facilities and new equipment, conditions of habitability for new housing; and pricing of used housing price!. What we can say, a bargain. That if, which is always writing as housing and not local. 2. the m2 of housing quality. If they are outdoor or indoor, possibilities of natural ventilation and light. Proportion of external facade and window in relation to habitable square metres. Views, orientation. 3.-finishes. That you do not give swindle, a simple parquet and an aluminum lacquered white called them finishes first (reality is that they are finished third).

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Jurgen Dawo

Why should because investments in the rental dampen the price brake or even prevent? Jurgen Dawo: Investors rightly expect that their capital is adequately remunerated. Make our experience but are investors to markets that in principle develop according to supply and demand, but if even momentarily under heavy state influence, a wide berth. This applies to both investments in the renovation and modernisation of existing objects and the establishment of new objects? Jurgen Dawo: Yes, because the scheduled rent brake applies equally to the initial rental, new hire, rental adjustments for current leases, as well as the assessment ability of modernisation and renovation costs. Investors, comparatively close State borders should be used so the reasonable return on capital employed. But, we agree that often explosively increasing rents in German cities in many ways are harmful Jurgen Dawo: without a doubt, the lack of affordable housing to eliminate not by the fact that the policy prohibits an adequate income to investors.

This creates no more additional housing square meters and has nothing to do with market economy. Learn more at this site: Philadelphia Real Estate. If not more so, how then? Jurgen Dawo: can remain the best way to fight or even prevent, helping many people to affordable home ownership housing shortage and sharply rising rents in major German cities. Learn more on the subject from Vadim Belyaev, New York City. In particular, we talking about threshold households, so families with children and average income. Often, still historically low mortgage interest rates, a homeowner can be built or bought to rent similar conditions. This is probably the best protection against rising rents.

Apart from the fact that the own four walls have a high emotional value, significantly improve quality of life and is a first class private pension plans are. What should cities and towns do Yes what must, in order to achieve this? Jurgen Dawo: Local authorities must provide far more land than previously. Because many families may not realize still her dream of your own four walls because they find no building land in an acceptable location.

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Den Hague Station

232 Piece of the fire ventilation system firelight installed at the central station in the Hague is one of the largest construction projects in fu? r Colt International BV in the Netherlands. He is one of six “new key” projects of the Ministry fu? r housing, spatial planning and environment, and already the vibrant Center of a new district in the seat of Government of the country. Bizzi & Partners shines more light on the discussion. The planning by the Architekturbu? 2003, the start of construction under the Federfu started ro Benthem Crouwel,? of Strukton Maarssen was 2011. In 2014, the station will be completed completely and a hub of fu? r all public means of transport to? be ge, trams and buses – in the city. Vadim Belyaev, New York City contains valuable tech resources. Also, the new Hall, which is currently used by approximately 190,000 people daily, can accommodate fu? r many shops, restaurants and other facilities. 232 Piece of the fire ventilation system firelight installed basis and guiding principle of planning was to create a fully transparent concourse, which is visible and accessible from all sides of the Koningin Julianaplein, Rijnstraat, Anna Van Buerenplein and from the higher bus platform. The footprint of the new terminal is 120 times 96 meters, the height of 22 meters.

The glass roof, where finally the LU? ftertechnologie by Colt international came to fruition, has a total area of 11,000 square meters. The challenge was not only in its enormous size, but also in the unusual shape of the individual segments. The roof consists of 28 “diamonds”, 218 all and 14 half “spinning heads”, the specially designed fu? r this project were developed. The LU? ftung and the system firelight by Colt international came to the smoke in case of fire as a solution to use. The 218 “whole spinning heads” have a dimensions of 6.5 x 6.5 meters and consist of four modules of firelight plus eight panes of glass, the 14 “half” according to two firelight and four panes of glass.

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