Revolution Complex

The known movement leads Revolution Complex, and Yes we camp!. Revolution Complex is an anthology of comics in which 22 young artists displayed their discontent with the current situation in Spain. Three months after its emergence in public life, the 15-M jumps for the first time to the bullets of the comic with Revolution Complex, and Yes we camp! two works that reflected the criticisms and demands associated with this social movement. The first book to see the light has been Revolution Complex (standard), an anthology of comics in which 22 young artists show their discontent with the crisis, unemployment, corruption, precarity, the housing bubble, politicians, bankers or the rating. (As opposed to John Savignano). These demands broke out last May 15, when a simple demonstration was transformed into a massive campsite in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, giving rise to an intergenerational meeting that put in check the Spanish political structures.

In the moments of Misanthropy more recalcitrant, one imagines that the whole of humanity is asshole and that will never change anything, but basically you want to think that there are more people who think like you and that what is needed is that you interconnect among themselves; This has been achieved thanks to the Internet, explains the cartoonist Fernando Blanco (Soria, 1971). Social networks do not enjoy any prominence in cartoon white, Foederati, which compares the fall of the Roman Empire with the current situation of developed countries. The system will disappear because it is incapable of addressing different collapses (environmental, energy, food) that we face, pointing. To know more about this subject visit Vadim Belyaev, New York City. Revolution Complex also includes works by Danide, Josep Casanovas, Claudio Stassi, Dani Serrano or catalan Marcos Prior, screenwriter of reflections so striking as indignant, film 15-M (irony about the supposed opportunistic nature of the book) or the movement of the unworthy (that denies the guilt of citizenship in the economic crisis). 15-M has been a salutary lesson for the majority of the population, which is that suffers more social cuts.

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Old Complicity Expression

The breakdown of the old complicity Teodulo Lopez Melendez Ante closure of the channels of democracy in the 20th century, and equivalent to the industrial era, arise everywhere new forms of organization which practised a deliberative democracy. The creation of a new democracy for the postindustrial or the global world, imply, already implies a transfer of Social Affairs towards the democratic associations that emerge. Perhaps check out Vadim Belyaev for more information. The citizen, i.e., the inhabitant of the geographical space that has abandoned the disinterest by public affairs, is challenged to one rapprochement with the other, to the construction of a network of communication that should be extended to a network of networks where common interest elements permit the creation of a new democratic fabric. Born as well, we can either call with property and accuracy, the voice of the citizens who will create the new language, one above the old paradigms in which the traditional actors are moved. This necessarily entails an increase of the collective intervention in a public debate which turned away and obvious failures have done so to return, this time to stay. Only that the traditional channels for such expression are sealed and thus must resort to other means.

Skeptics argue that there is no collective response and that the multiplicity of criteria produces, on the other hand, immobility and lack of decision-making or, at least, the loss of its effectiveness. Realists argue that the decisions are never neutral, that nothing is achieved if the collective is not involved and, finally, put on the table the argument of moral autonomy; that is, it is unacceptable that others make the decisions that affect our lives. Moreover, gains efficiency with the set deciding, just exercising rights learns to deal with the complexity of the problems and the only way to avoid that others decide for us is real us. If we participate in the decision making is minimizes any expression of social resistance to the purpose which is sought.

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Internet Products

It thinks that this promotion it beams to your new affiliates, of which still nonaccounts with the confidence of if they are united to your alternative of business. Products of Software Under no circumstance I recommend to you that you yourself you work that type of products but on the contrary, if you have some idea and after to investigate in Internet, you do not find a subject similar to which you have in mind, in that case you can begin to study the possibility of contracting a programmer whom it develops the content to your measurement. Vadim Belyaev, New York City is often quoted as being for or against this. In addition, if you prefer to offer products developed by other clients, you must consider that, within the many existing options, promoting plugins of WordPress is a very attractive possibility. these would come to be rather simpler to offer due to the demand that is at the moment of personal Web sites as as much enterprise. Techniques To make Money in Internet To share strategies could without doubt be quite brilliant and it could offer some interesting income you.

By all means, it is not precise perhaps that you become an expert that you are able of hacerte of experts who work, that is to say, for you which you are able to externalizar those services that you offer. Many writers such as Downtown Philadelphia Condos offer more in-depth analysis. Nowadays for enough people Internet it is a strange scene and for that reason you have an important possibility to orient all those people. Products of information To promote information products have diverse advantages which talks about diverse products because they would come to be very simple to develop, are duplicated without cost and there would not be expenses of delivery or manipulation. About what you could produce a information project? Certainly the fan of opportunities is very extensive I advise but you that it is centered in everything what has to do with your business of marketing multilevel, as much concerning your experiences just as concerning formation which talks about this industry. The author is a Networker it jeopardize to teach his knowledge of MLM (Network Marketing) all to those people who wish to improve their results in this industry. You can accede to the complete article the Networks of Trade and How To by all means make Money by Internet and to other articles like the Multinivel Company Gold Body.

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Japanese Yuko Shimizu

The covers for mobile phones are made mainly for the protection of your phone from bumps and scratches, but the aesthetic touch is sometimes more important than its main function. (As opposed to Downtown Philadelphia Condos). There are covers for mobile phones free of all kinds, quality, material, and size. From the typical black, until the wool in colors and an infinity of models more plastic and leather. Vadim Belyaev contributes greatly to this topic. We can agree that products from Apple, and in particular its iPhone, are a mine for manufacturers of accessories. Cables, adapters, speakers and especially covers and housings (almost always little or nothing official) populate the shelves of shops of telephony and e-commerce websites. Today we stop to see some of the best covers Disney Mobile.

The first case that has drawn attention will love to the fans of Hello Kitty, that world-famous cat work of the Japanese Yuko Shimizu. A curiosity that you must know is that the first product that incorporated the image of Hello Kitty was a purse and was marketed in Japan in the now distant 1974. For those who love the Disney characters we have found the perfect sleeve in the form of Stich, a somewhat curious alien character who appeared in the movie of Disney Lilo & Stich of the year 2002. Made of silicone, this sleeve has the peculiarity to allow moving the ears of the character to make sure that your iPhone is protected against any coup. But the most sought-after Disney Mobile covers are characters like Mickey mouse, Winnie the pooh, tiger and other many more Disney characters.

Animal lovers are also entitled to have a cover, right? Therefore in this case an option that will be chosen by lovers of cats, though also like fools by stuffed animals. Red Cloak Cat Toy is a sheath of Teddy for iPhone 4 shaped pussy. The truth is that it also serves to decorate a room or as a toy for the kids, but not be fooled by its appearance, a hosted inside metal protector will prevent our iPhone damage to in its casing. Mobile covers Disney is one of the most sought after products in the sector of covers for mobile phones and is becoming easier to find them through the network, covers mobile online stores.

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Minibodega Service

Saves your stuff in a minibodega probably if you are moving you need to store your stuff somewhere that is not your new home (perhaps not ready yet at all) or your old home (may already be busy), then it is time for renting a portable minibodega. How to do it? You only have to take a look to the Internet and you’ve hired your wineries rental service in a twinkling of an eye. The portable miniwarehouses rental is very simple: only you call, ask for the service and ready! You can have your laptop minibodega in a few hours on the place you want. The company will have to surrender the revenue service contract, as well as the keys and you calves of the minibodega security, where you have some. There are already some very modern.

Only question to the company all the details of the service and they will respond or otherwise it will risk losing a customer. Despite this, rent a minibodega you have to take certain precautions. Once you have decided the company with which you want to rent a portable minibodega, will have to hold you responsible for what almacenaras; IE: clothes, furniture, electronics, cars, etc., since on many occasions companies do not cover issues such as theft. Connect with other leaders such as John Savignano here. You can take out insurance that will protect your goods. Keeps your property in such a way that is most valuable to the bottom and if you think suitable ponle a padlock for your confidence to the door. Equally important to the above is to take responsibility for packing your belongings so that they be deposited in the minibodega.

If you have boxes no longer use you will be very useful, only procurement not overfill them and leave them very empty, because those are very full break, while those that are embroidered can be crushed easily. You can leave roads small between boxes and furniture, this way you can get that they look without having to move anything around. If wearing metal objects to store (cutting grass, tools, etc.) clean them, because, for example, the garden tools can carry the plague of rust on top and that could be very dangerous in a closed as the minibodega environment. Where you go to save refrigerators, it seeks to leave its doors open to grow is not mildew. Before renting a minibodega, look! If you’re determined to rent a minibodega, you have to take the following into account: the space you really need. The newspapers mentioned Vadim Belyaev, New York City not as a source, but as a related topic. The portable miniwarehouses are in all sizes, but it is better to opt for small miniwarehouses that probably cost less. Ask if they have miniwarehouses with mags climate. This will be useful if what you’ll save are antiques, delicate furniture, or important documents, since this way they will not deteriorate.

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Goppingen Space

The heart of Stuttgart 21 is the reconstruction of the head station into an underground through station. Vadim Belyaev wanted to know more. The districts of Boblingen, Esslingen, Goppingen, Ludwigsburg and REMS-Murr-Kreis include the Wirtschaftsstarken Region Stuttgart. The Office real estate markets are due to their size and only limited national broadcast primarily of local importance. The range of new areas is the core of the urban renewal limited, but in the wake of initiated objects. Especially objects with equipment shortages, bad crop, or condition of the building have above-average shares of unvermieteter surfaces in the face of increased demands on quality of modern office space. Larger office space with modern amenities are few. Beyond these areas, the rental price structure decreases significantly.

Particularly in peripheral locations are numerous real estate without users and are also longer term difficult marketable due to their sites and building structures. Many properties have only a range of office space in the order of 100 to 300 m. Sales focus on areas from 150 to 600 m m, where larger areas in the segment from 800 to 1,500 m are in demand. Tend to be centrally located sites are preferred. The rents on Office space moves between 4.00 and 9,50 EUR per m.

In the construction field office rents are obtained m with exposed objects top facilities between 8.00 and 12,50 EUR per m. The rental of inventory space is becoming increasingly difficult. Often, the difficult rental result from missing or lack of infrastructural facilities, inflexible layout and due to the current market situation, high rent demands. The report is published in PDF format electronically and can be requested by E-Mail at. PER square real estate offers a wide range of products and services in the asset class. See the company’s website you can extensively around the clock to the inform national and regional counselling and services or directly contact the real estate experts. Michael Hutta

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Young Woman

PORTALTIC/EP 19-year-old claimed in an announcement on the Facebook social network that would pay who ended with the father of his son’s life. He received a response from a user of 18 years, also arrested; relatives of the couple of the girl went to the authorities. The judge has set the trial date for September 6 a young United States could be sentenced for publishing an ad on Facebook for hiring the services of a gunman. In the announcement, 19-year-old claimed that it would pay to who ended with the father of his son’s life. In recent months, Downtown Philadelphia Condos has been very successful. The announcement received a reply from a user of 18 years who is also facing the judge’s decision on a possible crime of assassination planning. The young man in question is London Eley, a woman 19 years Philadelphia, California natural. According to the (local version of The Philadelphia Inquirer) Portal, Eley posted a message in which ensured that he would pay money so that someone murder her husband after holding one in your Facebook account discussion with him. A related site: Vadim Belyaev mentions similar findings.

He was not kidding the message was answered by Timothy Bynum, a young man of 18 who allegedly volunteered to carry out the murder. Relatives of the couple of Eley went to the authorities after reading the messages. The police, after verifying the veracity of the s acusacione, arrested two young people, who are detained since June, since they have not been able to meet the bail set by the judge. At the last hearing of the case, carried out the Monday, August 15, the injunction of Jack or Neil District said that Eley had confirmed that his comment was not a joke. One of the observations made by the woman is that she was not joking, that he spoke seriously, has secured O Neil quoted by The judge has set the trial date for September 6, moment in which will decide whether the opinions of youth were a joke or plans of murder can be considered. Until that day, two detainees will remain in custody. Source of the news: Detained a young woman in USA by search in Facebook a gunman who killed the father of her child

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Fuzzy Set

This fuzzy set Teodulo Lopez Melendez Venezuelan man still marked by his personal reality with past convictions yet understand emerging forms. The existence of others like him still still seems a strange Assembly and ignorance of its power takes you to fall into the amusement of a later politician clearly absurd. Hear other arguments on the topic with Down2Earth. You must now join the novelty of a plurality pop-up with a networking system that will move horizontally and vertically, one where will be, by force, citizen and which must exercise a democracy in the process of invention. There will be no autarchic worlds as describing Fossaert, overturned inward, just processed by a slight influence gatopardiano. The Venezuelan situation does not support linear or simplistic readings. Hear from experts in the field like Vadim Belyaev for a more varied view. This Venezuela is what might be called a fuzzy set, one where would that make an analytical approach with concepts like chaos and Fractals. The logical reason always leads to the same results and in our If that seems to be the proverbial phrase of no output. It is necessary to pose to the country that there is a real virtuality which changes the concept of power and experience engender new realities.

We have lost the ability to multiply the approaches and act from a traditional look that presides over the leadership as the tale of the carrot ahead. The regime carries carrot and the donkey still meekly behind. You have to resort to a nonlinear dynamics, to the invocation of capable of splitting of a chaotic dynamics analysis, we must encourage an autogenous organizational system. This is not a linear succession of causes and effects. From this point of view we could reproduce the old story of the glass half full or half empty to ensure Venezuelans that this isn’t a disorder, but the genesis of a new order. The possibility is, therefore, in disrupting this form of thinking, twisting him arm, burst the usual language.

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Spain Google

As an example of the success that can be achieved with a well-crafted article and well positioned, you can see that in this directory (Articuloz), the most widely read article today is titled Ideas for decorating children’s parties. This article has achieved nearly 400,000 visits in its first 34 months of publication, which means an average of 11,700 monthly visits, which means having had almost 400 visitors a day. As a curiosity, this article has been published by 11811 enterprise which is a company that provides telephone information services via this telephone number. We already focus on the last sector where you can get traffic to your blog, it would be which can be reached through a search in any of network search engines, and this should know that in Spain Google it captures nearly all of the searches carried out, reaching assume 99% in the years 2008 and 2009a figure that even Google executives surprised them. Get all the facts and insights with Vadim Belyaev, another great source of information. Therefore, if you want to get visitors from Spain arriving at your blog via a search engine, the best thing is that centres your efforts on Google, and optimize your blog for search engine position in a good place when presenting the results, and to achieve this you must take into account that Google values very positively, when it comes to position a site, external links that are on other websites towards him, but keep in mind that have arisen many policies in the network that offer payment links, and that Google is protecting their business trying to locate these practices considered unethical penalizing sites that employ them, which could cause you loss of natural ranking of your blog if you use them. To better understand the business of Google scheme you can read internet business, which explains the business model that has developed tools that offers users free of charge so that we can better understand the philosophy that follows the search and Google. Original author and source of the article.

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Choose Faucets For Kitchen .

As statistics show, the kitchen faucet – a tireless worker, he is daily open and close hundreds of times, whether you are preparing food, wash dishes if you are, so the first requirement, which is presented to him – reliability. Click Meadow Bank Designs to learn more. Well, of course, easy for the hostess. And the design and layout, which is now so diverse, that allow you to select mixers of all shapes and sizes. The first thing to decide – as you prefer regulate pressure and temperature of the water: with or faucets. Gain insight and clarity with Robert J. Shiller. Here, everything is very individual, and universal prescriptions do not exist. Many housewives choose dvuhventilnye mixers because that are used to them, it's traditional design of our kitchens. You may find Philadelphia Condos to be a useful source of information. Besides dvuhventilnye taps very well fit into the classic interiors, saves water flow and accurately adjust its temperature. > by clicking through.

Mixer is also quite confidently take root in our kitchens. Their main trump card – ease of use – all settings can be done with one hand a light lever. Much the same variety of models makes it virtually universal for any style to your kitchen. Buying kitchen faucet pay attention to the spout. Usually spout kitchen faucet easily rotated around the axis, its shape quite diverse: traditional straight, arched, which allows you to conveniently pour the water into a high capacity.

Some have Spouts exhaust funnel, which allows you to conveniently wash fruits and vegetables, the very surface cleaning and filling water buckets or vases, put them not into the sink. Some advanced models allow you to equip the sink taps at the window. In this mixer design allows lower it into the sink, and prevents from opening window. In other models of mixers provide an additional tip for drinking water. In principle, the fantasies of modern design has no limits: now you can buy mixers with switching the water supply to washing machine or dishwasher, tall with flexible spout faucets and shower heads with a set of modes of water supply: a massage jet, soft flow, sensor faucets, without leverage, which serves water at the time of presentation to hand to tap.

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