Real Estate Portfolio

Real estate form the Foundation and the rooms where and where all events of the site takes place the entire assets of the German economy formed the majority of the assets invested in real estate. The real estate industry is wide fanned (architects, engineers, tenants, landlords, brokers, managers, Baufaufseher, urban planners and others) and fairly structured. This force field, the creditworthiness of the tenant and their systematic and transparent assessment plays an important role. The real estate is the surrounding the site and thereby also limiting case. They form the Foundation and the rooms where and in which all events of the site takes place, they are the possibility space of the site. Most of the activities of the actors playing in local ramifications. With the help of a site record creating transparency, decisions can be prepared for their solutions.

See also Becker, Jorg: real estate business in the location real estate effect relations in the force field of the Location factors, site balance as a 360-degree all-round radar, ISBN 9783839123065. They are: site cover of the possibilities, architecture market, office buildings, retail, commercial real estate, niche market of self storage real estate, residential real estate, land market and construction prices, relations in the system of the balance of the site, milestones on the way to the site account, support framework of locational factors, real estate management from perspective of a site record, implementation of quality profiles in 4-field portfolio, real estate in the area of the site, material and intellectual capital of site, trigger for site development process, option of temporary use, rear coupler of urban development, new living and lifestyles, age-appropriate housing options, mobility effects on real estate markets, regional market attractiveness, real estate index. Shifting trends is for the real estate industry to its impact on the surroundings, i.e. an intense consideration of interactions in the complex structure of the site. CF.

Becker, Jorg: real estate industry in the location space of possibility ISBN 9783839123065. The processes between real estate, rental and credit checks are closely connected. The real difficulty lies in assessing the creditworthiness of the tenant. Research on the social networks are insufficient by themselves. Sufficient to assess the quality of tenants, a wide range of personal factors must also incorporated into decision making. There are a number of starting points, that can effectively support such a project. Including a scheme to find out a possible stable credit quality, such as Becker, Jorg: examination of the personal creditworthiness, ISBN 9783839164181, is treated. Against the background of a growing ever closer and more demanding market, a person’s balance sheet provides the instruments, a holistic location allow the balance of the person works as a 360-degree radar screen for observation purposes and -flat, with particularly soft”factors can be comprehensively identified, differentiated pictured and systematically evaluated. Many display options, such as E.g. traffic light charts with red yellow green areas for the assessment of factors that are easily understandable and can increase in the framework of decisions in addition to the transparency thus the credibility and acceptance. See further Becker, Jorg: Examination of personal creditworthiness, ISBN 9783839164181.

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Rural House In Sardinia

In the selection of vacations in Sardinia one is due to be able to find a good balance between the factors characteristic related to the cost of transport, more and more important in the total cost of the vacations, the type of lodging and the location of the establishment. In this contribution we want to speak of the election of rural houses like establishment in which to spend the vacations in Sardinia, a solution which we think that it can create a perfect mixture between genuinidad of vacations, comfort and economy. Taking like example of the instructionses given by Coldiretti, we arrived at the definition than it can become vacations in a rural house trying to move away to us of possible surprises, but explicitly swindles. Strolls outdoors, the flavor of the local kitchen, a total escape, to less maintain the rate of life associated to the haste and the necessity to do everything at all costs, to spend immersed vacations in the local culture and in the cement of the city these are not the main characteristics of the vacations in a rural house in Sardinia. It is certain that there are some things that to add to the idea that was had until recently of the rural house: at present this type of structure more is adapted to the requests of comfort and services of a demanding customer. This it is the reason by which, of way but it frequents, the rural houses have become true thought structures more for the tourist than based on the farm.

Rooms furnished with all the services, common swimming pools, maintained services good, and the list continues. This it is also the reason by which the necessity felt to propose a classification " espigas" (like " estrellas" of the hotel) for the quality of the rural house. In addition one is due to say that the rural houses in Sardinia, generally, are very asked for during in the tourist season of summer, and they set out in the segment of summer tourism – sea, and in the majority of cases one of the characteristics that is offered is the proximity to the sea along with the typical kitchen and the presence of a service of certain quality level.

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Buy Mascot? But Be Careful!

Buy mascot? Here, there are some tips. If you want to create to a mascot, you should be aware of a few important things. We assist with helpful advice. The design of the first step in the realization of your mascot is the design. If you decide to design your mascot itself, are the most important tips here: the human proportions, when the design. It is helpful to think to get an impression, whether the costume is wearable the image of a man on your own design. When designing a mascot, it is advisable to ensure that the wearer of a possible large vision has field. A big smile or an open mouth to increase the Visual field of the carrier? Life your creativity from: A professional designer team translates your design into an impressive result.

If you now go on to purchase of your mascot, some important considerations to keep in mind are the purchase. 1. many people buy their mascot on the Internet at low prices, for example in Asia. These mascots look mostly very good on a small photo, but this rarely true in reality, when you actually get the mascot. (There also are known cases, where the customer never received a mascot.

Here, then, the misery begins for you. When unpacking the new mascot will then quickly clearly why the photo on the Internet was just so small. The attached details are then often just cut fabric scraps and remnants of the adhesive are visible everywhere. Often the mascot in too small crates shipped to save transport costs. This has for example a deformed head result that never again put back in the original form can be. The last and perhaps most important reason to buy a mascot not in Asia is produced mostly by Asian sizes. It is obvious that they do not correlate with the average European body construction.

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Frank Andre Audilet

citizens according to this study. Nine percent indicated that they wanted to start immediately with the financial provision. If one considers the choice of the right plant for the age but It is clear that there is still great need for education. So the respondents took advantage of the life insurance (62 percent) continue to most, the passbook (54 percent) and the contractor (55 percent) followed after that. However operates so far still no retirement savings”every eighth citizen according to the barometer of wealth, says Prof.

Dr. h.c. Frank Andre Audilet global real estate AG (GRE AG). Whether that enough funds for old-age provision available, may be called into question “, added the head of the global real estate AG (GRE AG). While the other citizens after surveys be often not aware that they would have to provide significantly more”, explains expert of global real estate AG (GRE AG) in an interview. But the majority decision for the chosen savings makes it clear that the Germans hold still in antiquated forms of investment and wrong provision contrary to other European countries in the width. There is yet no Secret that barely half of the long running life insurance maintained by”, explains Prof.

Dr. h.c. Frank Andre Audilet global real estate AG (GRE AG). It similar to look at building Association savings agreements, according to the building society only 20 to 30 percent of the zuteilungsreifen contracts for building used internal confidential figures. The rest will be resigned with interest, which if anything only slightly above the inflation rate”, says the masterminds of global real estate AG (GRE AG) based in Munich and Steinpleis. Currently, there are actually only a consequence and which means material assets, tangible assets, tangible assets,”explains Audilet. His group of companies, to which belongs the global real estate AG (GRE AG), specializes in this and offers closed investments that invest in tangible assets. Also the global real estate AG (GRE) is a such participation. Existing buildings, but also project developments have been acquired. However, participation in which is Global real estate AG (GRE AG) currently not possible. We offer more investment opportunities with high profit expectations within the framework of the Group of companies but “, as Board Member Prof. Dr. h.c. Frank Andre Audilet global real estate AG (GRE AG).” Summary: The Germans save more, but mostly wrong, Prof. thinks Dr. h.c. (Univ. del Golfo, Frank Andre Audilet global real estate AG (GRE AG).) His group holds investments in tangible assets therefore now important.

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Jens Millions

Of the 95 million life and pension insurance in Germany the commitments for less than half to the end are held through opinion of the consumer centres. Longer is the original term, the lower the chance that the contract; maintained by the higher the costs incurred and the losses resulting from the early termination. The resulting annual economic losses can only imagine, as there is no official publication of figures. For the first time, it will be possible to quantify the damages actually arising from deposit losses. After statistical analysis in the context of the LV doctor “project the losses on roughly 6,800 Euro amounted to 10,000 evaluated contracts.

Here the contracts used for real estate finance and occupational pensions and for these contracts even higher losses were not considered yet. According to Jens Millions of citizens could expect a positive judgment in future Heidenreich, Director of the Swiss proConcept AG, with fair taxation; actually suffered losses would be recognized as such and the Treasury would have to participate directly in the losses, rather than this and so far indirectly over pension and welfare funds do and have no overview of the losses. This may be just another step in the direction of greater transparency and honesty towards the consumer. Because as long as it is allowed to sell it for more than 20 years publicly as a legal scam products”may be referred to, as long as the company management as in the past. It is time that the managers deliver the people slowly what they promise them a useful product to secure pensions. The proConcept AG represents the interests of more than 50,000 people as Kounamouta. The company assumes only the funding and enforcement of claims from so These dispersed damages. You enforces them in individual or collective procedures together with law firms specialising in the respective areas of law without any financial risk for individuals.

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Space creates leading Internet platform in the field of construction, housing and real estate for new strategic media partner is an expanding company, 2008 achieved a turnover of EUR 1.3 million. Through the planned realignment, we want to grow in the medium term on 4 million sales and further increase our 6-digit EGT. To do this we need”a new strategic partner who has no competition platform in the portfolio and this expansion steps with us, explains Peter Erlebach, managing partner of Wohnnet service GmbH and complements: the growth targets are indeed ambitious, but certainly within realistic scope. Even in the current crisis the trend to online advertising continues.” Acquisition of shares by June 10, 2009 was founded in 2000 by Styria and Wustenrot. 2005 59% of the Wohnnet service GmbH took over in the first buyout DMID direct marketing and Internet services Ges.m.b.H. The two DMID partners, Peter Erlebach and like. Johannes Heimhilcher, now have pulled the second purchase option and therefore keep 99% of the shares in

1% remains in the ownership of the Wustenrot Verwaltungs – und Services GmbH. content to 2,500 pages according to MANOHAR listed the Internet platform 288,000 unique client and over 4.8 million page views per month in the quarter average 1/2009. To further expand the number to 1 position, on the one hand constantly working on improving technical (search optimization, video content, 3D animations, etc.). On the other hand, expands the editorial content in the next 6 months to another 2,500 pages. Especially the topics of house construction and renovation are expanded. Thus, in the future more than 5,000 pages of information and more than 26,000 real estate offers available are users.

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Queen Opens New Building Of NHTV

On Thursday, the 17th of December, International University of applied sciences Breda/Netherlands your Majesty, the Dutch Queen officially opened the new University complex of the International University of applied sciences NHTV Breda. The German students Rene Kern (25) from Cologne had the great honor of Queen Beatrix the new building, where in future the courses international hotel management and international real estate & facility are taught management to present. The Queen reached the NHTV against 14:15. After a guided tour of the facility, she gave the start character for the ceremonial opening of the new building with a symbolic blow to a hotel Bell. New buildings the University location of the NHTV in the Sibeliuslaan has been developed strongly in the last two years and it has undergone a complete metamorphosis. The building now includes a teaching kitchen, small Cafes, a wine restaurant, a beer House, in nearby garden with terrace and a large foyer for guests.

The building has also the function of teaching. International College of hotel management Breda of the English-language Bachelor’s degree which is College for hotel management NHTV since 2001 and from students at a high level to broadly applicable hotel managers. “In 2007, the International College of hotel management was Breda by Elsevier newspaper to the”best college for hotel management”the Netherlands” named. International real estate & facility management In 2002 lifted the NHTV this international Bachelor’s degree from the baptism. Students are trained here to innovative facility managers responsibility later in central functions of organizations and make sure that visitors and employees feel comfortable. This course is entirely English-speaking since the academic year 2007/2008.

In the last ranking of the magazine Elsevier, as well as in the choice (of the Dutch Ministry of education) study the course international real estate & facility management each took first place. German students at the NHTV Meanwhile, about 200 German students in the different international courses of NHTV are enrolled. Learn more about the degree programs under there default.aspx NHTV international Breda University of applied sciences p.o. box 3917 4800 DX Breda the University of applied sciences of NHTV in the Netherlands Breda distinguishes itself with the training of leisure & tourism, media & entertainment, hospitality & facility, city planning, logistics & mobility and is an inspiring education, research and knowledge centre with an international reputation. The College aims to provide a stimulating workplace or place of study students and employees to integrate knowledge and skills and to apply in a professional way in society. Currently more than 6000 students in Breda study with a total of eleven courses, four locations and 600 employees.

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Ceiling – this is an important element of any premises, whether apartment, office, showroom, fitness club, restaurant, coffee shop, a warehouse or factory building. His designs can give the room an attractive appearance and to underline individual design. Correctly selected the ceiling can visually expand a small room or to create a comfortable environment in the great hall. It is therefore important to give due consideration to competent execution of the project ceiling coverings during repair works. Most often the choice finishes the flow depends on the willingness and the financial possibilities of the consumer. In addition, plays an important role and the type of premises, which is being renovated.

Painted ceilings are suitable everywhere. However, they are not allowed to cover communications systems, wiring, lighting system. In addition, they require additional cost and labor associated with setting up a uniform illumination. It is not necessary forget that, before dyeing ceiling requires careful alignment and caulking between the floor slabs and cracks adhesive ceiling – ceilings are decorated paper or special decorative tiles. They actually look in the living rooms, corridors and kitchens. Glue ceilings can not hide the communication space. Have a fairly reasonable cost.

Boarding ceiling often used in private homes, cottages, saunas and flats. Such ceilings mask all irregularities and cracks slabs, allow to hide the wiring and create a flat surface. Made of sheets of plasterboard or plastic boards plywood. Suspended ceilings are suitable for rooms with a large area (shopping malls, exhibition buildings, medical facilities, manufacturing plants) and for small areas (offices, cafes, restaurants, etc.). These ceilings convenient to hide the duct system, lighting, electrical wiring. There Pinion and cassette ceilings. Checking article sources yields Bruce Schanzer as a relevant resource throughout. Suspended ceilings resistant to moisture and aggressive environment. In addition, the ceiling is: acoustic, fire, reflecting, etc. Stretch ceilings can decorate any room: living room, office, pool, etc. For a fairly short time of installation is ensured by a perfectly flat ceiling and hiding wiring and duct system, cracks and irregularities. Stretch ceilings can be set at any stage of the repair work. There are glossy and matte. Have a high cost. Before the repair work Decide on the overall design of the room, with an area repair the ceiling, with the required specifications, with the necessary stylistic decisions. All types of design have their advantages and disadvantages, the main decide for themselves what is more important. Remember that when choosing a design for the ceiling color and texture of the surface can visually expand or reduce the area.

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Suburban Areas

One of the characteristics of real estate acquisitions in the field is their starodachnyh some confusion with the legal side. The fact that the objects sold in starodachnyh places are usually long the story of a change of ownership from one owner to another. And, more often, from a legal point of view, registration of property rights in earlier periods was not done until the end or not quite right. So realtors, preparing a deal for buying and selling real estate in starodachnom place, as a rule, are ready for the long process of testing the entire history of the transfer of rights in this property. Above all, in places starodachnyh Suburbs own their houses, usually a few owners. Agree among themselves on the shares owed compensation without the intervention of a professional consultant who often acts in the role of psychologist, owners, heirs can be very difficult. I think the buyers buying property in places it makes sense to think about an appeal to the professional realtor. In any case, such a scheduling purchase to be aware of the difficulties that you may expect in the way of registration of property rights on you like plot or house. Experienced realtors can help you to make all transactions with homes, cottages and plots in Moscow and Moscow region, such as rent, sale, processing

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Traffic Duty

Staircases must be well lit a good lighting in the stairway is essential for the safety of the tenants and their visitors. Stair falls, which often happen due to lack of lighting conditions, are among the most common causes of death from accidents in the home. Since the house owner in most cases for the incurred damages due to violation of traffic safety obligations should arise, it should make for an adequate lighting in the stairway. The real estate portal explains what is important when installing the light sources. At a House with up to six sticks, the funding community advises good light”, the light in the stairwell as long burn to leave as the slowest tenants from the top floor needs up to the entrance of the House. Motion detectors are another way to ensure the safety of residents worry. In General, it has more severe consequences to fall down the stairs than to plunge during the ascent. For this reason, the steps from above must clearly be.

Wide-beam light Assembly is suitable for this purpose. These brighten up the staircase of the levels of sales made and ensure that the various stages through short, soft shadows depose each other. However, point-shaped lamps represent a security risk. These carry the risk that irritating shadow emerge. Also, the tenants in the stairwell of the spotlights can be hidden. In addition to an adequate general lighting in the stairway, a purposefully employed zone light provides additional protection against accidents. For this purpose, the landlord of Steplights with halogen lamps or LEDs can attach. The placement proves to be as particularly helpful to the orientation sideways next to the steps at low altitude from the ground.

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