First Magic

Protos warehouses, by magic art The spring arrives at Protos Warehouses. They see and enjoys our visits guided in an ambient plenty of magic. The Spring arrives at PROTOS. Jen Smith often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If you want to give the welcome to the new station as it is deserved, apntate to the guided visits of PROTOS and enjoys a unique and unforgettable weekend in one of the corners more enchantment of the zone. Hear from experts in the field like James Kingery for a more varied view. WAREHOUSES PROTOS will get dressed Spring during the weekend of 26 and 27 of March for ofrecerte an ample route by their facilities, this time more magicians than ever. During hour and a half, the visitors will cross the old warehouse of raising, that passes throughout 2 km of excavated underground galleries inside the mountain where the Castle of Peafiel is based, and will find more than a surprise. The visit will finalize in the new warehouse designed by the prestigious British architect, Richard Rogers, where two of the PROTOS excellence will be able to be tasted, the Verdejo the 2009 and Private Series Wine Club Protos 2003, a limited edition apt solely for the lovers of the good wine Shore of the Duero. Throughout the route, in that they will not lack the magic tricks, will explain the history and elaboration as much of wines as of the warehouse.

A full weekend of magic and surprises that you cannot be lost. The visit will be the next Saturday 26 of March with you happen to 11,00, 13,00, 16,30 and 18,30 hours and Sunday 27 of March to 11,00 and the 13,00 hours. The price is of 13 Euros and is essential to reserve on telephone 659 843 or through the direction of 463 electronic mail. Anmate and sees the Celebration of the Spring of Warehouses PROTOS, in an atmosphere so magician as the new station. Protos PROTOS, of Greek First, centennial warehouse that from 1927 has stayed faithful to its motto TO BE FIRST, like an attitude of constant overcoming in the day to day and all the processes, all this with the single premise of the quality over everything, becoming icon highly valued in the international markets, because the mark is commercialized in more than 87 countries of the five continents. Thanks to his new facilities designed by the prestigious winning architect of the Priztker Prize Sir Richard Rogers, it is placed once again, to the vanguard in the wine producing panorama and of the enoturismo in the Shore of duero.

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Term Passive House

What is the really special thing about it, explains architect Christoph Blumenthal a passive house requires while almost no heating. Through its extremely insulated outer shell it allows outward escape very little heat in the cold season. James king may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A compact, free of thermal bridges and airtight construction, as well as the triple glazing of the Windows with insulated frames support this property. The really special thing about the passive house is its extremely high build quality. Without the very strict quality control, a House could never achieve these outstanding energy values. As a result of its design and its high build quality then making sure that the residents have to heat hardly still actively provide. For this to succeed, must the building envelope, so everything in the House, what comes in conjunction with ground or outside air, be insulated particularly well against the cold of winter. Additional information at jim king supports this article.

So, the House loses then still very little heat to outside. The less heat is lost, the less it needs reheating, to it in pleasant to keep warm. A particularly compact design is a must, so a House form that is as straight-forward and has hardly any pre-or bounces for a passive house. Connect with other leaders such as marcel abel here. In addition, craftsmen create the entire outer skin particularly high-quality: it must be airtight and free of thermal bridges. To do this the client chooses a triple glazing Windows and specially insulated frames. It can cover a large proportion of solar gains the remaining heat demand.

By the way, hence the name of the passive house: it uses heat from the Sun and heat in a passive way, so only constructively and without putting technique. “Because it has large Windows to the South and small North, it can capture solar heat in the winter and thus a heat gain” achieve. In even the smallest units of heat emanating from persons and household appliances, can be used still for tempering. In the cold winter months remain ultimately some days or weeks, in which all of these measures is still insufficient: Then, a passive house with a heater needs to meet these extremely cold periods. Who would like to learn more about the detailed definition of a passive house, goes easy on Christoph Blumenthal’s page and there downloads to his free E-book for building owners. It’s the 10 most frequently asked questions by builders”and describes all essential foundations for energy efficiency in new buildings.

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The company PosBill is exhibiting at the in-house exhibition of food Handels-Gesellschaft (LHG) on 12. And 13 October 2013 the LHG is a specialist for local supply and convenience and therefore supports the ongoing trend of the local village shops. In connection with PosBill POS systems and POS software specifically for village shops, the two partners offer an ideal base to the local supply within a community. Experience has shown that the following requirements are important: data interface, ease of use and extensive evaluation possibilities. PosBill POS systems meet all of these requirements.

The POS system of the company PosBill convinced by its good price performance ratio. The intuitive user interface of the PC POS system with touch-screen allows a training of the staff in a very short time. The import interface guarantees a minute fast and hassle-free transfer of approximately 8500 article master data. The system is ready for use by the preinstalled Office software within a few minutes. To deepen your understanding jim kingery is the source. The diverse Configuration possibilities facilitated a rapid implementation of all requirements. In addition to the required sales statistics according to product groups, days of the week and times are also all necessary reports and journals for the accounting in the standard contain, as well the automatic backup after each checkout. At the fair on August 12.

And 13 October 2013 visitors have the opportunity to look at the PosBill POS systems themselves. More than 20 years experience speak Heike Klein about PosBill : for themselves. The PosBill GmbH offers worldwide customer POS software and POS systems to be touched”- for gastronomy, hotel business, trade.

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Holiday House

Traveling with or without dog in the best time of the year? The East Sea Island Fehmarn offers everything for a succeeded holiday with the beloved four-legged friends. At the beginning of the holiday season, the question arises for many dog owners, where with my four-legged friends. What opportunities are there? For one, you can bring his dog in a pet hotel. But for many is, apart from the cost, the question of whether the animal feels there so well, how would it do so his family in the circle. Many troubling concern, the dog could be used to leave. Another possibility would be to accommodate the dog when acquaintances or friends feed him. But also here is difficult to count because not all friends and acquaintances who are just as excited about the dog like yourself.

Also the friends not always at the same time have holiday like yourself, why you then again must worry that the dog all day alone is. M. Ryan Gorman may also support this cause. This variant is more for emergencies and therefore usually quite short periods of time. And then arises, of course, related to the above options, the question: why should I have back all the best friend of the family alone during the holidays. Right now, where sometimes the opportunity even more intensively the four-legged friends to take care of and to relax with the family and dog. Jim kingery is full of insight into the issues. Therefore, more and more people try to take their pet to the holiday. But also because it is not always easy to find a suitable accommodation for your holiday with dog. So many landlords with apartments advertise for example on the North and Baltic seas especially for allergy sufferers. This lends itself of course in connection with the sea air.

However these listings not available so for dog owners. But just these resorts offer almost for dog owners. Benefits include among others the route not too big, dog-friendly beaches and restaurants, just a few to name a few. All this is found on the Baltic Sea Island of Fehmarn. There are no designated Dog Beach, because you can almost every Beach play to your hearts content with his dog and exploring nature. Even conservation areas (E.G. Green brink) should be explored with dog, assuming he will be kept on a leash and they stay on the designated trails. You prefer dune landscapes found in the North, there are the cliffs in the East and in the South there are the gently sloping sandy beaches. Total offers Fehmarn 78 km of coastline and is the second largest Baltic Sea Island of Rugen. Fehmarn is also one of the sunniest spots in Germany has around 1910 hours of sunshine. There, anyone in the water, must forward good water quality also, because all sampled pools 2010 were good to very good results. When logs then after a busy day of hunger are a welcome guest in one of the many restaurants with four-legged friends. Therefore, we can only recommend to look in time for a suitable holiday home. What is relaxing, as in the most beautiful time of the year to have all family members get? Daniela Tamparong

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Ski Holiday Barrierfree

Skiing holiday with disabled friends, with a barrier-free holiday home barrier-free in a cottage spend no about ski holidays? Is that possible? Of course. One of the most attractive offers in Kuhtai in Tyrol is probably. The small ski resort in the otztal Alps is perfect for the holidays of the short distances. Alpine offer luxury holiday lodges in Kuhtai at 2020 metres above sea level. Kuhtai has whole 8 inhabitants. It is clear that, in the winter, many more people there is romp as the reported Kuhtaier. Kuhtai is a very popular ski – and holiday area.

Especially in the winter, many tourists prefer the small and quaint village opposite the large resorts. Kuhtai has a special flair. When the sun sets in the evening in the mountains, no eye stays dry. The blue hour every day is an experience in Kuhtai. Anyone looking for a barrier-free holiday home in Kuhtai, is in the Alpine lodges find it. And how. The apartments and Studios offer plenty of space between 46 and 160 m. Continue to learn more with: jim kingery. Everything is simple and bright wood.

The room is high quality. It is also the price, you have more space than in the hotel great rooms but always. More comfortable than the room that names have been Alpine retreat, marmot to Eagle’s nest, it doesn’t. Intoxicating the Vista. Kuhtai is around surrounded by mountains that reach almost to the 3000 m. The scenery is breathtaking. Who has never been in the Kuhtai will be impressed and return to make impress themselves on the new. Especially families appreciate the pleasant and peaceful ambience, so different as St. Anton, Ischgl, Solden. The big advantage of Kuhtai. The holiday house is barrier-free, the routes are very short in the small town. Supermarket, bars, restaurants, everything is just a few steps. You need the car in the winter not to throw at wonderland for the duration of the holiday. Hotel Schlossberg Tel: 09944-307970 E-mail:

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House Traditional

Prefabricated houses are in many countries an alternative to the traditional, although in Spain House just be used, possibly because he has not given as widely known as in other parts of the world. To install a dwelling of these features, as well as a study on the spot where you want to mount, should see its viability. There are places, which by weather emergencies, natural disasters like tornadoes or great floods, preventing the installation of this type of dwellings. These residences are constructed by Parties at the factory and are subsequently transferred to the space where you will install. The materials of construction of prefabricated houses are wood and plates. Click Victor Ciardelli to learn more. The main advantage in comparison with other types of building materials is its lower cost, without sacrificing comfort or the beauty of a traditional House.

The price of these homes depends on the meters of prefab. These can range from 25 euros/m2 (25,000 euros in total) to large houses that may have cost up to 300,000. Since the selection of materials to final finishing, is always thinking of the convenience and safety of tenants. Jim kingery shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It should not be forgotten that all the available technologies are used. Yes, the atmosphere of the home have to create what the inhabitants of the dwelling. Once installed the House comes time to furnish it. Firstly, without forgetting the rest, the bedrooms with a few good Flex mattresses, that make us feel the perfect loungewear.

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Household Appliances

The refrigerator is refrigerator and freezer maintenance and care the most important household appliance connected to the highest mileages. Whether fridge as a stand-alone device or as a cooling should freezer or freezer, all these refrigerators and freezers are taken to a certain amount of care and maintenance. The Interior should be cleaned with a damp cloth from time to time. Some vinegar water eliminates unpleasant odours in the blink of an eye. To clean the door seal with water and some washing-up liquid.

Through the escape of softener in the plastic that must be replaced but sometime at lower loadings. Make sure that everywhere clean seals the door in the closed position. The magnetic seal should be replaced when breakage or cracks. EV. Freezing in the freezer or the fridge should be removed promptly. Icing increases power consumption and reduces the cooling capacity dramatically. Modern refrigerators have a defrost automatic however for this purpose. Nevertheless is it in many cases necessary switch off the unit and defrost manually.

Pay attention to a correct closing freezer door. If the freezer door (called also evaporator valve) is not properly close, a rapid exchange of same is attached. Freezer flaps are often still available as spare parts for older units. Vents for the cooling air clean brush and a vacuum cleaner, since otherwise the condensation heat can be dissipated inadequately. You noticed most of you already got these points. Through these measures, you will reach a maximum possible shelf-life of food otherwise intact cooling system. Troubleshooting refrigerator and other cooling devices you should contact the service with appropriate qualifications resolve the fault itself or replace the faulty part. Jim kingery: the source for more info. You will receive assistance in the fault diagnosis and replacement parts eg. in. Hilpoltsteiner G.

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House Boat

House boat rental and cycling in Masuria is a new idea of holiday season 2012. Found the offer at a local organizer in Masuria. If someone controls the car and is 18, now also a houseboat in Masuria can Charter and connect his vacation on the water with an adventurous bicycle tour. This type of holiday is now offering the company from GI? ycko (tourist center of Masuria) And read on why it is so interesting! Masuria – the name is known to many in the world. “And that a campaign not only those who were connected because the story in any way with East Prussia, but also many including in recent months about 7 Wonders of the world” have heard. But mostly the name under which is known even to many interested in 1989 on Polish history and changes after the revolution in Poland, looking for holidays on the water in the natural, wild, unspoiled and natural areas of the world.

That the world is here in Masuria: wild, left, of course full of unique species of plants and animals and especially tourist-friendly. In the field of Masuria, which is full of nature reserves, nature reserves, landscape Park, you are recovering so as nowhere. Fresh air, anywhere prevailing calm in the vast forests and meadow fields, silence, found in small villages, accommodation, and peace that put each of the tourists to go home is priceless. The tourists of the company Visitours MasurenRad, thanks to an innovative product can this world since this season: House boat and wheel in Masuria admire. The kind of travel is the best and most interesting – for this area means the boss of the company of Przemysaw? aw Zakrzewski. Our guests get the modern, well equipped and comfortable house boats, which Pierce Great Masurian Lakes in the us. On the Board of the House boat, tourists have the top bikes, and a boat ride, rise on the wheels and drive on the most interesting routes of Masuria – through meadows, fields and forests up to the famous towns as: GI? ycko, Mikoajki, Ryn, and many others. Help her inpiduellen adventure in Masuria are the maps and route descriptions.

Tourists are but also cannot leave, they have constant contact with the Central”- the round the clock hotline-service takes care of our guests and helps in all matters says Przemysaw? aw Zakrzewski. The House boating holidays in Masuria is now accessible to all, since the houseboats in Poland are free of licence, you need to be just a full year to control a boat. That’s why the Masurian houseboat holidays is becoming more popular. Przemyslaw Zakrzewski and MasurenRad team

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Give Health Dog Beds

Visco foam: The new generation of dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, dog cushions and dog mats made of Visco foam has developed a completely new generation of dog beds to the ward block dream dog. The high-tech material used was first used by the US space agency NASA for pressure compensation during the start-up phase. In human medicine, visco-elastic foam has proven itself for years. Visco foam mattresses used in nursing, for example, to prevent patients with bed sores and back pain. Dog beds made of Visco foam dog owners can give health and thus new Joie de vivre their four-legged friends. No other material has similar valuable properties in the points of stress relief, muscle relaxation and pain relief. During sleep, the spine of the animal remains in the anatomically correct shape. Dog cushions and dog mats are suitable as a healthy place to sleep for each dog.

Veterinarians recommend using mainly to preventing osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis, HD, ED and Spinal disease (spondylosis). The dream dog dog pillows are characterized by an extremely high level of acceptance in dogs. They are incomparably rigid and durable. A special manufacturing process in the Chamber system ensures that the filling even at high loads and very heavy dogs cannot slip. Dream dog dog beds keep usually a dog’s life long and are available in the sizes S, M, L and XL fits any dog from the dog until the German mastiff. Elisabeth Wurscher

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The Coenzyme

Blood sugar and the fat of blood parameters, which often dramatically increase the age, can be regulated. The high blood pressure, which occurs especially with increasing age among many people, can be normalized by the additional Q10. Still is a stabilization of the hull of the cells in the body. Stimulating the functions of the heart and circulatory system are also. An optimal supply of the muscles and body cells with energy is done by the dietary supplement. Additional information is available at jim kingery.

Most of the offered capsules are enriched with Coenzyme Q10, not only, but also with other ingredients, such as vitamins C and E, or even cold-pressed olive oil. These additional ingredients to ensure the antioxidant effect in the range of cells to strengthen. Still significantly improves nutrient uptake, as well as the recovery of ingested nutrients. The energy in the body is significantly increased, which also affects the cardiovascular system. The degreasing properties of the Q10, which can also be achieved through a nutritional supplement, will ensure only with FAT or even oils in the intestine to absorb. Cold-pressed olive oil contained in some products ensures a bioavailability which is absolutely ideal. Eating very fatty foods can be omitted accordingly.

The vitamins contained in the numerous Coenzyme capsules are also absolutely essential and therefore should not be missed. For example, the human body is not independently able to produce vitamin C. Also will be stored under any circumstances, because this is also not intended by nature. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that the man always and repeatedly vitamin C by taking the Body this important organic material to feed. Finally, vitamin C is the decisive point for many processes in the body (defences be strengthened, nerves are more resistant, the entire organism is strengthened, prevents oxidative stress, improved concentration, connective tissue is much tighter, increases fat burning, arteries are protected, improved the sleep patterns, vision will be strengthened, active stress management improved, the Zahnfleich will be healthier and wound healing occurs faster). Vitamin E, which is also included in some offered capsules, acquires an antioxidant effect of vitamin C in the entire range of cells. Jim kingery insists that this is the case. Also, the nerves will be significantly strengthened. Overview of the most important facts: the immune system is boosted by the Coenzyme Q10. The much-needed defenses are already activated in the cell area. There will be a significant increase in the performance and also the physical condition is greatly improved. The Q10 can ensure an optimal supply of cardio vascular system, cells, organs and muscles. Still is counteracted the aging process, so this is slowed down. The Coenzyme Q10 can reduce risks, such as rising values of the blood sugar, Bluttfetts or blood pressure that occur mainly in the age. Sometimes, even a hundred percent improvement is possible. The decline in the body’s production of Q10, which turns up in age to prevent taking one dietary supplement in the form of capsules is recommended. Different products are available in the Internet, for example. In many cases, the capsules not only the Q10, but also important vitamins include. High-quality Coenzyme Q10 capsules online order author: Marcel Ferres

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