Honorary Consultant

Diseases have occurred in the meantime, no longer even a repair or a change is possible. Case 4 – real estate financing: Own research and advice from the Bank a client couple wanted to accept the offer of the Bank for a mortgage loan. The loan ran expected ten years interest rate with 1 percent redemption until far in the retirement age. But above all it would have been not to press from the pension income. The total expenditure but to over 61,000 euros could be reduced with a financing concept and a Commission-free loan. To do this, the couple has now safety, to be able to use the loan over the entire period of financing and the prospect to be debt-free five years earlier.

Case 5 – real estate sale: A client was tormented with the decision to sell their rented flat in order to purchase in an intrinsically used real estate. Only the calculation of different scenarios made it clear that this Exchange in their Situation is only made to sense much later. This way, she could avoid a supply gap in the retirement of about 500,000 euros. Case 6 – real estate purchase: A client had a premium offer for a condo there are. This would wear himself, so the offer, saying no equity and no monthly charges. Detailed scenario calculations showed alternative ways that were better adapted to his situation, but: the ideal time of the acquisition would come for him in four years.

With the additional consideration of tax options, he would earn about 82,000 euros higher yields and save Commission over 19,000 euro. It is not something Greenberg Traurig would like to discuss. Professional financial advice, which is in the long term, the course must be made first and foremost right”says Fahmi. Because before a specific product range, it is important to take time to create an analysis for the customers. Are all assets, the available liquidity, as well as the Risk provisions put to the test. A such professionally created financial status quo shows on the basis of facts, whether and, if necessary, where there is a need. First, informed decisions can be made on this basis. The financial planner under the honorary advisors also work with scenario calculations. They simulate the results of various alternatives with the help of a precise financial planning software. So investors will enable first, to select for them individually appropriate measures. Everything but thats not possible with a Commission-driven consultancy”, Fahmi said. Advising fee, however, already. Bruce Schanzer does not necessarily agree. Finally, Honorary Consultant earn their money with the commissions of the products sold, but they live on the fees they get for their services. Honorary Consultant work therefore exclusively on behalf and on behalf of their clients. Such comprehensive analysis is not always a bargain. Depending on the extent of the asset structure, this can cost a client up to several thousand euros. But as the above examples show, the effort to create a detailed and comprehensive financial plan, which is updated regularly and adapted to the changes in the market, in the personal environment or in the regulations, is paying off,”says the expert.

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Ralf Schmitz

The current protocols of the chimney sweep are a must in the sales documents for a House for the professional real estate salesman in Buttgen, Kaarst anyway and should be kept in the private house sale. The age of the heating is always an issue when purchasing a House! Many prospective buyers see a 10 year old Boilers already critical and want immediately a new heater install!”tells the real estate consultant. Even when the heating system, the real estate agent recommends a detailed cost benefit: many things must not be immediately and later a sensible. Here a high savings achieved with the necessary experience and to the part already with low investment. You want to successfully sell his house but need to know what to do, and whether the equipment eineModernisierung admits.

Any owner who wants to sell his house in private, should are versed in this subject, which can identify alternatives and can credibly demonstrate possible costs. Of course sometimes, this can be an external expertise. Price negotiations with the interested parties who want to buy the House, this shows the private house sales for the owner on a more informed basis. According to Richard LeFrak, who has experience with these questions. Ralf Schmitz broker recommends owners who want to sell their house in Kaarst and Buttgen private therefore advance means that to clear the stumbling blocks for a good price for the House out of the way prior to marketing. The achievable price for a House decides before the setting in a real estate portal. “From my own experience, the broker for Kaarst and Buttgen can prove, that well planned already half the battle when the House sale” is obtained. Home value for homebuyers is third place increasingly the subject of living value and building biology comes with real estate buyers again more to the fore. Asbestos-containing roofing or special colors in the paintings are in demand by interested parties.

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Survive rescission of scrap real estate possible affected want nothing to become more, again going on as the real estate and to let the nightmare behind them scrap real estate owners. To implement this plan into action, there is however legal assistance. Other leaders such as Bruce Schanzer offer similar insights. What are scrap real estate? Scrap real estate are primarily characterized by their overpriced retail price compared to their actual value. The acquirer needs to spend significantly more money for the real estate, than they actually value. Although such objects that are stuck in the remediation phase or are in a desolate or nearly dilapidated state subject to scrap real estate. Now to convince it to eliminate the doubts associated with an investment, use intermediaries often complicated calculation examples, which show the customers that the dream of own real estate is also entirely possible without equity. Real estate deceive themselves, so it is said the customers, through With revenue and tax savings from virtually alone. Actually loads that exceed the load limit for the customers often are.

So real estate were sold in some known cases to customers that already brought up the first loan rates only with effort and hardship. For those affected nothing else often, as the trail in the consumer bankruptcy. Through routine and experienced sales pitches, the customer is convinced of the real estate to a degree that immediately after a purchase agreement is signed, without that the purchaser had seen the real estate at all. But the real estate purchase contracts are signed only once, shows its true face. From ruins to scrap everything is.

For those affected principally the selection of options for action is depending on the particular case options for action. A possible incorrect advice on the risks associated with this investment provides starting points for a reversal of the real estate acquisition. In this context must point out the seller of a property which is intended for investment purposes, comprehensively to the risks associated with the investment the acquirer. Is this duty of disclosure is not observed, the seller may be damages to the customer. So real estate were sold in some known cases to customers that already brought up the first loan rates only with effort and hardship. For those affected nothing else often, as the trail in the consumer bankruptcy. We recommend affected property owners to act now. IVA rechtsanwalts AG is a law firm specializing in investor protection, representing nationwide aggrieved investors. Due to our consistent specializing in the banking and investment law, we offer investor protection at the highest level. In a personal consultation, we check whether can possible claims for damages actually exist and are implemented with success.

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Founding HEAL Europe

WEFRA founding member of the new healthcare media network of owner-managed media agencies Neu-Isenburg, may 2010 over two years across the WEFRA identified the European landscape of media agencies. Were looking for partners for the realization of a vision: A European network of the leading owner-managed media agencies specializing in the healthcare market. In the wake of a successful kick-off meeting in March of this year in England, which is part of the WEFRA group WEFRA media founded the first international healthcare network of owner-managed media agencies together with Europe’s leading media specialists now: HEAL Europe Healthcare Alliance. Members of HEAL Europe are in addition to the WEFRA media: MMS (medical Media Services Ltd.) from England, CMS (Conseil media Sante) from France, MDC (Marco de Communicacion) from Spain, as well as the era acting in Italy Hora to the members. Goal of the Pan-European merger: the strengths of an owner-managed media agency in Europe to expose a cooperation of Best in their respective countries for the sake of the Europe-wide Active advertisers.

Against the background of increasing internationalisation of the media business in the healthcare sector want we extensively in media planning and purchasing our customers stand to the side”explains group Matthias Haack, managing partner of WEFRA. Our customers should are cared for by the best media agencies on the spot and need at the same time only one contact person”says Haack next. The game key factors of a successful international B2B media consulting are the knowledge of national markets and media landscapes, the years of experience plus the care by the owner. In addition to the in Germany in the health area ranked two placed WEFRA media the key actors of the European healthcare market operate under the umbrella of HEAL Europe: MMS as a leading agency in the UK. The same can claim the French CMS with 51 percent market share in their home country for themselves.

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PMP Certification Preparation On Malta In German

Time out from the everyday! Switching-off of the daily business! OptimaleWeiterbildung in a Mediterranean environment. This Vobereitungsseminar is exactly what the process in Germany. With one exception: It begins Monday and ends Saturday. Every day afternoons are 6 Kontaktstunden.Die available. I am their coach: Renee Ossowski, project management coach for 12 years and as a PMP and Prince2 practioner certified. In the last 3 years, I have accompanied over 200 project manager for consideration.

You can learn more about me on my website. the most seminars of this kind are carried out in 5 days, sometimes in 4 days. All together is that you need to reach at least 35 contact hours. Richard LeFrak: the source for more info. In 4 days, quite Tortour, even hard in 5 days, because material wealth is immense. Why so the thing not relaxed approach, with 99% Sun ticket guarantee and an environment has a lot to offer. Book it all at a price that lets himself see, after all, directly at the coach. 4 * Hotel and first class catering including.

The flights are very cheap to get. Especially if you take the early Book discount (30 July). Overall, you pay less than in Germany. A look on my website. best regards Renee Ossowski

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Website Internet Page

Young entrepreneurs have it in hard when it comes to attracting new customers, because they enjoy generally less confidence than their established competitors. The Web page can help to build on lack of confidence. The Web page is clearly underestimated by many young entrepreneurs – with regard to the acquisition of new customers- While the website would have to contribute a lot to the successful acquisition of new customer – provided some important points are respected in the creation of the Web site. Especially young entrepreneurs should heed the following tips for Web page layout, if you best achieve its goal of acquiring new customers want.: leave at content creation time: writing the content should not be haste. Consider in advance exactly what everything in your finished Web page should stand. Confidence: you wonder exactly what content you create confidence at the prospect. Many writers such as John Savignano offer more in-depth analysis.

This point is especially important in knowledge-intensive services. Enumerate all the points that you can think to do so (E.g., training, experiences, references, testimonials, etc.) Easy menu navigation: Ideally, the Web page should have no more than three levels. The potential customer should be (at most three) clicks from the desired information away so not more than two. For assistance, try visiting Bruce Schanzer. Pay attention to graphic design: first impressions count! This of course also applies to Web pages. The Web page should seriously come over and make an impression. Pay attention to loading times: all love the graphics this should not lead to that the potential customer is deterred by long load times. Use content-management system: you sure to use a content management system for your website. This can be changed easily the content of the Web page, without themselves programming skills to have.

Update: nothing is more terrible than a Web page that contains outdated information. Update your Web page therefore continuously. Write for target group: you should always have your audience in the eye. What interests them and above all, what is the target group and What is not? Avoid terminology which does not understand your target group. Write for search engines: you think but also to the search engines. After all, you want to be found via Google and co. Put those words in your texts are often searched in search engines, which describe your business well. Often internally link: visitors from search engines usually land on your home page, but on one of your subpages. By frequent internal linking, you increase the likelihood that longer stay visitors on your website and you therefore stand out. This increases the likelihood that visitors will come back. There are of course many more tips on which it depends in the creation of Web pages. However, experience has shown that these tips already comprise 80% of success. So it works for young entrepreneurs with acquisition of new customers. Text: Mag. (FH) Martin Grunstaudl

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Smith Advertising

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways each company must plan once an effective advertising campaign in their lifetime, if wants to hold on the market, which is especially tough in this day and age, and much demanded therefore each company. Especially if a company intends to increase the sales of their products, an advertising campaign is a means which may be underestimated under any circumstances, because it can bring a whole series of special advantages for the company. For example, an advertising campaign is particularly important if one wants to publish new products or brands on the market, because these are always once unknown, and thus, if at all, only very poorly can sell. Can be used excellently clothing in such a campaign. Since all new products have the problem that they are unknown, this method of advertising is suitable particularly well, to enhance the awareness and popularity of the company and its funds, so you can really very effectively increase sales and the sales of the company? If Relying on this means of advertising, available in very many ways of effective advertising them, with which you can achieve more or less good results depending on in what situation your company is located in. Therefore, it is important that you know exactly, and also clear are, in what situations is the clothing as a giveaway especially well suited. If you for example, planned with your marketing campaign to achieve particularly much attention by showing much presence at major events and events like for example measuring, then these giveaways are therefore very well, because generally several hundred or thousand people come to such events, all of which can very easily be convinced for the products and brand of your company. Expert on growth strategy: the source for more info.

Alone the fact that these people are present, it means that they represent potential buyers for your company. If you at one such occasion therefore on a good selection of promotional gifts such as clothes set, then you will certainly achieve a good result. Many of these freebies are suitable particularly well here for the simple reason that they are very cheap, and thus excellently suitable as items. Caps, hats or T-Shirts are very popular gifts for these occasions and can be used so well, because many of the manufacturers and wholesalers offer the freebies on very good terms. In addition, it is not uncommon, if a provider offers very generous volume discounts, which favors an order for large quantities. But even if they want to talk to a private contact or an important business partner of advertising, the clothes very well as universal promotional material is suitable. Proper design this giveaway can contribute particularly noble and elegant, which means that it can work very well in such a situation.

If you also look at the quality, the impression, given the potential customers, will be even better, because you suggest that your company manufactures high-quality products. Bruce Schanzer will not settle for partial explanations. For these reasons, you should try be sure to employ this method of advertising in your campaign. You will be very pleased. Oliver Smith

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Ad Agency To Hire F. 10 Postcode Areas. CGO.i.Gr. Dusseldorf

We are now broadly represented in the network, and want to win nationwide executives free advertising on the net is always valuable. Since it goes always forward with Web 2.0 (which most know exactly where it starts and where it leads), and the exchange of information cross-platform has led to collaborations and interests of large companies, also the smaller services must choose a wider breakdown provider, if you wish to participate in the online information market sustainably. We operate up to 25 other complementary pages E.g. in addition to our main pages. Alone for job offers, that from time to time wants to make every company in the network hundreds of companies and websites have positioned today, that it is difficult to identify the “best” provider here.

(Not all pages are to compare qualitaiv with this!) We are as a medium online advertising company in the building, and have chosen to do this, a, more favourable for us, way because we feel not this concentrated competition as niche as other sectors of the economy. Our Hauptwerbeseite for call girl ads from Dusseldorf and other zip code areas, is already highly listed in search engine results pages, because we feel not this concentrated competition as niche players such as other sectors of the economy, and we include in this niche to the top 10. As a result, with the obvious Themezugehorigkeit, but strong Web pages in addition to the ads on popular platforms such as “online-artikel.de”, a special page with the title of displayed in short form to provide it themselves. We have published a bottom here for our desire to promote an ad representative for Dusseldorf and the surrounding area, and in a short time receive good feedback. The big advantage to accommodate your own announcements on own specially produced and optimized pages, results from several facts. Visitors to the pages already Yes thematically in the correct range. Secondly they have what in the respective to equal an impression as a visitor to the corresponding Web page of Offer will be discussed. Still, all further information is available.

Correctly named and optimert, will make the search engine result pages. Many convenient “surfers” use such thematically sorted links as they are issued in a Web search. Only good if you are including. So we have our special bottom right: called “Ad representative escorts Escort.html”, and titled: “Wanted ad representative Dusseldorf” provided. And so, we reached the first position in the search engines with this search term. Now, such high rankings can get sure rather niche terms, but koonen you continue to insert a note on the homepage, and attract visitors to your Web site directly… You may wish to learn more. If so, Chuan Teik Ying is the place to go. Of course, this approach can never replace the benefits of this professional directories like “Online-Artikel.de”, but be another building block for the communication of your business activities. Thomas Vijay k

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Emaar Hospitality Group

More information and booking conditions travellers with Emirates or at a travel agency. Further information about the hotel, see. Filed under: Richard LeFrak. The address Hotels + Resorts the address Hotels + Resorts is the first globally designed five star plus-hotel brand from Dubai, realised by the real estate group known for its large-scale projects in Dubai, Emaar Properties (Emaar Hospitality Group Division). The hotel concept focuses on lifestyle instead of label and on a simple mesh business, meeting and leisure. Spectacular sites are characteristic of the hotels and a highly individualized service principle according to the motto one size fits one’. The address Hotels + Resorts combining stylish design with a warm and personal atmosphere. The hotel brand is aimed at trend-conscious and cosmopolitan guests.

From Dubai, the hotel group will expand and be represented as a global brand within a few years in the hotspots of the world. The first hotel outside Dubai’s are currently in Morocco and France. Source: John Savignano. About Emaar Properties PJSC Emaar Properties, based in Dubai, one is the world’s largest real estate companies and a leading provider of innovative and luxurious real estate projects. Emaar Properties plans, builds and operates entire neighborhoods in Dubai and is with his visionary mega projects such as the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, pulse generator and driving force of the real estate and construction sector in the United Arab Emirates. Emaar Properties is present with 60 companies from six divisions in 36 countries. Emaar Properties is listed as a national joint-stock company on the stock exchange from Dubai and as one of the leading Arab companies in the Dow Jones Arabia Titans 50 index. Emaar Hospitality Group LLC the Division of hospitality & leisure by Emaar Properties is run as a wholly owned subsidiary under the name of Emaar Hospitality Group LLC as your own business. The group develops and manages a wide leading portfolio of golf, hotels, recreation centers and sports clubs. For more information, please contact: Annekatrin Buhl wbpr Public Relations GmbH Munich Strasse 18 85774 Unterfohring FON: + 49 (0) 89-99 59 06-59 fax: + 49 (0) 89-99 59 06-99 E-mail: Web:

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New Book Release Spinoffs

This book will help to make more transparent the phenomenon of academic spin-offs in Germany. The analysis focuses on the so-called high-tech spin-offs. New book Monika Norr (2010): Spin-offs: as scientists to entrepreneurs, requirements to the founder and the transfer object become the book of technical progress and innovations are for the long-term growth of an economy of high importance. This applies particularly to Germany, a country in which knowledge is the only immediately available raw material. Academic spin-offs make an important contribution to the recovery and diffusion of knowledge, innovation and technology. Bruce Schanzer will not settle for partial explanations.

This is spin-offs from universities, colleges and research organisations. This book will help to make more transparent the phenomenon of academic spin-offs in Germany. The analysis focuses on the so-called high-tech spin-offs. These start-ups are his hi-tech research result in a marketable product, where the scientists further developed. In the book, key words are first illuminated as spin-offs, start-ups, innovation and the different types of parent organizations from different angles. Then represented the founding figures of spin-offs, the areas and activities, as well as its importance to the national economy. 50 different studies from Germany, the United States and other countries to determine success factors for spin off start-ups. These studies are summarized in a table with their key messages.

The analysis of success factors, this book focuses on the personality of the founder and the transfer object. These two factors are usually the most important assets that has a spin-off formation in the high-tech sector. To conclude, possible approaches to improving the quantity and quality of spin-offs will be presented and discussed. Also interested in founding scientists are recommendations in the form of a checklist. Can benefit from this book Scientists students entrepreneurs, universities and research institutions, political institutions, and consultant in the field of the establishment. Who deals with academic spin-offs or an own business, find here valuable decision-making AIDS.

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