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Achieving a Dream

Posted by on August 29, 2013

Generally the books of how perform or achieve our dreams include methods to make them reality and the satisfaction of their achievement. Anyone who has experienced a dream knows that one thing is theory and another practice. First of all we must dream it, since usually they are simple wishes, and indeed has no idea of one wants it or is very general complicating our decision to go after them. For example if one goes up a mountain from where you can see a forest and we are asked to consider it a few minutes to then describe in detail. We would note that omitiriamos several details, excluding noise and climate; and even more difficult would remember it a week later. This gives us an idea of what happens in real life with our dreams. Where not enough sit and be calm to get dreams for our head.

Few are lucky to know exactly what they want; so it takes time and dedication to be able to define what really We want to take time understand that a dream is not getting a social position, but a transformation of what we are currently.Usually we are not willing to achieve our dreams because we prefer safe roads and devote the best years of our lives to jobs that do not like us and doing what others want. In order to receive money to keep our comfort zone. We delay our plans thinking that not we still have enough experience, security, support or definition to perform what we want. But the question is, when you have everything? For many never. It is difficult to get out of our comfort zone because basically we know that our safety comes not from our interior, but a social position. Sometimes when we think aloud to tell them to relatives and friends do not receive support, but questions and doubts.

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