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Tutzing Tel

Posted by on December 6, 2018

“The ardent Song Dance again with me” Mediterranean flair combines with cheerful party mood in this context. The rhythms of Flamenco guitars and accordion played on the point provide the special sound for this fun-loving dance number. Live the song is sure the highlights include the big concert tour in the autumn of this year. A guaranteed single candidate of the album is”the emotional ballad forever and a day. About the universal rhythm of Bolero, large-scale string textures celebrated orchestral brilliance that the world will be a little brighter leaves along with SEMINO Rossi’s voice. Also here is the most beautiful feeling in terms of content the focus – in love it and love.

In the song Maria Dolores”is an adored woman at the center of the story. Her name is Maria Dolores”and the gentle love of desire roams through music and lyrics. The song is a wonderful pop with a hint of wanderlust, because even Here is South American melodies and romantic temperament blowing around us. And as so often concludes one of the most beautiful tracks all over. High, because now a ballad, which was the best belongs, what ever written in this genre and recorded is lighters. I thank you”is a love song of a special kind.

It is to hear, that it is serious the singer and the woman of his life, which was in good and in bad times always at his side and there for him, he wants to make a wonderful gift with this song every word at every sound. “This musical gift has so much truth and emotional depth that I thank you” is without a doubt the greatest ballads of SEMINO Rossi’s and maybe even to the most beautiful in the German Schlager. SEMINO Rossi is a modern Julio Iglesias for me. We have something like that in Europe only once,”enthuses after his collaboration with the Argentine superstar Dieter Bohlen. The musical experiment of Dieter Bohlen and SEMINO Rossi has thus risen at all levels. The songs by Planks sit so perfect that is to be hoped that this album is not the last, these two giants of the German music business together have recorded.SEMINO Rossi goes from 2 November 2013 in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Belgium, France, Denmark and Holland on tour. The tour dates, see. “Source: Stefan Kahe / Kahe PR & dialog for more information, SEMINO Rossi the album Symphony of life” is available from 15 March 2013 in the trade. Contact: Kahe PR & dialog Stefan Kahe Enzian trail 14 82327 Tutzing Tel. 08158 997116 mobile 0170 8628963 E-mail Web

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