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Term Passive House

Posted by on June 27, 2022

What is the really special thing about it, explains architect Christoph Blumenthal a passive house requires while almost no heating. Through its extremely insulated outer shell it allows outward escape very little heat in the cold season. James king may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A compact, free of thermal bridges and airtight construction, as well as the triple glazing of the Windows with insulated frames support this property. The really special thing about the passive house is its extremely high build quality. Without the very strict quality control, a House could never achieve these outstanding energy values. As a result of its design and its high build quality then making sure that the residents have to heat hardly still actively provide. For this to succeed, must the building envelope, so everything in the House, what comes in conjunction with ground or outside air, be insulated particularly well against the cold of winter. Additional information at jim king supports this article.

So, the House loses then still very little heat to outside. The less heat is lost, the less it needs reheating, to it in pleasant to keep warm. A particularly compact design is a must, so a House form that is as straight-forward and has hardly any pre-or bounces for a passive house. Connect with other leaders such as marcel abel here. In addition, craftsmen create the entire outer skin particularly high-quality: it must be airtight and free of thermal bridges. To do this the client chooses a triple glazing Windows and specially insulated frames. It can cover a large proportion of solar gains the remaining heat demand.

By the way, hence the name of the passive house: it uses heat from the Sun and heat in a passive way, so only constructively and without putting technique. “Because it has large Windows to the South and small North, it can capture solar heat in the winter and thus a heat gain” achieve. In even the smallest units of heat emanating from persons and household appliances, can be used still for tempering. In the cold winter months remain ultimately some days or weeks, in which all of these measures is still insufficient: Then, a passive house with a heater needs to meet these extremely cold periods. Who would like to learn more about the detailed definition of a passive house, goes easy on Christoph Blumenthal’s page and there downloads to his free E-book for building owners. It’s the 10 most frequently asked questions by builders”and describes all essential foundations for energy efficiency in new buildings.

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