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Republic Argentina

Posted by on August 8, 2013

One of the most interesting facets in terms of tourism is the visit sites with an important cultural history. To spend time in a strange city, undoubtedly offers the possibility to the visitor to soak up the local culture, history and the idiosyncrasies of the people of the place. And tourism in Mendoza City offers precisely this alternative. Few cities in Latin America are so beautiful and picturesque as Mendoza. Definitely founded in 1562 (first had been in 1561), since the dawn of its history Mendoza was destined to have a participation featured in the life of the Republic Argentina. Forced step for those who tried to go through the monumental cordillera de los Andes, Mendoza soon became a vital point of trade and communication of the era.

Currently it is the fourth largest city of the country, which shows that it has not lost that strategic importance. History has left important marks in the local topography. In 1861 the city was almost totally destroyed by a fierce earthquake, which forced a third Refoundation. Fortunately, some historical sites dating from the Colonial era during the Spanish domination – could be preserved, leaving testimony of the architecture of the era and its customs. Precisely, this neighborhood is called ancient Colonial zone. In the Zona Colonial, it is possible to visit Peter’s square of the Castle, which evokes the city’s founder. In it there are a series of majolica which recall the major historical events of the city and posters that testify the passage of sanmartinianos armies during his memorable liberating epic. It was in this same plot where General San Martin declared the Virgin of the Carmen of Cuyo Patron Saint protector of the army of the Andes.

Another point of interest of this old town is the foundational Area Museum. Here you can see archaeological remains of the first mendocino Cabildo, and other ancient remains that will realize beautiful tiles and majolica from colonial times. Is also an excellent place to view the historical evolution of the city, by means of a series of models that expose the successive changes in the physiognomy of Mendoza. One way to make sure all the local support necessary to carry out successfully excursions and visits to these interesting places is staying in a hotel in Mendoza that guarantees maximum support to tourists when planning their visits.

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