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Obama on Finances

Posted by on June 15, 2012

So it appears that we were not who choose the form as this crisis appeared, but can choose the half ones to deal with it, we declared Obama when presenting considered project one of the priorities of its government. In the center of the plan he is the Federal one Reserves (Fed, American central banking), that he will have ‘ ‘ superpoderes’ ‘ to supervise the biggest institutions financial and to intervine in case that sistmicos risks are identified. the plan still foresees the creation of an agency to protect the consumer of financial products. The program reaches banks not only. It will also serve for insuring, companies of the credit sector and giants of the areas industrial and commercial, as General Electric, Ford and Wal-Mart – that it is prepared to create a great financial arm in its operations. Any company who will have> financial activities, exactly that to finance its consumers, it could be under the umbrella of the program. As result of the reforms, that will have of being approved by the Congress, restrictions to the payments of executives of Wall street will be able to still appear (what many congressmen support) and bigger limitations of what the proposals for the Obama.Em administration the base of the federal package, has three main points: 1) Greater to be able of intervention of the government in the financial market, with authority to assume considered companies ‘ ‘ great excessively for cair’ ‘ ; 2) More transparency and increase of the necessities of capital in the banks so that they resist the new crises; beyond control in the calls ‘ ‘ operations exticas’ ‘ with derivatives and other instruments; 3) More protection to the consumers of financial products (of real estate loans to the consumption and, it saw credit cards or education). In the launching of the program, Obama arrived to characterize as ‘ ‘ contracts ridculos’ ‘ the clauses today imposed the consumers.

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