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Moroccan-style Interior

Posted by on January 31, 2014

If you want to create a unique warmth to the interior of your home, try to use Moroccan style, and you will not be disappointed! Moroccan style involves a wide variety of designs, from naive to sophisticated. This style looks equally good in a luxurious mansion and simple housing. Key features in creating the interior in this style – bold improvisation and use of the material – wood, fabric, thread chasing. Colors characteristic of Moroccan style – a combination of warm tones of ocher, terra cotta, sand, white with contrasting – cobalt blue, ultramarine and emerald green. You can add red and purple.

Moroccans are actively using the bottom of the walls of small glazed tiles ‘ZELLIJE’ (‘ZELIDZH’). This multi-colored tile has a size of no more than 3×3 cm, and laid out in geometric mosaic with the most unusual and complex patterns. A specific role for the ceiling. The ceiling can be designed in several ways, depending on the destination premises. Moroccans are placed eucalyptus, oleander branches or twigs across the beams. Then tree covered with lime to create a sense of space and protect the wood from fungus and parasites.

With high ceilings, carved ceiling looks good out of cedar, painted by hand. The interior with the frieze on the ceiling or the wall makes an unforgettable impression. The ceiling can sheathe a tree and otkrasit, decorating ornaments. In the Moroccan interior numerous niches replace familiar to us shelves and cabinets. A decorated arches ornamentation or carving – provide room for imagination designer. For the Moroccan interior is characterized by carved furniture and furnishings, hand-painted. Inlaid mother of pearl, wood, bone, or a camel carved Melchior chests and mirror frames. Lanterns of coinage with colored glass, lamps made of camel skin on a metal frame. Their shades are forged basis of different shapes: round, pyramidal, arched, made in the form of figures of birds and heads of animals. Home uniqueness lies in the material that will fit the metal. Traditionally it – soaked in a solution of mimosa camel skin, which henna extract and pomegranate plotted ethnic patterns. Carpets – made in a variety of techniques, weaving, ceramics, leather footstools, and more. One of the main components of Moroccan style – it’s textiles. The abundance of fabrics, embroidered pillows and rugs create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. And – if you allow space-architecture can be added to the interior quietly bubbling fountain and window shutters of dark carved wood. And if you really draws the style – so warm, comfortable and at the same time – a bright and distinctive – contact us – our designers and decorators can help you arrange your interior in a Moroccan style and every detail of the interior will not disappoint you or your guests! Our designers will not just talented performers of your will, but like-minded people which give your ideas to life! Interior Club.

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