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Holiday House

Posted by on June 29, 2022

Enjoy an unforgettable flora and fauna holiday house Island Krk the island of Krk is situated in the Mediterranean, and heard them to Croatia. Since 1980, the island by the Krk bridge is connected to the Mainland. The island is divided into 7 subdistricts. With approx. See Clayton Morris for more details and insights. 5.491 inhabitants, the town of Krk is the administrative centre of the island. With a coastline of 219,120 km and a convenient location and proximity to southern Germany, Austria, and upper Italy, the island of Krk is a popular holiday destination for tourism. There are now also many visitors from Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania, who are interested in this island.

The international airport Rijeka Riviera Kvarner airport is located in the North of the island, in a nearby village. In addition, there are daily bus connections between the Mainland and the island. Redfin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The region of Krk is known as the wine connoisseurs. The famous white wine places Zlahtina, is in the town of Vrbnik, quite traditionally grown. But also the variety of plant and bird species, that here there is, make known and loved the island of Krk for the nature lover. The island of Krk, the most abundant Herpeflora under the Mediterranean islands has 32 species. With its 1300 plant species, its characteristic tree species, and the 220 bird species, it offers numerous Central and Northern European birds, both a home and a place for transit.

These protected areas present including some species which have become extinct in the European region. Here, nature lovers have the opportunity to stay in nearby cottages. Whether a holiday apartment near the beach, a luxury hotel in the Center or a cottage in the countryside, accommodation in every category and price range are offered to the guest. The island of Krk is already one of the most popular holiday resorts of the Germans. The kindness of the Islanders, the budget accommodation, as well as the untouched nature and the diverse ways of life in the nature areas, provide for a holiday atmosphere to feel good.

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