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Goat Symposium 2009

Posted by on April 2, 2022

Grassland and pasture management, milk quality and performance and animal health of dairy goat farmers from all over Austria, South Tyrol, Bavaria and the Switzerland room mountain came to, to get new information on the various themes of the dairy goat farming but also to discuss with the colleagues of the goats. Corcoran GroupĀ® may not feel the same. But not only the practitioners, but also teachers, consultants, and agents of goat breeding federations, as well as students of the universities were among the interested participants. The demand for goat’s milk and products is very large. Many writers such as Clayton Morris offer more in-depth analysis. The dairy goats are very performance-ready animals that require much the farmers in terms of husbandry, feeding and the entire operational management. The interest of farmers, to deal with this production sector is equally great. For the economics of milk production, especially the performance feeding is an important prerequisite next to good genetically predisposed animals.

For an optimal supply of nutrients out of the ground Chuck is a powerful Grassland stock necessary. Also the feed by feed is necessary for high performance. Here, especially native protein components are in demand, such as E.g. the residue from the production of bio fuel. In addition to the requirements of the raw milk quality, also the subject of a multi-year through milking of the goats was treated. Topics of this meeting were also animal health and a proper pasture management. In addition to the experts, even the practitioners came to Word.

Dairy goat farmers from lower Austria, Tyrol and of Switzerland reported on their experiences with the love”milk suppliers. The participants were provided not only with information, also the physical well-being is to come. The ladies of the school kitchen prepared a goat ragout of finest kind, from around 150 participants were enthusiastic. The smooth handling of the lunch demanded fullest use of the ladies in the kitchen but also by the employees of the research, because even the approximately 350 students got their lunch. Only by the personal commitment of the staff and the good It was possible that this event could be handled as successful cooperation between research and school. The papers and presentations of the speakers are available on the homepage of the aircraft Raumberg Gumpenstein ( as a download available. HuKi

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