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Posted by on January 11, 2014

Drill holes for bolting drill with a diamond drill. For stacking in the lattice space you will need a foam insulation. Cut pieces of foam thickness is almost flush with the bar and lay between them. This will add strength to plywood and creates insulation for the floor. After that, glue the plywood to the foam mat and nail to the bar every 15 cm grating is follows.

Completely close the gender of the polymer film. Put on a tape blocks along the long walls, then put in between parallel bars at a distance of 40 cm from each other. Apply on the surface of each bar construction adhesive, flip the sticks for gluing. Cut a short (40 cm long) sticks, place them perpendicular to the long and stick with an interval of 120 cm, to complete the creation of the lattice. Drill holes in the sticks and concrete at intervals of 30 cm Insert the anchor bolts. Mosaic parquet can be laid without the plywood, if you have a wooden floor.

Floor must be cleaned of paint, ottsiklevat and sand. Once you have prepared the room, leveled the ground or put the plywood, you can start laying the parquet. If the flooring has recently purchased, leave it in the room, and open the package for several days. Since flooring acclimatize to your microclimate. After Then start to laying. Mosaic parquet usually includes elements of decoration – borders, rosettes, parquet modules. In their setup, there are some peculiarities. Outlets may take various forms: from the most common round up of polygons and shapes of irregular shape.

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