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Crossing The Desert

Posted by on November 18, 2020

The desert is an arid, inhospitable place, there in the water, or food and not can be grown.There is no pasture, or a shadow to mitigate the heat, there is no visible path, it is a place hard to survive, who does not know the way and is inexperienced, will not leave that place alive. Check out M Asthton Kouzbari for additional information. For the people of God, who had been rescued from the slavery of Egypt, the desert was a necessary step, planned by God, so that they reach their ultimate freedom and are fully established in the will of God as a nation and to become a town model for all nations of the Earth. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from M Asthton Kouzbari. The experience of such people is a figure of our experience. Those who experienced the wonderful salvation of our God and we were born as sons of God, passage through the wilderness is not an option, Dios planned it that way because there is no other way for which the us can enter into the inheritance and blessing of his son. It is a trial period with the purpose that we know who our enemy called us, Satan, and ourselves. Necessary as the step of Jesus in the desert before beginning his mission on this earth. It is not our goal, it is a step, falling in love period between God who dwells in our spirit and our soul on the way to our ultimate freedom to unite us with the for an eternity. It is the place where he is discovered and as I really am, the passions of our nature fall and not redeemed, our pride, jealousy, arrogance, rebellion and lack of restraint of our flesh are manifested.

It is the place where we discover who we really are and take conscience of our anything. It is the place where I discover what you really love and the place that truly I give to God in my life. It is the place of great and definitive decisions, tomo awareness that I can’t change my past, or manage my future, just managing my present, I decide today. It is a place of prayer, meditation and definitive myself stripping to pay me in the arms of our God and discover his love. There discover that his word is mana which nourishes and is water that removes thirst, who strengthens me and He quickeneth and handing me forces to pay me definitely to his feet.

I find that it is not a place to weaken me and die, it is a place to strengthen me in the power of his might, take up his cross and possess their promises. I discover that I can not survive without him, without his life, your body and no communion. Before me is the to guide me and give me rest. I discover what you truly value. I discover that the desert is not the place where God wants me to set, and rejection with faith accommodate me that condition and give circles under the circumstances I can only lead to death, because now I understand that my desert were the path to my growth and maturity, and I’m willing to take my flesh to the cross if necessary and humiliate me with such experience his resurrection life and possess all their promises. By Guillermo Avila Castro original author and source of the article

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