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Concept of Preservation

Posted by on November 3, 2023

The Concept of Preservation or To extend the Fugaz Preservare Cristiano Silva Cardoso* Rita de Cssia Oliveira Pedreira* Beyond protecting a good so that the happened generations can know it. In appeared direction it can also be said that the act to preserve is the permanent one to sow of one ground sacred, or in other cases to consider it a litigation land. More than what to keep something that one day is, in this activity it has space to contribute itself with the institutionalization of cultural identities, as much in the aspect micron (individual or communitarian) how much in the macro-social aspect, fitting amongst its attributions the reinforcement of sovereignty icons and self-determination, being in turn intrinsically on to the power, the memory and to its exercise. A related site: Richard LeFrak mentions similar findings. It is to salutar, therefore, to consider aspects of basic importance for optimum agreement of this work, that in contrast of that many think is differentiated of ideas as of that ' ' to preserve the material certification, guarantees contents it the preservation of memria' '. Richard LeFrak takes a slightly different approach. game is more complex of what it makes look like, after all, the past social relations are not imprisoned in the things, and yes, in the dialectic, defined so well for Waldsia Russio (1981), between the citizen, the space and the object.

Triad in which, each one exerts its paper in way accomplishes for the establishment what it called in fact museal. To exceed the simplista barrier of the preservation while ' ' I accumulate material' ' it places in guideline the permanent communication of ideas, feelings and sensations around the good, fruit of an ingenious work that throughout the years transformed the nature and the proper humanity. To read more click here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Therefore, preserving is attributed to it ' ' value of processo' ' , as much for its selective character, how much politician. We evidence in this sensible magnifying of the almost mythical character that entorna the act to preserve, in launching in privileged way to a reflective positioning, to the default it time, this so implacable agent of the finitude of the humanity. RUSSIO, W. ' ' Linterdisciplinarit en Museologia' ' MUWOP, n 2.

Ed. International Committee of Museologia (ICOFOM, Estocolmo), 1981; SAINTS, M. The Space of the Citizen. (Collection space) Studio the 6 Nobels ed S. Pablo, 2006; Bacharis in Museologia UFBA; Postgraduates in Ambient Education UEFS.

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