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Monthly Archives: April 2013


Happens all day in the kitchen mantequeando and cleaning up, trying to be attentive and polite to not appear as bad hostess, while strikes one with the look and swears him this time if it will be the last, to restart the routine in the next weekend. The day of departure, guests as magically vanish … Continue reading »

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It is well known that since prehistoric times minerals were used for protective purposes, to heal and to give balance. Even in more advanced societies in its social and scientific structure as the Egyptian you can see as malachite on wound powder is used to prevent infections. From the era of the enlightenment where reason … Continue reading »

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Properties Of Vinegar

Vinegar, so acid as a Green Apple, fight bacteria and fungi; Removes itching that produce mosquito bites and relieve sunburn.You can also soothe your upset stomach, preventing otitis externa, shine hair and smoothing the skin. Some people say that the vinegar mixed with honey and hot water alleviates the pain of cramps in the legs. … Continue reading »

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