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Posted by on April 20, 2013

It is well known that since prehistoric times minerals were used for protective purposes, to heal and to give balance. Even in more advanced societies in its social and scientific structure as the Egyptian you can see as malachite on wound powder is used to prevent infections. From the era of the enlightenment where reason prevailed over dogma, all relating to the healing properties of stones went on to be catalogued of superstition without scientific basis, thus relegating an ancient wisdom to the level of ignorance. Today know that crystals work with vibration and resonance effects discovered thanks to advances in technology that allows you to measure them. This coupled with the achievements of quantum physics, which has been able to unify all the matter content in a single empty space, has once again put the knowledge that granted magical properties to stones in the place that corresponds, providing all its secrets to the interested public. So today the crystals are longer used in modern medical practices by its capacity to produce electricity and sometimes light. Shamans and healers were familiar with these Crystal properties of focus the vibrations of light and sound creating a healing Ray. Crystals are not used to diagnose the evil but once known the cause which has caused what is wrong in the body, they serve as a catalyst giving light to those dark spaces that caused disorder and disease in the body. Likewise can serve as energizing and calming according to our needs.

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