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Properties Of Vinegar

Posted by on April 14, 2013

Vinegar, so acid as a Green Apple, fight bacteria and fungi; Removes itching that produce mosquito bites and relieve sunburn.You can also soothe your upset stomach, preventing otitis externa, shine hair and smoothing the skin. Some people say that the vinegar mixed with honey and hot water alleviates the pain of cramps in the legs. Others use vinegar to dry cold sores. In addition, if someone Faints, vinegar is a useful option instead of the salts of odor. Put a drop of vinegar on the tongue and instantly receive sour flavour.

Strong vinegar flavor is due to its high concentration of acetic acid, which forms when bacteria digest fermented liquids. Acetic acid can be gentle for the body, but is also a product with industrial-strength: million tons of this acid are used in the manufacture of photographic film and artificial fibers, such as rayon. What is it used for? Acne dry mouth hair greasy dandruff bruises pain head hiccups indigestion irritation on the skin of babies bites and stings body odor feet lice ear problems psoriasis sunburn urticaria warts the power of the acid vinegar is an effective weapon against bacteria. Vinegar cures have exterminated the infectious bugs again and again. In the first world war, the wounds of the soldiers cleaned with vinegar and even today, if you can tolerate the ardor, is a very appropriate disinfectant for a rasguno or an ulcer. It is equally pernicious with fungi that cause infection. The majority of these yield when it attacks them with a dose of vinegar.

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