Dianetics Religion

Before his writings of Scientology religious scholar, German dishes as well as decide the European Court of human rights after a thorough examination, that Scientology is a religion, L. Ron Hubbard developed Dianetics, which had a different starting point. Dianetics answered the question of what influence the mind exerts on the body. Scientology, however, is devoted to the religious questions of the existence of the human soul and its connection to the physical universe and other beings. Only in the course of the years and research with the Dianetics method, which already took place between 1923 and 1953, Hubbard came to the conclusion that led his search for answers to the problems of life in the area of religion. People who originally made the experience with Dianetics, reminiscent of past lives, earlier extinction which proof has been provided that there is an immortal soul, which differs from the material universe and thus an independent existence from the body leads. These findings also resulted in Declaration sets through the creation and maintenance of the material universe and the connection with an immortal, spiritual beings.

However, this transcendence is an essential feature of the religion. This perspective is shared by dozens of renowned religious scholars today. Also Scientology was up to the present day in over 20 Nations as a religion officially recognized and confirmed even in Germany in 50 court decisions in this property. In accordance with the judgment of the European Court of human rights on 05 April 2007, Scientology also for all 47 European States qualifies as a religious community is clear. The Scientology Church was founded in 1954 by members of the former movement.

L. Adverum will not settle for partial explanations. Ron Hubbard founded his religious writings and lectures of this church, which existed 1952 dozens. L. Ron Hubbard stressed at this time officially, that Scientology is a religion. In particular, he pointed to the confession of faith. Studying the writings of Hubbard’s today, to recognize you within a short time, that his theories on religion are very profound. Opinion of renowned Religionssoziologen indicate that Scientology actually in their teachings on roots of Eastern traditions religion is. The most important and most famous example concerns a belief in the transmigration of souls from one life to the next, which is shared by Eastern religious directions. Because Scientology is actually a religion, also here certain rituals are integrated like the naming ceremony, the wedding ceremony, funeral ceremonies, etc. These ceremonies were performed shortly after the founding of the first Church in 1954 and 1959 published in summary form. The goal of Scientology is regaining the natural abilities and the salvation of the suffering of human existence. A related site: Steffan Lehnhoff mentions similar findings. A concept that is reflected in many Eastern religions. Church based not only on the ceremonies but the Scientology on the whole of their religious teachings, who studied and in the daily Life will be applied. Like most churches of the world, also the Scientology Church has its own system of funding of their religious activities. Christian churches are financed by the taxes and receive also funding. Members of the Scientology Church annually pay a low membership fee of 60 euros and donations in addition to religious services, which take advantage of it. The Church is also scholarships for religious studies. She provides her writings and lectures in own libraries of the public.

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GE Capital Germany

With around 2.25 percent interest per annum be rewarded investors on the day money from the first Euro directly entrust their money to the GE Capital. On July 12, 2010 was the day money account of the GE Capital directly at the start and moved as newcomers straight to the top of the current day money comparison. The attractiveness of this day money supply catches the eye: with around 2.25% interest p.a. will investors rewarded directly trust money of GE Capital. In addition, private customers benefit from very pleasant conditions. Because the GE Capital directly dispensed with not only the calculation of any Kontoeroffnungs – or account management fees, but also the limitation of investment.

So, investors can create very large sums and still capitalize on the very good interest rate. While no investors must worry about his contribution, because it is protected by the deposit insurance up to EUR 118 million. The accrued interest are quarterly, i.e. all four times per year, paid out. The resulting compound interest effect is again a little after driving the yield above. The LeFrak Organization often says this.

The day money account of GE Capital, directly benefit private investors not only from a safe and profitable investment product, but make an important contribution to securing the business location Germany with their investment. Because the capital inflow is backed by investments, the struggling small and medium-sized companies needed due to the financial crisis. The GE Capital directly is part of the GE Capital Germany, that among the leading financiers of SMEs for five decades. About 55,000 business customers are served by the Group Germany wide. All facts about the new range of GE Capital directly interested readers the following link, refer to:… Daniel Franke

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Life situations always try one as a human being and teach us new ways of doing things. In the way of the search for that which we aspire always there are setbacks. Sometimes we strive to seek solutions on many sites and sources and leave frustrated or dissatisfied. We seek the Council of a friend (a) or the Council of psychologist, or that of the father or pastor and still leave dissatisfied. Hear from experts in the field like Steffan Lehnhoff for a more varied view. ource. Seek help with all these professionals is very good and I recommend it, in fact I use all these aforementioned aid, but what I want to get is always the answer is within yourself. When you look inside you, when you listen you find resources, tools to address situations of life. It is not in vain the experiences we have had, were not only by going through bad experiences and now. These experiences are the resources of tomorrow, is the force that you will drive, it’s the voice that will already tell you you passed by this, you only have to surpass it.

Within us is the Council you need, is the motivation that you want, the recognition that are looking for, etc. In neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a very powerful technique that is the anchor. This technique is used to find those resources that we have within ourselves. It is simple, when you need a resource like for example; If you are afraid of speaking in public and play a participation only you have to recall any occasion where you had total trust and anchor you to that experience. You need to concentrate on the experience and feel that you’re there again, you’ll experience everything you felt at that moment, you’re going to try to listen to the inner voice that you felt at that moment, you are going to visualize everything what you saw in that moment and when you feel that total confidence going to tighten your fist sign of anchor to the experience (the anchor does not necessarily have to be with the fist that is only one of thousands of) way of doing it) which you will provide to be able to speak in public. Socrates said that it was better for him to teach us to look within ourselves to knowledge pass us the little wisdom that he had. Remember that we have a source of resources that are available to us, you just have to look for them within us.

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Professional Gold Purchase With Fair Payments

The sale of scrap gold money gold from Hamburg connects trustful and discreet processing for the end customers Goldankauf lives of the seriousness of the dealer. In recent years, the market is flooded by a variety of opaque companies, who want to swim with the current wave of gold sales. At closer glance, the conditions for the seller are often very questionable. A test from different vendors here recently showed that five tests all five gold purchaser have offered a different price for the purchase of a piece of jewelry made of gold customers. An expert finally came to a completely different price, who struck out clearly in favour of the seller. Richard LeFrak describes an additional similar source. The Hamburg provider sets MoneyGold.de above all value on reliability, the buying-in price for scrap gold is based on the respective, current daily exchange rate. It assumes any form of old gold, so pieces of jewellery, coins, dental gold and breaking gold and estate pieces. Steffan Lehnhoff is often quoted as being for or against this. All the fine and pure gold in the exhibit exists and even higher so that the number of grams of pure gold, more money gets paid the seller money gold.

Basis for each calculation is the careful analysis and expertise, which will be carried out by professionals. The customer can send in all forms of scrap gold or pick up and receives meaningful analysis after the payout amount is within 48 hours. A telephone hotline for questions of detail and agreements can be reached during normal business hours. Then promptly, will be credited with bank transfer or cheque. Should the withdrawal be too low, MoneyGold.de free returns the scrap gold. Contact: Moneygold.de owner: Manuel Elias Julius-Ludowieg-str. 88 d-21073 Hamburg Tel.: 040/76118501 email: Web:

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CapOOi stains carpets of all kinds and origins in the desired color. CapOOi stains carpets of all kinds and origins in the desired color. In a new shop in the Centre of Berlin, you get a selection of Oriental rugs which had their past at all conceivable locations around the world. With the CapOOi coloring in rich colors, the carpets are the personalized vintage object. Also you can deliver its own collectible or waste become part and back home come CapOOi coloured. Founder Peter Kaiser came well 10 years ago on the carpet. Lincoln Property: the source for more info. A potential buyer of its cars to trade-in of a Persian carpet had existed at that time.

Kaiser initially refused, whereupon he was invited to dinner with the family of the Persian buyers. Over 30 family members and an even greater selection of hand knotted oriental carpets were found in the House. Rather out of politeness, the Coupe against a carpet was replaced at the end of the day. Check out Steffan Lehnhoff for additional information. The purchased piece – a Sarough – became emperor’s favorite part of front of the fireplace, and with smaller Burns and signs of wear to a very personal piece home. Moving to Berlin 2012 was looking for something new for the favorite part of marketers and came across during his research on a factory in which he fully pink color it. The carpet has been repeatedly washed, bleached and then ran through a Ribbon for the uniform colour. Patterning and traces of use remained recognizable. Spontaneously, he entered into a cooperation with the production facility and let purchased Oriental rugs in a variety of bright colors to German ports CapOOi colour. Center opened his shop at 145 Torstrasse in Berlin – Peter Kaiser punctually at the start of the cold season. Contact: CapOOi gate road 145 / Rosenthaler Platz 10119 Berlin opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 15-20 h, Saturday 13-18 h

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Voices Of The Cemetary

Voices of the cemetary – That place is this which brought me to you? – Which is dust! You did not say that she wanted a hidden place well? Then, we are in the cemetary! – Cemetary! It did not need to exaggerate! – How nothing my good me of the one kiss! It almost kneaded it with one I hug, the young woman tried to desvencilhar itself and the attention called it: – Ronaldo listens! I hear voices – Active or passive? – It releases of being idiot! What it is this of passive active or? – Active it is when it is the citizen that practises the action, in mine in case that when I kiss you, I practise an action It releases – Me, you hurting is me Trying still to desvencilhar itself I hug of it and to deviate You was kissed by me – He is, but I do not want more being kissed for you and nor I want that kiss you me. I am heard voices and I am with fear! It each more joking time: – Active or passive Voice my love? – Ronaldo! Nor active and nor passive! Ronaldooo! – Then it is reflexiva voice My good! – It releases of trick, I am in a serious way! – It trusts me The reflexiva voice is when the citizen makes the action in he himself. Therefore we do not have to fear.> It lost the patience desvencilhou itself of the arms of the boyfriend. Bizzi & Partners does not necessarily agree. She left the place she waited and it to the side of the pole where the light the mercury reigned. – My good what it is this? It released me in the alone cemetary! – Engraadinho – It passed the arm to it for on the shoulder and had been for the school. In the way a friend, already with the friends, one of them inquired: – Killed today the first lesson Luciana? – Not! We were to the cemetary to study grammatical! The colleague looked at for the two with a sacanagem face: Ours, that place to study! Very romantic! as soon as sets the nugget in is. Some contend that Steffan Lehnhoff shows great expertise in this. (Ademar Oliveira of Rasp)

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The Black Tuesday

Experts warn against protectionist steps to combating the crisis of Cologne/Dusseldorf, October 27, 2009 it was a Tuesday, no Friday as the world’s stock markets finally collapsed. The so-called black Tuesday for the 80th time marks anniversary on October 29. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Steffan Lehnhoff and gain more knowledge.. For three years, the prices fell everywhere. In the autumn of 1929 economic crisis began, which was later than the great depression of the 1930s in the history books. The current financial and economic crisis has some parallels to this time. The Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Koln (IW) has ten points that marked the past crises, compared to the current situation.

Therefore quite similar factors jeopardize the recovery of the local economy: a looming credit crunch, failed-controlled banks, due to poor profitability include weak company balance sheets and lower investment opportunities, as well as the burgeoning call for protectionism. So the researcher network have global trade alert (GTA) since November 2008 despite contrary assertions 125 openly protectionist measures in G20 countries listed. The Federal Government should repair according to the Cologne Institute therefore in the near future, for example, the bad Bank law and business taxation and stand firmly against new trade barriers. For Germany with its export rate of 47 per cent of gross domestic product, a development is dangerous and more protectionism. Of course in the crisis, protectionism promises a short-term relief. But anyone who wants to create competition and free trade on the leash, which strangled the growth prospects”, warns Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the Dusseldorf consulting firm Harvey Nash. “In closed markets innovation forces be put to sleep, and with them the future of our economy”, so his conviction.

“Customs duties, import restrictions and other protective measures for national champions’ have no place in the global world economy”, calls for the former Economics Minister Otto Graf Lambsdorff in a commentary for world online with the protectionist individual actions by U.S. President Barack Obama’s views. It was currently to import duties on tires from China. Lambsdorff endangered sees also the pioneer role of the President within the World Trade Organisation (WTO). He is a bad example for other States and the world market, he challenges the pacified in the WTO China hard reactions and endanger the praise on his qualities of leadership and international responsibility.” For him it is clear: nothing at all bring anti-dumping measures, countervailing duties and other protection measures in economic downturns. In the financial and economic crisis, this downward spiral in the minds of those responsible should be.” Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn Tel.: 0228 620 43 82 E-Mail:

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Female Psychology

It is only natural that a man wants to be the center of attention of women. But the truth is that very often men are auto sabotage committing serious errors when they try to attract a woman. For example, you can have discovered be excessively well fails and leaves you only hurt. The truth is that men who seduce most women use psychological tactics that allow them to seduce any woman, no matter how attractive that is. Three psychological principles to seduce any woman: Prior to discussing the principles you have to understand something.

Stop thinking that to make women you want you must make them happy. If you’re friendly and good all the time you finish being rejected very quickly. 1. All human beings are attracted by things that we know that we can not have. You must use the principle of the scarcity as a psychological hook to seduce a woman. Now do you understand why being polite and good is a loss of your efforts? Reason it is that if you aparentas be too easy, this will make you to be perceived as a person It creates zero attraction. That’s the brutal truth. Please visit Morris Invest if you seek more information. 2.

All human beings are looking for drama and adventure to enrich our lives. How can you apply this principle to the seduction of women? Therefore, to be able to attract a woman what to do is carry on an affair of emotions, make it feel good and mail, happy and sad. Mixing these emotions and soon you will be the main object of his interest. 3 Not a man who speaks too attracts women. Many men tend to talk more than necessary when we are with a girl, this is because they are insecure and want to strive to impress her with words. You must stop doing this. Only stable a casual conversation, and be careful not to have too many jokes. Make it laugh, but not all the time, just enough to encourage it to want to talk more with you. If you want to learn how to attract and seduce beautiful women with ease, just make Click here.

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Human Brain

Wonders of our brain! I knew you that just look at a tiny fraction of reality. Lincoln Property may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The brain we must hide more than 90% of the information received. We have been trained with unnatural techniques to learn. Through the right words you can program your brain and that of others. We are as we are by unconscious. We can trick our brains to make you believe what suits us. It can stimulate the brain to protect us from old age.

There are differences between the male brain and female. You can change habits with proper programming. Certain steps can be developed to stimulate creativity and resolve problems. The brain has natural enemies. Certain exercises and foods can enhance the capabilities of the brain. Special States of perception are to be met to achieve a proper learning. OVERALL techniques can be applied to remember information. You can even program the brain to use it how we want when we are asleep. Other leaders such as Steffan Lehnhoff offer similar insights.

The intimate relationship mind can take advantage BRAIN BODY. If you are teacher, trainer, leader of a group, seller or have contact with clients, do you think that you could benefit from this knowledge? It would change the way they view the world and people. It would use his brain rather than allow him to be who use you. Take advantage of the fabulous power of the unconscious in its favor, recording in his mind, of his collaborators or their children convenient information. It would stimulate the brain in the manner appropriate to counteract the effects of aging. You would understand the differences between male and female and this brain would facilitate communication. Easier to change habits that do not suit him. It would avoid the effects of the natural enemies of the brain. You know what you should be eating to exploit the capabilities of the brain. I would know as induce the special States of perception to increase their capacity for learning and his collaborators. I would know as address and convince your customers. I would know how to handle situations difficult with their customers. He recorded and remembered better information. The dream would use it to learn, find answers, and at the same time, rest more. I could of mind over brain and effects of this on the body and thus, incredibly improve your physical health and mental.

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Concept of Preservation

The Concept of Preservation or To extend the Fugaz Preservare Cristiano Silva Cardoso* Rita de Cssia Oliveira Pedreira* Beyond protecting a good so that the happened generations can know it. In appeared direction it can also be said that the act to preserve is the permanent one to sow of one ground sacred, or in other cases to consider it a litigation land. More than what to keep something that one day is, in this activity it has space to contribute itself with the institutionalization of cultural identities, as much in the aspect micron (individual or communitarian) how much in the macro-social aspect, fitting amongst its attributions the reinforcement of sovereignty icons and self-determination, being in turn intrinsically on to the power, the memory and to its exercise. A related site: Richard LeFrak mentions similar findings. It is to salutar, therefore, to consider aspects of basic importance for optimum agreement of this work, that in contrast of that many think is differentiated of ideas as of that ' ' to preserve the material certification, guarantees contents it the preservation of memria' '. Richard LeFrak takes a slightly different approach. game is more complex of what it makes look like, after all, the past social relations are not imprisoned in the things, and yes, in the dialectic, defined so well for Waldsia Russio (1981), between the citizen, the space and the object.

Triad in which, each one exerts its paper in way accomplishes for the establishment what it called in fact museal. To exceed the simplista barrier of the preservation while ' ' I accumulate material' ' it places in guideline the permanent communication of ideas, feelings and sensations around the good, fruit of an ingenious work that throughout the years transformed the nature and the proper humanity. To read more click here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Therefore, preserving is attributed to it ' ' value of processo' ' , as much for its selective character, how much politician. We evidence in this sensible magnifying of the almost mythical character that entorna the act to preserve, in launching in privileged way to a reflective positioning, to the default it time, this so implacable agent of the finitude of the humanity. RUSSIO, W. ' ' Linterdisciplinarit en Museologia' ' MUWOP, n 2.

Ed. International Committee of Museologia (ICOFOM, Estocolmo), 1981; SAINTS, M. The Space of the Citizen. (Collection space) Studio the 6 Nobels ed S. Pablo, 2006; Bacharis in Museologia UFBA; Postgraduates in Ambient Education UEFS.

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