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The State

Posted by on November 4, 2012

Already as the flowing one has on aspects the cultural and geo-ambient questions, a time that is well-known to observe on questions to the disequilibria of ecosystems, as well as the increasing real estate speculation impactando the most diversified Biomas. Of the cultural point of view we observe that the external influences, finish deprived of characteristics in part or as a whole the customs and the traditions, forcing the population local submerged its true identity, fact this that as Coriolano is aggravated still Mays for the absence of interlocution between the public politics that produce harmful effect in the native populations, contributing for (in) the support of great tourist projects, which many times are born predestinate to the failure. For the Coriolano teacher contradictions sufficient excellent and valuable when are reflected on (in) the support of the tourist phenomenon in the societies contemporaries. A time that the reflection becomes gradual more opportune in the context where the tourist activity comes more extending each time the questions of inclusions partners, and consequentemente it comes if freeing of the mere economic image, starting to acquire new espacias dimensions partner. Therefore as we know the tourism has its gnese related the linked questions of the cio and the work. The same it is product in the way of living contemporary, whose services create comfortable and pleasant forms of living, restricted to few. It is possible to evidence logistic global under the command of corporations and international banks that if overlap to the autonomy of the state and municipal governments, redirecting its action to take care of global interests, even so with regional especificidades. The wealth of the tourism is in the diversity of ways for its production and apprehension, in conflicts and possibilities of agreement of this phenomenon. For the researcher in if treating to $fortaleza the author still it discloses in them and it enumerates in its article, encouraging trends for the exercise of the social responsibility, walking in the search of more solidary initiative a tourism; such as: Denouncing the infantile work, to develop courses of qualifications and to promote one politics of cultural enterprises and popular leisure; fighting the displicncia and the dishonesty practised against the tourist; to help to the communitarian organization in the fight for its rights and concretion of the citizenship; supporting the accomplishment of studies, research and programs with objectives of sustainable development, improvement of environments, ambient recovery; protection of the cities, landscapes, mountain ranges, the coasts, sertes, at last, of great variety of geossistemas or geographic spaces. Ahead of the displayed one we can believe a tourism integrator that is capable to promote paradigm of (reverse speed) definition of relative 0 variable new support creating one the development; that they favor to a society more joust, solidary and high sustainable.

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