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Sustainable Development

The ECO-92 was characterized for the celebration of the Sustainable Development through, mainly, of a called document Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a receiturio for ' ' acertos' ' of ecological order, and in its rhetoric appears, independently of the contradictions center/world-wide periphery, one same platform of strategies for the diverse countries of the world. … Continue reading »

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Geographical Transformation

Much quarrel regarding after-modernity exists in science, and in proper geography, being some chains of quarrel and trends that they look to delimit the debate after-modern, in what refers to the relation of the concepts after-modern in geography, is possible to detect a grotesca change in practical cultural and the politician-economic ones since 1972, and … Continue reading »

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Island Occupation

The door of entrance of the conquerors in the continents not yet colonized occurred for the sea, and also it was for the sea that the great commercial routes if had established, being from the ports that if had initiated the Inter-relations between peoples of the diverse continents. ' ' colonizao' ' of our country, … Continue reading »

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The State

Already as the flowing one has on aspects the cultural and geo-ambient questions, a time that is well-known to observe on questions to the disequilibria of ecosystems, as well as the increasing real estate speculation impactando the most diversified Biomas. Of the cultural point of view we observe that the external influences, finish deprived of … Continue reading »

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