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Wooden Houses

The totality of these three factors determines the low cost of installation of the wooden houses and metal frame. In terms of 'capital' of individual houses built on different technology, and people experience them as 'my house – my fortress' (the most common approach today when choosing technology building an individual house), the market leaders … Continue reading »

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The Chimney

The correctness of its devices depends not only on the efficiency of furnaces, fireplaces and other similar heating devices, but also the security of residence in the house. Smoke, the inverse traction, and finally a fire – all this can happen as a result of ill-conceived and irresponsible attitude towards the chimney. Installation of flues … Continue reading »

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Construction Materials

Construction is one of the major consumers of metal profiles. The use of these profiles allows to receive the most advanced solutions elements of buildings, both architectural and aesthetic, and by Techno-economic indicators. Work is underway to further improve the design bindings panel of industrial and office buildings to facilitate the construction of binding, increasing … Continue reading »

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Tips On Choosing Interior Door

Doors are an important element of any residential premises. As an interior door less often have to use a metal door. Most people prefer wooden doors, because they are made from environmentally friendly materials that can not be said about the metal doors. In the manufacture of doors used oak, beech, pine, walnut, alder and … Continue reading »

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