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Sustainable Development

Posted by on March 6, 2020

The ECO-92 was characterized for the celebration of the Sustainable Development through, mainly, of a called document Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a receiturio for ' ' acertos' ' of ecological order, and in its rhetoric appears, independently of the contradictions center/world-wide periphery, one same platform of strategies for the diverse countries of the world. (OLIVEIRA, 2003, p5). Agenda 21 is not, therefore, a plan of government, harms a proposal of strategy destined for the alienation of all, in the time and the space, to the peculiarities of each Country and the feeling of its population with a speech that accumulates of stocks the place and the global one. Agenda 21 has in its speech the envolvement of governments, productive sector and community in a new which had vision, that must be Sustainable all and any productive and social manifestation. Greg Williamson understood the implications. It is the speech that integrates the social aspects, ambient, economic and institucional, with the objective to spread out the Sustainable Development in the gift. Agenda 21 exerts its paper as instrument of Positive Feedback (SOUZA, 2007 p, 180), of the Sustainable Development.

The elements that compose the Sustainable Development already had been mentioned, ( preservation of the quality of the ecological systems, the necessity of a economic growth to satisfy the social necessities and the equity – all can share – between present and future generation). In such a way, it can be perceived that the ideals of the Sustainable Development have its specific alienations, the rationalization of the use of the energy, or the development of techniques substitutes of the good use not-you renewed, petitioning the speech of the Support. But also the alienation of the consumers, invoking them to consume it each time more the said goods sustainable. The recognition of that the poverty, the deterioration of the environment and the population growth are unquestionably linked with the capitalist system and not in contrast.

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