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Wooden Houses

Posted by on June 2, 2011

Wooden Houses Country House. Better than wood? Wooden houses have always been humanity safe shelter from the rain and wind, the heat and cold: they are warm and cozy. For many centuries the home of the tree were for the people basic housing. And now interest in homes that are made using only the tree grows. We wish to reunite with nature and escape from the stone jungle.

Wood – a natural, environmentally friendly material. Due to its natural porous structure of wood "breathes". With this in homes of wood automatically adjust the humidity and atmosphere. In them warm in winter and cool in the heat. Wood creates a comfortable environment at home and friendly charged climate. The appearance of wooden houses, their inimitable smell attracts and creates a "warm" atmosphere. Also, a tree, as a reliable building material, is well used in our climate. History has proved that wooden houses there are extremely long, and they look really pleases the eye and creates the impression of a fairy tale.

Most often, wooden houses are built of softwood. In this case, coniferous trees (spruce and pine) – a more common species of trees, hence the construction of these trees are the most economical. These wooden houses are less susceptible to decay and are more durable, unlike the buildings of deciduous trees. In addition, the barrel coniferous tree level, which makes better use of the material. Wooden houses in comparison with the stone. Everyone knows that the wooden house – a traditional form of suburban housing. Such houses are owned by nearby advantages over the stone houses. Having the most affordable price, wooden houses can be used seasonally, arriving in the cold season but not for long. In these homes, in contrast to the stone, not formed mold and fungus. On top of wooden houses easily and quickly heat thoroughly. One problem is that the stone buildings, unlike wood, does not "breathe". To avoid formation of mold and mildew in the winter they must be continuously heat. This is done by installing a "smart house" or permanent residence. To protopit cooled wooden houses, need much less time than homes made of stone, in addition to this house from wood can be left without accommodation for an unlimited time. In wooden houses is another plus: the houses pretty light and they do not require heavy and expensive foundation. Thanks to the possibility of an adequate choice priority criterion necessary foundation is by and large soil type on which the house will be erected.

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