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Posted by on January 2, 2013

The film ' The Mountain out of a molehill ' it portraies a history, established in real facts, where a young, call Grandson, &#039 is interned in a Clinic of Whitewashing for having received one; diagnstico' of chemical dependence. It is important to stand out that, the diagnosis mentioned here was not based on a medical science. This assignment was given simply by the perception of they surround that it, established in the criteria, for they, on to the trespass of the law and the morality. Method used in century 17 and 18 to define madness. Then, we are in century 21, after much quarrel on subject, and still in we arrest them to sad habit friction people, as if they were products that we can, with a simple ones to look at and comment of small actions, to classify as good or bad, normal or wild, deserving or not of the aid that would have to receive from the society and the family.

With the internment, Grandson soon perceives that the place with pretty faade and that brought peace and tranquilidade, it hid in its interior a desumano environment, of abandonment and indifference, whose familiar they were unaware of. All the time receives a treatment silences that it immobilizes and it. The plot was counted in way that it became villain, and its parents believe that its order of aid is only about a reaction of abstinence and/or revolt. He is in this point that, the medical distance the family of the patient, becoming the patient? excluded? ; Now the doctors and employees of the clinic are that they start to be new integrant of the family, therefore the parents do not believe more its son. The doctors, as inaccessible figures for the patients, pass a false idea of that it is everything under control and that a dialogue with the interns exists, when this are not the reality.

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