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Tips For Your Home

Posted by on January 25, 2014

When deciding what type of window will place in our House should bear in mind a number of aspects, which include: the style of housing, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of window, etc since possibilities among which you can choose are many and varied, as well as also the costs. The Windows are those that allow us to let natural light, ventilate the different rooms, isolate each of these latest both cold and heat, and at the same time also give you a personal housing touch since they are part of the decoration. The Windows are made of many different materials; the most common are: aluminium, wood and PVC. Aluminum is one of the materials most used for Windows, since it is very lightweight, strong and rigid to high and low temperatures. It also has antioxidant properties and is very resistant to the passage of time. Its installation is simple and quick, they are easy to clean, they can be placed indoors and outdoors since they resist well outdoors, and can be found in the market in various colors.

In terms of its cost, it is one of the most accessible materials. On the other hand, its disadvantages include that it is a cold material and sweat during the winter months. In addition, it can be itching after a long time. Wooden Windows are those with a more decorative value, greater elegance and perfectly combine with various styles of decoration, such as the rustic, etc. Among its advantages we find that wood allows walls to breathe from the inside to the outside, and also they are very insulated from the freezing temperatures. However, it is a material that requires certain maintenance and care, such as varnish, since it tends to have a tendency to swell or shrink with humidity, and does not resist extreme temperatures well.

They are ideal for placing in an indoor environment. PVC Windows are made of rigid polyvinyl chloride, and contain hollow spaces inside which makes them resistant to condensation and heat loss, allowing us to conclude This is the material with greater power of isolation (both heat and cold) and the more resistant. Furthermore, it does not deteriorate with the passage of time and its maintenance, care and cleaning are very simple. It is an insulator also noise, resists impacts, will not rust, is imperishable, and its price is also low and accessible. Undoubtedly PVC is the best suited material for Windows of our House. Original author and source of the article

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