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Splatterhouse Advance

Posted by on May 21, 2014

And it is that that was the classic TurboGrafx game, a title where our sole objective was to give with our beloved, having put an end to all over the world in the process. Namco Bandai has wanted to keep the main essence of the franchise, and Rick, our protagonist, will use the mask of terror to revive and turn into a monster whose thirst for blood has no limits. Really, in the genre of the Beat ’em up, not contributed nothing new Splatterhouse, and nor is it intended to: will be its extreme, almost comical violence, the main incentive; as well as a visual style that mixes the cell shading and more typical sobriety of a video game. Thus, we must crush the enemies that we come to step to convert them into something unrecognizable, and in case of receiving damage, Rick body will go, little by little, dismemberment, being the only thing that gives us life mask at the moment, Namco Bandai is triumphing with the artistic design and violence gore, but lack to see if all this It will be sufficient to compensate a playability that can become repetitive. If you also want to enjoy good music we invite you to visit our pages of music videos and music videos. Original author and source of the article

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