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Search For Apartments, Or Exchange Brokers

Posted by on January 11, 2012

As we know the housing problem not only ruined the lives of Muscovites, but also to all residents of the territory bounded by the Moscow ring road. During the turbulent years of painstaking construction of advanced capitalism, in the course of comprehending ase and skills competition, we are all in varying degrees and not very successfully tried to solve this very issue. Can not say that they all had the same opportunities and skills, but what's done is done and once again, when our Economy decided to give up the ghost almost all the "lucky" residents of big cities and not been played in an exciting and sometimes dangerous game called "improvement of living conditions." It turned out that at the beginning of last year in connection with the above developments, the theme of sharing living space itself has emerged and has become virtually the only affordable way to "improve" the majority of our citizens. However, it should remember and be aware that exchange is perhaps the most complex operation in the real estate market and before you tackle this challenge is all carefully considered – after the famous saying "Seven times measure one – cut" has not been canceled. Now we try to figure out how to exchange an apartment now, what difficulties and pitfalls which await us. Let me remind you that under the exchange we mean any transaction with your property – a simple exchange, the Congress, on patrol its essence is the same manipulation of the difference in the number of objects involved in the exchange transaction.

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