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Relocation In Costa Rica

Posted by on June 4, 2013

My Relocation in Costa Rica which is? My Relocation In Costa Rica, located in San Jose, Costa Rica proposed relocation services for individuals and companies in Costa Rica. Relocation for individuals for private services offer a series of assistance as well as to welcome him at the airport Juan Santamaria the search of hotel, apartment rentals in costa rica, opening bank account, high services (light, water, telephone, etc), processing of residence permit, hiring of medical insurance, registration to public, private or international school for childrenInternet connection / satellite TV, purchase of furniture, follow-up of renovations before arriving, assistance in case of problems in the apartment. For foreign companies like relocation services we deal with also assist companies and their employees, or other services you need as well as: search for commercial / supply computer equipment and furnishing of the local connection Internet/phone, creation of the company with obtaining commercial license, opening bank account Council and buying car with technical control, search for bilingual personnel (accountant, technician, Secretariat, etc.). Our staff is bilingual or multilingual, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, so our new arrivals will not have any difficulty in communicating their desires and concerns that are usually have when it comes to a foreign country. So you will also learn about tourist attractions of costa rica. Our mission is to provide and enable the newcomer a sweet transition in our country, so that from the beginning is not with difficulties due to the change of habits, language, time, schedule, finally a series of changes that if they are not anticipated, and are known can bring beware: offer a service of continuous support of 2 months from the date of the move by facilitating leun home telephone number (from 9: 00 to) 19: 00 hours) for calls assistance. Contact us this where East:

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