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Real Estate In Vladimir

Posted by on December 18, 2019

In light of the widespread appreciation of the real estate residents of central regions, especially in Moscow, pay attention to price movements in sesednih regions. So, the real estate in the capital, almost ceased to grow in value since reached its maximum. Real Estate in Vladimir, by contrast, actively going up, despite the approaching summer season. One-bedroom apartments in Vladimir grew in value from January to May, about 200, 000 and their value begins from 1.7 million rubles. One bedroom apartments in Vladimir also constantly increasing in price – an estimated cost of 2.2 million Dollars kopeck piece, but the range of prices here vary considerably, due to the subjective evaluation of vendors Real Estate in Vladimir. Demand for three-room apartment in Vladimir somewhat lower due to the high cost of such housing.

If we take the prices of houses and lands, there are different prices many times – depending on such factors such as remoteness from the city, the type and quality of the structure, the presence or absence of gas. What caused such a sharp jump in prices on the real estate market, Vladimir? First, almost no construction. Of course, building in the city seems to be quite a lot. But with the growing population and rapid old fund, it is not enough. As a result, we have the following items now: the demand far exceeds supply, that is willing to purchase housing in Vladimir many more vendors. Hence the second reason for rising prices – twisting their vendors because of the large number of people willing to buy property. Indeed, let's look at the situation from the outside: build a little, meanwhile number of residents increases. Earned fees as growing – slowly but surely. Plus the entire set of available mortgage programs – all these factors affect the purchasing power of the population. And the market in the meantime responding adequately – rising real estate prices in Vladimir. Out of this situation can only be building new homes in large numbers – not lower rates on mortgages, no introduction stroysberkass not help, but rather worsen the situation in the property market in Vladimir.

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