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Real Estate Housing Market

Posted by on April 13, 2016

Real Estate Market is slowly returning to normal. Unpredictable jumps in prices ceased, and rent re-embarked on the path of stability. Realtors, who during the crisis have lost their jobs, resume their activity. Approaching summer. In late winter, the price of rental apartments were still not mobile, but in the last two mesyatsya, is gaining momentum, experts say the segment of rent, it is quite normal for spring period, the real estate market. Discerning tenants.

Real estate agents are trying to attract a large mass of customers, under-pricing, scale of square meters, lower the cost for their services. Still widespread tendency to zero commission in the segment average rent of apartments and business class. For the services of an agent often pay owners, especially, for the two – bedroom apartments, as a rule, such housing is difficult to rent. Until crisis time, similar trends practiced only in business – and the elites – the classroom. One-bedroom apartments, as before, are popular with middle-class customers.

But as the proposals demand, in turn, have not increased, although there have been some modifications. Customers have become more demanding and assertive in matters relating to comfort. Realtors say the increased demands from customers, if earlier, unfurnished apartment appliances and repair a success with customers, but now it does not even zainteresuesh statistical average customer. House has TV, refrigerator and a washing machine, viewed either as a bonus, for which the need to pay the money, and as a prerequisite of comfort. And not a few important was the presence of the Internet. With the development of service industries and the quality of the lease, is also not unimportant fact for transaction. Nobody has not fetch four walls and spacious bathrooms. Customers are demanding a minimum of euro-repair: the walls with sheetrock, new flooring, plus new plumbing. Furniture and although the minimum, but must be new, no one will pay for junk and old wives' sideboards. In addition, tenants are most interested in the state apartments and transport interchanges, the ability to quickly and easily accessible by work. It is also considered an apartment away from the city, mainly because prices are lower and the air is cleaner, not to everyone's liking bustling metropolis outside. In remote corners of the city, not the infrastructure that attracts and Some tenants. Economy segment still remains profitable to rent a purse, when removed multiroom apartment just two or a pair of seven people. Such cases registered is not so much, and all because the people saving on rent, save and intermediaries, without the knowledge of real estate. Rising prices will not last forever. According to experts, will soon be in view again the growth in home prices and home, but only a couple of percent and will fluctuate within 8 – 10% during the year. Until the end of the year do not foresee special promotions, rent will increase by 5-6 percent and locks into place. Depending on the segment of the housing in autumn this year predict the decline of prices for – 5 – 10 percent.

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