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Posted by on April 18, 2012

'She loves his ears, and a man ' Psychologists have long shown that 99 out of 100 men, no matter how confident they might seem, at a subconscious level, just the same thirst for our approval. But if women compliment – one more reason preen, posmakovat few flattering words about his beloved, for men it is – a reason to act. And here the compliment takes on a truly magical effect. The Love do not need any potions and charms: time is said and competently designed a compliment can make any of the Terminator and the most inveterate Don Juan forever bind to only one skirt. And all because of our strong men can not live without 'feed' our appreciation and admiration. The more so that a compliment, it does not lie. It's just a slight exaggeration of the merits.

Or benevolent But, he said in time. Competently tell a compliment – a sort of science. Assume your child can not to solve a simple puzzle in physics. How do you react? Surely this way: 'Why are you so stupid! Nothing you can do yourself! '. And you can say otherwise: "Darling, you have such a clever, for you this – just a trifle. Try again, the You are sure to get '. And it really does. The same with men. Or you say: 'Well, be well! The very thought of the kitchen floor to wash 'or' Well what are you my boy, I just thought, well you've done! " Feel the difference? Is of great importance, and the tone in which you utter a compliment.

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