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Moscow Pumping Plant

Posted by on January 26, 2014

Nowadays, more and more people prefer the urban bustle of village life measured. Unfortunately, suburban housing is not without drawbacks, and one of them is the poor quality of the networks of the provincial water and sanitation, and in some cases, their complete absence. Often the owners of cottages have their own equip named engineering systems. To deliver water from the source to the consumer or to pump out the excess must be pumping equipment. These hydraulic machines are different purpose (water supply, increasing water pressure, drainage, pumping sewage), construction, operation principle, performance and pressure.

Today the Russian market is widely featured products and domestic and foreign companies: Calpeda, dab, Pedrollo, saer, SEA-LAND, Speroni (Italy); Jardino (Spain); Lowara (USA-Italy); STA-RITE (USA-Italy , trademarks STA-RITE, Nocchi, Flotec); Ebara (Japan-Italy); Grundfos (Denmark, Germany, in 2005 Istra near Moscow, is scheduled to open plant Grundfos); Vortex, wilo, ksb (Germany); Water Technics Inc. Click Investment opportunities to learn more. (UK, Italy, Singapore); '', '', Moscow Pumping Plant (Russia). Illiteracy down! Most household pumps on the principle of actions relate to the dynamic (centrifugal, vortex, jet, vibrating) equipment. In the centrifugal and vortex technique as a working mechanism used classic wheel with blades, and jet ejector pump this role is a jet of water (liquid or gas), served outside under big pressure. Somewhat differently arranged vibration technology – here on the fluid affects valve plunger, commits reciprocates. In addition to the models that work on the dynamic principle can be applied in everyday life, and positive displacement pumps. Working body of the equipment is change volume chamber (piston technology for pumping polluted liquids).

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