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Metal Pipes and Pipelines

Posted by on September 7, 2011

Exploited to date pipeline of communication for 70% of the mounted metal pipes, which is the main advantage – resilience. It is particularly important when moving liquid and gaseous media in pipelines of high-pressure environments. Talking about housing and public works, then it is here that the strength properties of metal piping systems used in internal sanitary complexes, only 8-10%, and engineering – even up to 30-32%. Iron pipes also have a number of serious shortcomings. Chief among them is the baseness As a consequence of damages, through which not only implies a significant amount of transported liquid, but also occurs outside water leak. For any disabled in the line of water creates a vacuum, vacuum. Consequently, if the water lines laid in nepozredstvennoy near a sewage pipe, where there is a possibility of the occurrence, there is waste from entering sewage and possibly contaminated soil in the water lines and water pipes. Another material, limited use in the implementation of pipe – fiberglass.

A major shortcoming of pipes made of glass is hygroscopic, and as a consequence, the absorption of moisture (0,2-0,8%). Significantly lowers the efficiency of that significantly when used in climatic zones with changes in temperature. In pursuit of a negative external influence-destruction due to formation of cracks in such an environment is needed special protection, interior and exterior surfaces of the pipe wall of the joint venture. During the process of manufacturing joint venture pipeline despite the observance of the necessary requirements of the technical operations of various components of the polymerization rate is 94-98% (usually 80%).

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