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Land Committee

Posted by on March 4, 2011

All about everything in the best year and a half. Well, how impressive? It is obvious that you can "throw" on any of these steps and you will lose all the money spent. The same fate may befall any of the specialized companies that undertake to perform this work for you, you wish to focus on the final cost of the land in a rather remote from the Moscow area (200-300 km from Moscow) no less than in 1000 – 1500 dollars per hectare of agricultural land. So my advice to you: if you are not professional market, not a close relative of the head area, or someone higher up, not a gangster and not uniformed officer, accustomed to military action – not try to buy shares! In order to convince you to finally give an example. Come to your buyers in the cooperative. Units, like, completely.

The peasants would sell willingly. Go to the Land Committee to the question – whether the registered someone – something in this economy right to shares purchased? The answer – no one can buy. Buy, begin to provide, declare the meeting. Suddenly, either during its preparation, or at the meeting itself claimed a group of well-dressed and very unfriendly minded young people to you and says that since they have bought, anywhere that without advertising, 51% of the land share in this economy, or they bought just one share more than you do, then they are against your selected. That's all. You can use purchased your shares instead of wallpaper or put them on the kindling fire.

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