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Hurghada Damac Construction Company

Posted by on July 4, 2017

The financial crisis has affected the economy of much of the population in developed countries. But the crisis is also a rare chance for all of us … For profit is not necessary to have already vast fortune or be Financial Analyst. Suffice it to act reasonably, carefully and in the right direction in this regard, the question arises: how best to invest money in times of crisis, or at least keep them? Many as options open bank accounts, some of the most trusted her pillows than deposit boxes, and more far-sighted investors buy property abroad. However, it not better to rely on more reliable and proven method – bank deposit? As an example, compare the effect can be obtained by keeping available funds in a deposit account. The level of standard interest rate now stands at around 10-15 percent. At the same time must be taken into account rising inflation, hence the current amount of money tomorrow will not have that value.

Note that even without inflation, income from investments will be quite low. For example, if invest 100 t.rubley – the profits of a year may reach 10-15 t.rubley. Put it this way – not such a "wealth". In a crisis, only the real estate does not lose much in the price of their value. The reality in Russia is such that prevents most people buy a property, this situation forces them to look for options in other countries. At a cost of real estate Egypt today – one of the cheapest apartment in stran.Kupit Egypt can not afford to just about every Russian family. Now Egypt is the most attractive location for cash investments in real estate not only for Egyptians but also for foreigners due to its low stoimosti.Vozmozhnosti year-round operation and high liquidity in the future. Of the resorts in Egypt Hurghada is most attractive for Russian tourists.

Every year the demand for rental apartments in Hurghada . Demand as quality housing and economic options for accommodation. Real Estate Market Outlook in Hurghada Damac Construction Company in the United Arab Emirates is investing in building Egypt real estate for more than 30 billion plan to build a modern complex – Gamsha Bay in the north of Hurghada. In the south of Hurghada is rapidly developing new area of Sahl Hasheesh is one of the most beautiful bays in the Red Sea. In long term, no doubt property prices in Hurghada will be several orders of magnitude higher. Forecast for 2010 – 20 000 Real Estate in Egypt would be sold to foreigners. @ Hurghada Real Estate 'Plaza'

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