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Home Inflatable Pools

Posted by on June 3, 2011

Brighter the sun warms, the grass is green, the south wind blowing warm. All this reminds us of the coming summer. And with him – rest and fun. If you have four evening dresses, you can safely skip the spa and relax there "for complete. Well, in the intervals between the resorts, the affairs and concerns, leaving the yard at home or summer residence, a beautiful summer day, you and your flock will want to soak in a warm, and sometimes in the cool water under the warm rays of the sun.

And then the eye will certainly fall on the favorite inflatable pool that you purchased, after weighing all: the pros and cons. Stationary or portable, inflatable or frame, large and small, for children, families or large company, the morning one hundred meters in Brasov, or an evening lounge. So the choice is made! The original pool only beautifies the landscape. Suitable for all size – three meters, gaming space, ergonomic design. Housing made of high quality pvc, four or five chambers, air floor, which creates an additional cushion of air, and caring about your health, convenient holders for glasses of champagne during romantic meeting with loved ones, which always brightens up in the summer heat. And what is not Haiti? And quite a bit of water – one thousand liters. Well, of course, the accessories (which will need to buy): pump – filter for water circulation, special additives that contribute to the maintenance of sky-blue water, which can be stored in the pool for several months. Well, of course, tilt, in order to protect surface water from dust, leaves, and curious insects. With fond memories and refreshments you plunge into a favorite, and after – and your kids. A feeling that the resort and did not leave, but a feeling of pleasure last forever!

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