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Fraud In The Housing Market And How To Protect It

Posted by on November 11, 2013

Peak frauds in real estate came in 1993 – 1996 years – the housing market is booming. In those years, each transaction was the fifteenth Organized tricksters. Purchase and Sale has been conducted, mainly, without intermediaries. Realtor services considered luxury. Than with the success and enjoyed crooks. The situation began to level off only with the revision of the civil and housing legislation. For the cheaters took power: changed the order of registration of transactions, there "Black lists" and riot police to combat such crimes. The people themselves have become more cautious, preferring not to save on professional services.

However, scam artists responded to this kind of "higher qualifications: developed new fraud schemes, using the legal gaps and inconsistencies. The housing market faced a wave of fake real estate agencies. So what do ordinary people? Very scared to conduct a transaction, and the agency generally handle scary! No and no. Indulge in the hysteria over the "enemies everywhere" is not worth it. Need full awareness of the impending transaction and the total test.

And in tandem with an independent expert. Yes, it is worth the money. But then you're selling is not a bedside table or even a car, and very expensive, and therefore is tempting for speculators housing. Please note, you throw The vast majority of fraud attempts manipulation by Work client. Many imposters had previously been involved net sales and fully owned by techniques of psychological influence. Such a person is worth nothing to calculate your weaknesses and successfully play them.

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