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Forms Collections

Posted by on January 5, 2014

Fashion dictates innovative design and technological innovation The world's leading designers and engineers have addressed a progressive modern bathrooms, a fantastic opportunity for technical innovation and innovative forms. Stylish baths, sinks and wash basins, including the various items and accessories in the creative hands of becoming a variety of forms – from the unexpected to the extravagant. Non-traditional colors, materials and innovative form subsequently set new directions of development of sanitary design, can serve as role models, receive the prestigious professional awards. Consumers represent separate collections, where no There are no restrictions: the forms may vary from cube to parallelepiped circle and stylish minimalism. Materials: from classical to the innovative, including the choice of bygone years – cast iron bath and earthenware bowls, the use of porcelain and hand painted. The color scheme is not limited to the standard white and filled with different shades – cream, beige, pink or principal contrasts – black.

Today plumbing manufacturers put the designs on the flow and provide a wide selection of collections from the serial to exclusive models. Luxury items can be born in a single copy of individual design projects. In this case, the very changes price category. It can be rough and smooth textures, sinks and baths with natural stone, exclusive models – bathtubs made of wood, transparent or colored Murano glass. Shower faucets – in a stylish interior size and shape are important collections of faucets and bathroom accessories beyond the standard concepts and acquire non-standard form. In the modern interior chic and luxury, expensive jewelry: precious metals (gold, silver), crystal crystals, natural stones.

These decorations can be used in various surfaces of fittings – valves faucets, shower heads and shower mixers, etc. may acquire a variety of forms – from the geometrically correct to the different variations. In addition, designers are working with all the details, so different shapes can be even handspray. Modern features, which are endowed with bath mixer allow you to change the water jet from the standard form to shower or waterfall spout, painted it in different colors. Manufacturers of plumbing – how to choose and take into account that the Russian consumer Bold and conceptual views of interior design solutions for modern bathroom House brands and fashion trends easy to implement in private homes, where the architecture is not confined to a small area. The spacious rooms can equip a big way, but in most multi-storey houses of the Russian citizens are valuable, even tens of centimeters. In a limited space bathroom interior must build with all the details. So, before you buy a plumber, you must make sure that it was made in view of Russian conditions. In addition, important criteria will always be quality, durability and functionality, but to create a modern interior design major are the shape and appearance. For bathroom design in a unified stylistic concept stores plumbers offer entire collections. Complete line can include all the necessary items: sanitary ware, accessories, whirlpool bath and shower, furniture, built-in taps, mirrors and lamps. The collection maintains a common combination of materials and the combination of colors. To complete the interior will need to pick up only finishing materials.

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