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Florence Beautiful

Posted by on March 31, 2014

Find info about the holiday destinations 2012 in the Mediterranean countries. It is perhaps a little early to plan the summer holiday in January. It is true however, that the offer for holiday apartments is very large and the risk is low, one already booked to find. Who wants to schedule his summer holidays in peace, begins in winter to worry about. When one thinks of the bad economic panorama, it is not so easy with a light heart to think about the holidays this year. Is therefore a good idea to plan: who can book early, finds the best deals for the accommodation as well as for the flight.

This year is a popular destination for example Spain, with sea, heat, beaches and beautiful cities. Mallorca is a good target, especially for young people who want to experience the night life on the island. Here, beach parties are organised with loud music, cocktails, and a lot of people! Italy remains a close and popular target of German vacationers. Fascinated with the beautiful Coasts, the art and the wonderful food and drink. It is not difficult to find a holiday home, which is a few kilometres from the sea, as well as by art cities such as Florence, Rome, Turin for example in Tuscany, Piedmont, or on Sardinia.

Often you can plan a nice visit to a city of art with a day trip. Croatia attracts more tourists over the last years, still relatively cheap as relatively new discovered vacation destination. Turkey continues to be the beloved holiday destination especially for the lovers of travel packages as well as for families. Who loves rather green landscapes, can go to France, E.g. in the beautiful Provence, which is famous with its fragrances and their cuisine. Last but not least, we call Greece. Here, you can enjoy the warm sea, the blue sky and the beautiful Greek villages especially. Island like Rhodes, Crete, Corfu and Kos are very popular, but often more expensive than the Mainland. Wait too long with the planning of your next holiday! We wish you much success! Francesca Fantoni

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