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Find an Apartment

Posted by on May 26, 2020

The apartment was in the center, but right behind the station, and the combination lock on the door and there is not expected. You may rent an apartment in Moscow with the repair or with bare walls, it is worth to choose, Guided by the price and terms of the lease. Wanting to rent an apartment in Moscow, some landlords can keep back anything. If you offer a flat on the ground or top floor, look at whether all the windows are installed lattice. Be attentive to the ceiling, stains on them prompt does not leak and the roof is not too often drowned flat top neighbors. Find out if held in an apartment online – if not, is there a way to connect. Good apartments are within a few days, so if you went too flat, should be ready soon to conclude an agreement and to facilitate their own pockets. It is advisable to carry an amount equal to about three months' rent.

The first month you pay for staying ahead, leave a deposit – a payment for the last month, and realtor services pay (50-100% of the month's rent). It remains to conclude a contract and you can easily take root. The conclusion contract must be prepared, here just do not rush. You do not need to treat it as a formality, because the written contract is able to correctly save you from many troubles. What if the owner categorically refuses to enter into a contract? Our advice: Find another apartment in Moscow offers the benefit is more than enough.

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