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Commercial Director

Posted by on April 3, 2012

And I felt free! I feel very confident and I can change my life! " Maikova Helena, Commercial Director, Moscow … Thoughts … materialize, "I was quiet, inner voice is not rushing, not jerks. Confidence more firmly stand on their feet thoroughly. With work it so happened that when there is a problem, I know that everything will be fine. I think in the positive direction and generating, as it should have: the end result or the process, as should be. And then the thought is materialized.

In relationships with people – I perceive quietly taken for granted, watching. AND act appropriately. " Lucky Alexander, foreman, supplier, Moscow … somewhere has become of unneeded facilities' Before application of the technique I have, in principle, and so all was well, beloved husband, his family, we live in, treated me very friendly, the work that I liked, my friends, well … that still need to be happy? But still, I had a character, very well educated, too well, I am for everything and everybody was going through, trying to help, even take on the what I do was not required, a constant sense of anxiety and guilt over all, in front of colleagues, parents, etc. Very afraid, as if someone something bad about me not thinking.

Of these problems that underlie many others to me, and helped get rid of equipment offered me Vladislav. In general, I relaxed and stopped feeling 'lump of nerves' and the people around me began to apply a lot better and was more and obtained, Thank God, somewhere has become of unnecessary facilities. " Julia, a psychotherapist, Moscow Very interesting were the results of my work over to me the most to be the winner. I am in life – a very strong person, but when reached results, I was very tormented guilt, uncertainty, and the idea that someone could be more deserving than I am. So – enjoy the victory I could not. Yes, and I knew that to win and achieve results, as such, go for some reason, not much worked. And then one fine day, I decided that is ripe to win! Usually, work on technique, I take about an hour (narabotannost – very large) … I had to spend gorAaaazdo longer. My body is so not like to be a winner when I started to think about it, he gave me outright 'cut down', I forget who I am and where I am, not to mention the fact that I needed a lot of effort to remember at what point I stopped and continue. In the end, despite the resistance of the body, I still incomplete. Imagine my surprise when, next morning, I woke up and saw around him many opportunities for personal development and to realize their potential and how to implement them! These features, no doubt, existed before. But before my mind ignored them, I simply did not seen, while in a narrow corridor of his perception, limited to my beliefs would not let me be the winner. As a result, work on persuasion like myself, can I be happy to look at their pictures, now enjoying not only the work of the photographer, but also a model (especially the girls will understand me).

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