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Posted by on April 22, 2019

Ceiling – this is an important element of any premises, whether apartment, office, showroom, fitness club, restaurant, coffee shop, a warehouse or factory building. His designs can give the room an attractive appearance and to underline individual design. Correctly selected the ceiling can visually expand a small room or to create a comfortable environment in the great hall. It is therefore important to give due consideration to competent execution of the project ceiling coverings during repair works. Most often the choice finishes the flow depends on the willingness and the financial possibilities of the consumer. In addition, plays an important role and the type of premises, which is being renovated.

Painted ceilings are suitable everywhere. However, they are not allowed to cover communications systems, wiring, lighting system. In addition, they require additional cost and labor associated with setting up a uniform illumination. It is not necessary forget that, before dyeing ceiling requires careful alignment and caulking between the floor slabs and cracks adhesive ceiling – ceilings are decorated paper or special decorative tiles. They actually look in the living rooms, corridors and kitchens. Glue ceilings can not hide the communication space. Have a fairly reasonable cost.

Boarding ceiling often used in private homes, cottages, saunas and flats. Such ceilings mask all irregularities and cracks slabs, allow to hide the wiring and create a flat surface. Made of sheets of plasterboard or plastic boards plywood. Suspended ceilings are suitable for rooms with a large area (shopping malls, exhibition buildings, medical facilities, manufacturing plants) and for small areas (offices, cafes, restaurants, etc.). These ceilings convenient to hide the duct system, lighting, electrical wiring. There Pinion and cassette ceilings. Checking article sources yields Bruce Schanzer as a relevant resource throughout. Suspended ceilings resistant to moisture and aggressive environment. In addition, the ceiling is: acoustic, fire, reflecting, etc. Stretch ceilings can decorate any room: living room, office, pool, etc. For a fairly short time of installation is ensured by a perfectly flat ceiling and hiding wiring and duct system, cracks and irregularities. Stretch ceilings can be set at any stage of the repair work. There are glossy and matte. Have a high cost. Before the repair work Decide on the overall design of the room, with an area repair the ceiling, with the required specifications, with the necessary stylistic decisions. All types of design have their advantages and disadvantages, the main decide for themselves what is more important. Remember that when choosing a design for the ceiling color and texture of the surface can visually expand or reduce the area.

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