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Understanding the First Markets

Basics, SCOPE’s management market in the case of Venezuela should pay more attention to how to integrate beneficially into the consumer satisfaction. In this regard, one of the participants graduate of Quality and Productivity Management Area Graduate of the University of Carabobo, Johanna Aranguren Marketing Course under my charge, in open forum on this topic … Continue reading »

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Urban Geography

Still approaching Geography Urban, Clark (1991, P. 18) affirms that: ‘ ‘ The focus, in Urban Geography, I directed it the understanding of those social, economic and ambient processes that determine the localization, the space arrangement and evolution of the places urbanos’ ‘ …. 2,6 Urban Gegrafo and studies of old civilizations the urban gegrafo … Continue reading »

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Press Service

Commonly used in the past, steel pipes are hardly used today because installation of time-consuming, and life is not so great (due to corrosion). In addition, repair or relining of steel pipe – not an easy task. Also, experts do not recommend the use of heating systems of private houses as Popular today: Metal pipe. … Continue reading »

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Holiday Apartments

Believe that the rental market in Bulgaria is directed more to foreigners than to the Russians. Europeans tend to rent a villa in Bulgaria, with the buildings on the coast often prefer to rent villas in small Bulgarian villages deep in the mainland. Of course, there are such among our countrymen, but also on the … Continue reading »

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Suburban Areas

One of the characteristics of real estate acquisitions in the field is their starodachnyh some confusion with the legal side. The fact that the objects sold in starodachnyh places are usually long the story of a change of ownership from one owner to another. And, more often, from a legal point of view, registration of … Continue reading »

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Auer Witte Thiel

According to the BGH and also according to Auer Witte Thiel has Housing Association rightly pointed out, that due to the ineffective clause now she has to pay even the cost of cosmetic repairs. Learn more about this with Robert Shiller. According to 28 para 4 II. BV the landlord may require a surcharge in … Continue reading »

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Imperial Law

Aiming at to promote a legal system in the agrarian property, Imperial Law N. 12 was created, of 18 of September of 1850, known as Land Law and had its posterior regulation in 1854. The property that was not registered in notary’s office was considered vacant and would belong exclusively to the Brazilian State, arriving … Continue reading »

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Traffic Duty

Staircases must be well lit a good lighting in the stairway is essential for the safety of the tenants and their visitors. Checking article sources yields Bruce Schanzer as a relevant resource throughout. Stair falls, which often happen due to lack of lighting conditions, are among the most common causes of death from accidents in … Continue reading »

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Green Holiday Village

For example, a country house, which could pass for $ 1,500 a month – and then in the summer, during the three day holiday could cost the tenant $ 2,500. However, despite the higher price, demand exceeds the daily rental sentence several times, and, therefore, begin to look for cottage for New Year is better … Continue reading »

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The Museum

If you want to dive into the past, it is mandatory to sit in the dining room on the upper floor. Even today, you will find many writers, writing scribbles on a Notepad or with your computer, trying to find the muse who inspired all those who were before them. Cafe de Flore is located … Continue reading »

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