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App Development Often Out Of Control

Posted by on March 2, 2020

Development guidelines of TuV TRUST IT GmbH group of companies TuV AUSTRIA for security because in mobile applications by companies often will focus exclusively on functionality and design sure has after an investigation of the TuV TRUST IT today, every second app significant safety deficiencies on. Development policy of the security specialists help to lay the foundations for secure and trusted apps. Since the companies have realized the benefits of mobile services the apps as instruments of the customer service and marketing out of the ground like mushrooms sprouting. You are from companies for getting more specific requirements or designed for more comfort in everyday life. ation. This rapid development shows that only the app store with its mobile applications for the iPhone users has grown to about 900,000 apps.

But what is often initiated by the marketing departments of companies as an image-enhancing measure for customer acquisition and retention, can prove later as a safety problem for the user and schlechtestenfalls to the boomerang for the business contact. Often open safety defects in apps on Smartphones of the customers door to data thieves. As a result, even highly sensitive data can flow unchecked. Good, sneaky, and unwanted dangerous apps for Detlev Henze, Managing Director of the security specialist TuV TRUST IT GmbH, individual cases are not this. About 45 percent of the over 1,000 apps tested by his company transmit mobile specific ad networks and data collectors. According to the Web service whose analysis function today is already in some 350,000 apps on over one billion devices implemented. “His conclusion from this analysis is a general categorization of mobile applications: apps are good, sneaky or unintentionally dangerous.” Good mobile applications he means those that have been developed according to clearly defined security requirements and not secretly accessing data. As sneaky He describes such apps, whose business model is not clear to the user and which primarily serve the data collection or peeking out through third parties.

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