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Monthly Archives: October 2013

National Week

THIRD day we do a summary of these days, we started talking about the year of the Eucharist as the Center, as an introduction, then went to consider that our Eucharist liturgy is always an encounter, but with who we are?, with Christ present in the Assembly, the Minister, the word, and the sacrament. Then … Continue reading »

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Accommodation Website

Once we decided on buying web hosting, it is time to find the web hosting best suits our needs. We have to focus on four fundamental issues: what we will need, how much we want to pay, how good is the service and customer care. There are several search engines web hosting, such as, … Continue reading »

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European Travel

When the economic crisis broke out globally, many countries and cities were affected in terms of tourism. Faced with this situation, many travel agencies and Hostels London launched all kinds of offers and promotions to not lose your tourist public and encourage them to travel. But this measure also fell in love to another more … Continue reading »

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Rural Tourism

In Mendoza, the rural tourism offers endless possibilities to enjoy. The Cuyo province has managed to subdue the desert and become an important center of agricultural and livestock activity. The pride of this feat is reflected in the hospitality with which beautiful and well-kept farms and stays in the area receive their visitors. In Mendoza, … Continue reading »

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