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The Possibility

Posted by on February 12, 2021

For the recipient, this is a quite a limitation, if he always remember the date of the gift vouchers, through these periods he is unduly disadvantaged. There are the gift cards but also a statutory limitation period, it extends to three years. Some people enter the expiration date by hand. It can be also effective, but it would have to be fulfilled a condition: the buyer and the seller agree on it together. In case, if a seller enlists the handwritten date but the buyer knows nothing, that may be ineffective. So, the gift cards that were issued since 1 January 2002, have their expiration date after three years. There are however many other rules in this respect.

The gift vouchers need not immediately be redeemed with the entire amount. It is the duty of the seller to take any large services of part of to customers. Sometimes unpredictable situations occur. So, for example the business can go bankrupt. Then, the gift voucher can of course no longer be redeemed. The seller of this business was yes the issuer of the gift certificate. But if nothing more to get here, so it must Recipient unfortunately do. One can only guess to rely not on the three-year limitation period, it is better, if you think the gift voucher and to redeem him as quickly as possible.

There is still a possibility for the gift vouchers to do it yourself. You can even create and add cash. There is dependent on the recipient of any business and can buy the gift, that he likes it. They should not act in gift vouchers of any persons not known, often are also unknown company name on it. Mostly it is scam, because it is connected to the redemption of the promised gift with some conditions. With these gift cards, you should be very careful because it lurk many dangers on an unsuspecting people. But this everyone out of the way can be dangerous if he behaves correctly: you should not jump with personal data. Often you will be asked to give birthday, it would be at the same time also the batch number. It’s a trap! Would like to have the account data or any fees as a company, so you need not long superior. It is a scam! There is the possibility to send this letter to the BSZ e.V. since, as the uninvited guests can be warned off. You should be very careful for phone matters. You must know the tricks of fraudsters: in the gift voucher you want to have for example, that someone calls a phone number. It supposedly only so the gift voucher can be redeemed. It is phone number but mostly the expensive 0190. The curious person calls, she learns nothing and will get rid of their money. The sum is then often quite high, because you will have to wait very long. It is, so to speak, made an artificial queue which aims to draw as more money out of his pocket of a gullible person.

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