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Wooden Houses

Posted by on June 30, 2011

The totality of these three factors determines the low cost of installation of the wooden houses and metal frame. In terms of 'capital' of individual houses built on different technology, and people experience them as 'my house – my fortress' (the most common approach today when choosing technology building an individual house), the market leaders are the brick houses. Followed by construction technology with the use of permanent formwork and aerated concrete. Most capital among the wooden houses are chopped and made of solid timber, to round logs and glued balk at the population ratio of more cautious. Frame houses close the rating, while at home on the metal frame has an advantage over designs on wooden frame. Another important characteristic of technology housing – thermal insulation space and the necessary wall thickness for a given value of heat transfer resistance. Obviously, the higher the conductivity structure, the greater the thickness of the walls are, the less is the effective area of the house being built and the more costs will be borne by home owners for its heating in the winter. Used wall material thermal conductivity. Construction, W / m * K Wall thickness, mm (Moscow region) Cost of Wall *, rr / sq ft brick wall at the usual heavy solution, with effective insulation and the outer face of the brick 0.286 900 8520 A brick wall of the porous ceramic stones 2NF on a conventional heavy solid solution with external plaster layer 0.244 770 6724 A brick wall of the porous ceramic stones 2NF on easy solution with effective insulation and facing brick veneer 0.206 650 5688 A wall of stones light concrete with an outer plaster layer 0.171 540 3641 Stone walls of light concrete with an outer layer of facing brick 0.168 530 3230 A wall of wooden houses from machine rounded logs with efficient insulation 0.127 400 4072 A wall of a wooden frame with insulation, protection of cement-bonded slabs, with outer plaster layer 0.089 280 4620 A wall of wooden / metal frame with thermal insulation, protection plates, osb, with an outer plaster layer 0.086 270 4196 A monolithic wall in permanent formwork of polystyrene foam 0.1 315 3725 A monolithic wall in permanent form of blocks of Durisol 0.1 315 4514

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