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Tips For Tourists In Rental Cars

Posted by on February 23, 2013

Today many people prefer to travel at your own pace, i.e. without itineraries that meet and visiting the tourist destination as desired. In other words, as it is commonly known in Mexico: Puebleando. Thus, the rental cars is in sight as an excellent alternative for your trip. The first recommendation is that if you intend to purchase your ticket for tickets and accommodation through an agency travel, ask if there is any package that includes the rent of vehicles. Most likely, you will find a package that suits your needs, and where you get a discount for cars for rent, since many travel agencies have agreements and alliances that allow you to offer this product at lower cost in the purchase of lodging and airfare. Other types of promotions that can be found are through credit cards.

Some banking institutions will offer the free auto insurance to pay the rent of vehicles with such a card. This you can also generate a preset discount. Our next recommendation is focused directly to the car rental reservation. It is advisable to rent a car you do it with at least three weeks in advance, and more if you intend to travel during holiday high season, since guys cars are faster, which rented so before shortages would have to pay for a larger car. One of the most important recommendations on rental cars is that you register with at least three different companies. In this way, you will be able to compare not only tariffs but policies and service description.

Similarly, it is advisable that before signing any type of agreement with the car rental company, you verify the concepts that would cause as extra charges, i.e. checks and requested information on what could be claimed in addition to the rental. An example are the fees that are charged when you make delivery of cars for rent in a place other than where it was picked up. Today, There are good quality companies that offer great benefits in DF, such as car rental: home delivery free of charge in Mexico City, special price in monthly fees, as well as monthly payments without interests in their rental cars. With information: everything for travel

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