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Symptoms Causes Treatment Etc

Posted by on March 3, 2021

Everyone may know banal common cold with cough, runny nose, hoarseness and headaches. But what if it is serious? What is pneumonia? How do you recognize them? How dangerous is lung inflammation? These are all questions that must be answered. Passing hardly a fall, winter or spring, without having a cold is pulled. It’s just the wet wet season, which leads one to this disease. Symptoms of a Lungenentzudung many people get runny nose or cough, throat or headache. Mostly considering this State do not, one hopes it would go one better day by day. Often attack people to home remedies: garlic, lemon, onion. It may be that these measures will also help, but it can be dangerous if but the pathogens in the body.

You enter through the respiratory tract. When it comes to the State of the people deteriorates and it’s not far to the pneumonia, it means even pneumonia. Causes a During a bout of pneumonia, one differentiates between an acute disease and a chronic Lungenentzudung. The causal agent of the disease from entering the lungs, this happens mostly when inhaled. There are also other reasons for a lung inflammation, they occur less frequently. These are for example, radiotherapy or also irritant gases. Quite difficult is the illness of pneumonia in children. It was noted that many small children in the world just by pneumonia must die.

Every year, approximately 1.8 million children get pneumonia. Against the pneumonia you could have helped in many cases, even cheap antibiotics would have been very helpful in treatment. Now you want to contribute more, that infant mortality is strongly back. You need to better protect children and treat, several millions of lives can be saved. Sometimes the treatment is really quite simple, but it is not carried out, many poor people have no way to do this. Lung inflammation is dangerous for the elderly. Older people often have other diseases, the immune system is weakened. If there are several diseases, it’s called Multimorbidity. Older people you can’t see the symptoms of pneumonia, you can immediately determine what’s wrong with the people he has no fever, not so much hat. This is the big problem, one recognizes too late the pneumonia. But the doctors watch for respiratory rate, heart. The elderly can get in shortness of breath, heart palpitations get, tend to collapse, confused, need to cough at night more often. Older people feel generally very bad with pneumonia. If the people also still bad diet, then the pathogens have free rein, they induce the human body in a life-threatening condition. The body has no power, he has no more reserves. By the pneumonia, the body dries increasingly a. The sick are little eight, but outsiders say it. Now it is the time for a briefing at the hospital. So the most cases of pneumonia disease fatal then, if people from poverty are a lack of food, they have no connection to the health services, you can not in time to help them. You want to change that now. You want to give no chance to the pathogens of pneumonia and do everything possible for the health of the people.

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